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The Mental Side of ACL Recovery

Whilst at hospital after surgery, doctors, surgeons, and nurses will continually tell you that recovering from ACL surgery is a long road because the healing process is so complex. 607 more words

Where it all started.

I am writing this first blog post 11 days post op for my ACL reconstruction and lateral meniscectomy. I have only started to document this now as I have realised there were many things I didn’t know before surgery about my recovery that I wish I did know and i’m sure others would like to know also (plus, recovery is mind-numbingly boring). 505 more words

Some simple ways to manage and reduce pain

Good Afternoon! Did you know that both pain and fear light up the same areas in your brain?!

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As in, more blood flow to these areas, indicating they are working hard. 122 more words


Stem cell 'living bandage' for knee injuries trialled in humans

A ‘living bandage’ made from stem cells, which could revolutionise the treatment and prognosis of a common sporting knee injury, has been trialled in humans for the first time by scientists at the Universities of Liverpool and Bristol. 146 more words


Adrian Peterson to Practice This Week, Return Against Packers

Talk about symmetry!

After going down in a seemingly innocuous play, week two, against the Green Bay Packers with a torn meniscus, it appears that Vikings running back Adrian Peterson may return to game time action next Sunday when the Vikings face their biggest foe. 446 more words


A Close Look at Crossovers in Knee RCTs

In a November 16, 2016 JBJS study whose findings have implications for both research and practice, Katz et al. analyzed data from the MeTeOR trial to answer two questions: 176 more words


JBJS Reviews Editor’s Choice–Treating ACL Injuries

One of the observations that I have made during my years in academic medicine is that the more popular a topic appears to be in the literature, the less likely we are to really understand it. 531 more words