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Common Sports Injuries I

This mini-series will examine some of the more common sports injuries. The first post will be on menisci injuries. The meniscus is a section of cartilage in the knee. 391 more words


My knee surgery story

Yesterday, I went in to get my left meniscus sutured. It was fissured and hurting me more and more everyday. I got to the hospital, went in to get my schedule or whatever and waited in the waiting room for about three hours. 259 more words


Brisbane’s force of funk-groove-prog nature, Osaka Punch, have signed on the dotted line with Sydney’s Birds Robe Records – a match made in quirky-prog heaven. This awesome union of souls has been bubbling away in the background since Osaka Punch’s return from the UK in late 2015… and now they are celebrating the signing by re-releasing Osaka Punch’s Voodoo Love Machine album on May 30th. 591 more words


Happy ONE Month

Handicapped Section!

I truly believe that everything happens for a reason. Looking back at the obstacles I’ve faced throughout the years, all that struggle brought me exactly where I’m at. 662 more words

Acl Surgery

The Struggle to Maintain Your Toned Bod

I don’t know about my fellow ACL club members but the struggle to maintain a toned body while recovering is REAL. I am 19 days post op and have noticed a significant difference with my body. 594 more words

Acl Surgery

Physical Therapy Begins!

Photo 1: My sexy knee, scarring okay and swelling slowly going down
Photo 2: PT session with tens machine
Photo 3: At home tens machine… 352 more words

Acl Surgery

Week 1 Post Op

Wow… It’s been a week, ONLY?! Holy shit guys, can I just say this is not fun. Yeah I’ve been warned, I’ve done my research and I knew going into this that I’d be pretty inactive for a while but I didn’t think it meant literally a… 470 more words

Acl Surgery