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Ear Barotrauma & Meniere's

This is interesting because since I┬áhave┬áMeniere’s Disease, any time a storm is coming I tend to get bad headaches & off balance. Once the storm has past I start to feel better. 704 more words

Meniere's Disease

Met a New Friend with Vertigo, Hearing Loss and Migraines

I live in a small town where festivals are celebrated in the town square about four time a year. Other than that, people socialize at church, in the bars or in membership clubs, like the American Legion. 502 more words


Horrible Attack of Vertigo

I am suffering from the Meniere ‘s disease. This morning, an attack of dizziness occurred to me and I had to lie down for more than 4 hours to make it go away. 24 more words


Day Nine Across the Channel: A bit of vertigo

10th August 2015

Keeping with the theme of ‘I Can’t Remember What I Did Last Summer!’, I bring for you another post less anecdote than ramblings. 770 more words