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Knee Special Tests for Menisci

The following tests are derived from the UCSF/SFSU DPT program class lecture and handouts:

Medial/lateral meniscus-Thessaly; patient starts by standing on the involved leg; Patient then rotates body on the knee internally and externally 3 times with the knee in 5 and then 20 degrees of knee flexion. 184 more words

Cartilage regeneration

Cartilage Restoration/Regeneration

In keeping with the previous two articles in this series, the focus remains on articular cartilage. Yes my obsession with cartilage rivals the recent fervor with which popular culture has dedicated to the gluteus maximum, “all about that BASS!” 696 more words


OA surgical options

Management of Knee OA

Part II

Last week I gave an overview of the non-surgical management of knee cartilage lesions in the young active patient. When those measures have been tried for the appropriate period of time without adequate improvement, surgical treatment should be considered. 294 more words


Sackcloth and ashes

Yesterday, our family was dealt another blow in what seems to be a never ending litany of challenges. A little over a week ago, Sister had a one year check in (on a partial tear of her left ACL) with the orthopedic surgeon. 1,109 more words

Faith Family Football

Meniscus Tear: Understanding Another D. Rose Injury

The latest career-haunting injury lingering over Derrick Rose, Chicago Bulls point guard, is a knee cartilage damage known as a meniscus tear.

The meniscus is a rubbery, C-shaped disc that surrounds the knee, cushioning and protecting the joints, according to… 248 more words

The Ball

Now What? - Part 2

This is the second part of a short series that I am writing about my somewhat recent knee injury and the impact it had on  my health and my life. 720 more words