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Mixed bag 2

OMG you guys, it’s been too long! Here’s a quick roundup of what’s been going on up north:

  1. My dicky knee is still dicky

Today marks the 1-month anniversary of me slipping down an icy hill and buggering up my knee. 500 more words

Lou Lou

Needing a new knee

Just when I thought my┬ásedentary lifestyle couldn’t get any more sedentary, turns out it can.

It’s been troubled times around these parts my friends! Whilst TSH continued his resurrection from his… 279 more words

Lou Lou

Cerita Cedera Lutut

Post ini adalah lanjutan dari post saya yang lalu mengenai MRI Lutut. Sudah kira-kira 9 bulan setelah saya pertama kali mengalami kejadian cedera lutut dan saya ingin menceritakan progress kesembuhannya. 578 more words

Floating the Woods

Last week I had my first sighting of Floating the Woods, a new collection of poems published by and available from Luath Press, and launched on Thursday 29 March at the Scottish Poetry Library. 224 more words


Romeo 3 Months after His Surgery

Yesterday in my blog I answered the questions that the bloggers have been asking me, all expect the most popular one which is: How is Romeo doing? 162 more words


the measured widths we shrink into

talking in the darkness like late crickets heaving up a molehill

a cackle of office meniscus

summer drizzle a wet stone growing an ear… 25 more words