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New Hope For Knees

Innovations in medical technology allow us to make ourselves look ten years younger, cure some of the toughest diseases, and even replace entire limbs. Yet, science is only beginning to address a solution for one of the most common injuries we face: a torn meniscus. 283 more words

From The Experts

New Zealand Haul!

Forever upset that my tour with Red Carpet Tours is over, luckily I bought lots of souvenirs to help me remember it. Looking back I wish I bought more stuff, especially books! 909 more words

The Hobbit

I went to New Zealand!!

It happened. I was in New Zealand for 18 beautiful days. It’s strange to read this post from about a year ago because at that point I thought I would be going at the end of this year. 1,299 more words

Myla Goes To NZ

2 Weeks


I have to take two weeks off from running.


I saw a doctor yesterday about the pain I’ve had in my knee/behind my knee for 2-3 months. 471 more words


Torn Meniscus

Unbeknown to me a few weeks before my photoshoot I had torn the cartilage (meniscus) in my left knee. I wish I had some extravagant story of how I was doing an OCR and was tackling the hardest obstacle known to man or I was in the gym squatting 300kg!!! 396 more words


Nauth/McKee VideoWins JBJS EST Editor's Choice Award

To celebrate the launch of “Key Procedures” in October, JBJS Essential Surgical Techniques (EST) invited authors to enter their videos in a contest for the… 127 more words


A Quick Trip To The Camillus Canal Park

Yesterday I went to my favorite place to try out new hardware. There are buildings, water, paths, wild foliage, etc – everything to use for photo opportunities and no one thinks a second thought that I am there with weird looking photo equipment. 266 more words

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