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It seems the nights I need someone, they are busy. I am dronwing in pain and everyone is too busy to notice. I feel like I can’t reach out. Help


Come Alive

I have been crying this song out loud since I came across it in November when I received a package in the mail from a woman I have never met.   389 more words

a renovated bicycle helmet

The fine for riding a bicycle without a helmet is now $319 so it was time to make this old one wearable again!
I covered it inside and out with Italian glove leather… 21 more words

It's Crow Time

Strawberries Added for Stability

I’m one of those people who perpetually is putting holes in their jeans. Rather than throwing them out and constantly buying new jeans, I’ve been trying my hand at mending. 379 more words


Mend it May Monday: Lengthening sleeves 

My Orza jumper is one of the hand knits of which I am most proud. However, I had significant length issues with it throughout. Although I tried it on as I went, the body simply came out far too short.  144 more words


May 22, 1929

Wed., 22  Morning devotions. Make a rhubarb pie. Do the breakfast dishes & get dinner. Do a little mending. Grace attends the Forest & Field club—a little play. 24 more words


Fears and Failures

As I walk into the foyer I see nothing but robes of blue, I was not prepared they would be wearing their graduation robes, I am moved.   874 more words