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Saturday Night Love S41E05 - Elizabeth Banks

Elizabeth Banks hosted SNL this past week on an episode filled with Uber jokes and foul-mouthed babies. Also, the boys present their Grand Moynified Moyniverse Theory, where all of Bobby Moynihan’s SNL characters are actually related (Riblet is Drunk Uncle’s son!). 65 more words

Saturday Night Love

Court TV & The Menendez Brothers

Following Chandler v. Florida, more states began experimenting with cameras in court. In 1991, law writer Steven Brill launched the cable channel Court TV, which televised trial coverage of newsworthy cases. 401 more words

Free Press V. Fair Trial

The Sensational Trial of Ozzie Culver

Then there was the sensational trial of Ozzie Culver, who in cold blood slay his twin brother Arnold, with one fell swoop of a bowie knife that his mother had gotten him for their birthday.  127 more words

Prose Poetry

Remember the Menendez Brothers?

I forgot that I had forgotten about the Menendez brothers until I came across this article yesterday (thanks Longform!).

What a fucking waste. I don’t mean the deaths of the parents, or the life sentences of the sons—which, platitudinously, are horrible and tragic—but the fact that we all spent so much time talking and thinking about it in the first place. 217 more words


A Nightmare on Elm Street! Jose and Kitty Menendez

Jose E. and Mary L. “Kitty” Menendez were slaughtered by their own two sons, Lyle and Erik  Menendez, as known as the “Menendez Brothers”.  

Kitty and Jose met at Southern Illinois University in 1962, where she studied communications and worked in the schools broadcasting department where she learned how to produce dramas for radio and television. 441 more words

Man Loads Gun For Wife’s Suicide Attempt

Phillip Rogers was not at all happy with his wife, Tammy. In fact, he was so agitated with her, he told her, “Why don’t you just go kill yourself?” Tammy, not at all intimidated by Phillip, told him to go fetch the gun for her. 427 more words

The Menendez Brothers

Why did I write a poem about the Menendez brothers?

Because the LA Times was having a poetry contest at some point in 1992 and I was feeling ballsy that day.  279 more words

Joanne Baines