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What can Cause Dizziness, Vertigo, and Inner Ear?

          Dizziness and vertigo are common symptoms reported during office visits. They can result from an inner ear peripheral vestibular disorder or a central vestibular disorder involving the brain.

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Medications and Side Effects

So…I am going on 1 3/4 years with Menieres now….and one thing that I have quickly realized over the course of time is that all…AND I MEAN ALL…of my medications interact poorly with each other. 143 more words

Meniere's Disease

Do you feel inspired?

We all see them, the chronically ill who are living amazing lives, even doing things above and beyond what most “normals” do.  They don’t let their illnesses stop them.  783 more words

Chronic Illness

Feeling Foggy? A look at how your inner ear can affect the brain and cognitive thinking.

         Are you having inner ear, dizziness, vertigo, foggy-headedness, brain fog, ear pressure, tinnitus or noise in the ear, and/or hearing loss?  These can all be related to an inner ear condition called Meniere’s disease or endolymphatic hydrops. 

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Surgical solution: Ear specialist helps her hearing, balance problems


They weren’t life-threatening, but the symptoms that plagued Jolie Bower were so debilitating she had to stop working.

She had a spinning sensation of vertigo and nausea that would come on without warning. 725 more words

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Understanding Dizziness

          Dizziness, vertigo, lightheadedness, and  wooziness are symptoms, not medical conditions.  Common otolaryngology causes of dizziness include Meniere’s Disease, Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo, Labyrinthitis, Vestibular Neuronitis.  Doctor Neeta Kohli-Dang and myself, Kari Kingsley, CRNP in Huntsville, Alabama treat many patients suffering from these conditions.   
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