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We are pleased to inform you that Meniere’s Disease and it’s support service has now been added to our information listings.

Meniere’s Society


Where’s God When I’m Afraid?

Fear is something we can’t hide from. There maybe something in your past that you fear, clowns, snakes, heights, or you have fears related to your health. 927 more words

Meniere's Disease

Chonic Pain/Ilness Photography 2015 Project Week 3

This is the final week of the Chronic Pain and Illness Photography Project I have been participating in for the past 3 weeks.  Facilitator  Stephanie Blumensaat did a marvelous job putting this project together and keeping the group running smoothly.  1,174 more words

Chronic Illness

Week 9-10 - Brain scans, sudden hearing loss and the NHS

By now I had got myself a Sonido Listener to get by in the world. This is a handheld electronic device which amplifies sound. It has an inbuilt microphone at one end which you point at people to make them feel important, and a headphone connection the other end which you hear them through. 1,209 more words


Month 2 - The Dizzy NHS

I don’t know how to describe the feelings you have as you begin to notice all the ways in which you can’t hear; all the ways in which you’re now excluded from life which is lived interdependently with others. 1,301 more words