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Mending for a Co-Worker

I have this co-worker named Jackie who has this pair of purple socks that her mother knit for her a long time ago. She loves these socks so much and she has already asked me to repair them once before. 518 more words

Mending the Schism IV: A Song or Two Helps

It’s all fine and dandy to go around and take part in other visual mediums, and it might even help for you to read some of your past chapters, but that doesn’t always help. 800 more words



As the year turned, the Lord asked me to


I would sit at His feet this year and learn to BEcome His disciple.  There’s no place I’d rather be than at His feet.   606 more words



Nothing will ever replace my Pheobe or Pippin. I think they would forgive me. I have found a puppy. She has started to heal my broken heart. 76 more words

Poetry, Parkinson's Disease, Thoughts, My Life

Reading-Waiting in Vain (again because it makes me remember)

Writing-everything that comes up (mindless emotional purging)

Designing- I’m deeply inspired. Turmoil will do that shit, I suppose… 27 more words

Nine Days - Day Four

“Make do and mend” was a favourite saying of my parents and others in Britain who lived through World War 2. The ingrained attitude meant that in my teen years I spent many hours in a sort of darning purgatory. 121 more words

Human Experience

Day 346

I should properly title this “weekly update” since daily sewing and record thereof has fallen by the wayside.

Guild meeting last night…we had a garage sale. 326 more words