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Meniscus Reviews Mida a Taiwanese Animation Film

by AJ Adejare

For many, Asian animation starts and ends with Japanese animation.  However, other countries such as South Korea are starting to make a name for themselves, likewise with Taiwan.   60 more words


One Year On

It has been one year since my injury. One year since I tore a part of my knee using a heel hook while bouldering. One year in which I made my injury worse and in which I’ve been trying to recover so that I can climb again. 1,168 more words

Rock Climbing


I am of an age advanced beyond my youthful dreams.  This age could have easily not been achieved; a battle with colon cancer in my mid forties made life a little questionable for a few years. 295 more words


A weekend full of To-Do's.

The porch is now open! (:

This is my sad, sad puppy who refused to leave the bathroom while the maintenance man was using the big loud porch cutting tools. 243 more words


The Science Behind the Image Contest Winners: Bovine Knees Are Beautiful

This year’s winning entry in the BPS Art of Sciences Image Contest was submitted by Chiara Peres, a postdoctoral student at the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia in Genoa.   592 more words

BPS News

Oh bother..

So.. it rained today. Needless to say my porch is still completely closed off to the world. Also.. my boss broke her finger (badly) over the weekend. 149 more words


New Shorts and an Open Porch!... maybe.

from 4/13:

So it’s only taken FOREVER, but the apartment complex where I live finally today told me my porch will be opened up tomorrow. This is a very good thing because I live on the first floor but my patio is completely enclosed. 166 more words