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The Diagnosis

Menieres Disease! What the hell is Menieres Disease??….Prior to my diagnosis I was using different things to help with my symptoms which had progressed to a constant state of motion sickness, ear pressure, sensitivity to loud sharp noises, occasional ringing in my ears, and the occasional bought of vertigo which would literally make me have to lay down or fall down. 1,110 more words

Menieres Disease

Did you miss me??

So it’s only been, like what, 9 months???

I sincerely apologize for the long sabbatical. Doubtful many of you actually noticed, but I’m pretending I have a following, play along for me, will ya? 695 more words


Tropical fruits could drop on your head in Malaysia

Many tropical fruit trees grow randomly along the road here in Malaysia. This, I think is either Soursop or something similar…not sure exactly. Soursop is a great fruit for drinking as a juice and is probably loaded with vitamins. 182 more words

Nawfal Nur Photography Journal

Off Balance

The crowds were moderate and the weather was divine, elation was rampaging in every direction and spreading like a plague. It is amazing how infectious a smile and laughter can really be. 684 more words

Menieres Disease

Deafness Pt. 1: My Deaf Story

On June 9th, 2011, I found out I was going deaf. I went to see an audiologist after a friend noticed that I was saying “what” a lot more than usual, and couldn’t understand her even after she repeated herself multiple times. 852 more words