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Finding your purpose

I wrote a bit on my other blog about my latest struggles with trying and not being able to go through with plans. I deliberately put it on that blog (which I plan to share with friends in the future), because I often feel people don’t understand how tough it can be mentally to sit at home and not having a purpose, and when you think you found one, not being able to do it, or having to cancel plans on people. 1,552 more words

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Try, cancel, try again

Today is a day of which I have had many in my life. I had plans and I’ve had to cancel them due to my health. 1,006 more words

Chronic Illness

Rubbing salt in the wound

So, sorry this isn’t quite a food post. We have had plenty of great low sodium meals. Mad props to Panera for narrowing down a a few clean and low sodium menu items. 207 more words

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Can You Be Arrested for That?

I have friends who are police officers. One, Carl, is actually chief of police for a district in our area. I see him most Sundays, and tomorrow I plan to ask him, “ 927 more words


The Next Sound You Hear...

One recent afternoon in the midst of my daily exercise routine, approximately 5000 cilia in my left inner ear – those tiny hairs that convert vibration into electricity and send it to the brain as the perception of sound – went suddenly offline. 1,714 more words

Making friends?

I keep being told by my therapist that I need friends.  People I can spend time with, not just friends I text, email, message, blog with…..   341 more words

Chronic Illness