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Failing vs strength

I have been struggling a lot mentally for the past two months. With my selfasteem most of all. Someone – I sadly can’t remember where I read it – once said that ‘becoming chronically ill takes away your power and it takes away your freedom’. 901 more words

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More Vulnerable than I Thought - Stronger than I Imagined

Earlier this summer my parents came to visit. For some reason, I always have a “project” for my Dad. For some reason, he never seems to mind. 971 more words

Meniere's Disease

Laptop progress

I was writing a blog post on Monday where I tried to be a bit more positive about things. I realised that after two years of a massive struggle regarding my laptop, I was finally able to be on my laptop again without any direct consequences. 454 more words

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Being friends with/as a spoonie

There’s a couple things I really struggle with as a spoonie: coping with symptoms, dealing with a housebound, unproductive life and how to maintain friendships. The last has been a struggle for the past 15 years since I first became ill. 840 more words

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When Rules Don't Apply to YOU

*tongue in cheek*  It ROCKS when a guest writer chooses to post here at Hearing Elmo. I welcome guest writers and if you ever feel the “itch” to write, email me at denise.portis@gmail.com  Today’s post comes from Milo-bear, my second service dog.   1,860 more words

Hearing Loss

Meniere's and Psychological Distress

When I was first diagnosed with bilateral Ménière’s disease by my doctor at Duke he told me two things that will always stick with me, “Ménière’s is one of the worst disease you can have that won’t kill you.” and its “a disease of random punishment.”  He compared Ménière’s attacks to living in a war zone, you know that you will be under fire at some point you just don’t know when. 377 more words

Chronic Illness

Another item on the list

Since two years, I’ve become such a hypochondriac. After all that’s happened, I wonder each day what will come next whilst the list of my diseases is ever growing. 366 more words

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