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Chicago Bulls Star Derrick Rose Is Going Under The Knife Today!

It’s hard to think that earlier this week we thought that Derrick Rose was 100% healthy and today he’ll have surgery on his right knee. 77 more words


Give your heart and soul to me and life will always be la vie en rose.

This week feels super long. SUPER LONG. SUPER LONG.

I am watching Whiplash now and it’s fantastic. Hurray RedBox!

I typically don’t have bad meetings at school. 568 more words

Chicago In Crisis as Rose Faces Another Setback

I know I haven’t been around. I was going to make another writing push before the Playoffs. DEVASTATING news Bulls fans. Rose needs to have surgery… Again. 206 more words

Chicago Bulls

Derrick Rose Gets Injured, Again.

It’s unclear when this injury specifically occurred, but Derrick Rose has suffered yet another knee injury: he has torn his right meniscus, again.

Now, I have quite some issues with this situation: 606 more words


Derrick Rose: The Heart of Chicago suffers another setback

Chuck Walton | Elite Insiders 

My good friends over at SB nation wrote an amazing column on Derrick Rose and what he means to the city of Chicago. 46 more words


Rose's injury may not be as bad as you think

By: Jason Hall

For the third time in as many seasons, Bulls fans hear the news that any basketball fan dreads. “Your star player will have knee surgery.” Although there is many speculation as to why, how, and when, Derrick Rose hurt his meniscus, one thing is certain. 578 more words

Derrick Rose

How to Recover

OK, so I’m 16 weeks post-injury.  I still have pain and effusion in my knee, and I’ve crossed off the spring races from my calendar but for the most part I’ve stopped whining and limping and feeling sorry for myself.   356 more words