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I crave numbness; no longer you.

I’m never prepared for the times when I slip and when I let my mind wander too far back and my heart always skips when I remember your face and the taste of your skin did you even want me the way that you say or was it all just a dream or maybe it was really a game cause I know you like to play but it’s all just the same cause you had me at “babe” and sealed the deal with a kiss and then you were mine and nothing would ever or could ever make me feel so alive but alone at the same time cause now I can’t help but think of that night and how everything was right and your skin on my skin then remember the fight and you have a way with words boy they made my muscles too tight and it was cold and I shivered and cried through the night and now I can’t ever believe in love at first sight or any sight at all, because that night, that night, that night…


Fixing Store-Bought Socks

Isn’t the phrase “store-bought” kind of funny when you think about it?  Maybe I should have said mending “factory-made” socks?  Maybe not, that sounds weird too.  957 more words


Visible Mending/Embroidermending Workshop

Do you have a favourite piece of clothing with an unwanted hole or tear that you just cannot bare to part with?

Do you have a pile of mending that you plan to get around to “one day” 116 more words


March 25, 1852


March 25  Thursday  Quite a heavy snowstorm this 

morning but it soon cleared and the sun came out

bright and for a short time the trees were clothed… 179 more words

19th Century

GB Mending & Alterations

Welcome to GB Mending & Alterations!

We are a new business offering mending and alterations to the greater Brisbane area. We offer a wide range of services and prices to suit every need and budget. 31 more words


March 20, 1926

Sat., 20  A wonderful day. Able to make pies, get dinner, etc. etc. Onslow & the Patterson boy work for Grace. Why? Is there any good reason why? 16 more words


things need to be sorted

no, not for that
words need not be dehusked
put on trial to question their alliances
in constructed sentences
and their time travelling ‘ability’

what things are to be sorted? 56 more words