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where are my words

It is strange how words work. I feel like when I need them most, I fail to find them. When my brain is in overdrive, they are whirring around and I cannot snatch the ones I need. 399 more words


What's New... Where do I begin...

Good morning internet! Well it’s been five months since I last posted, lots is new. My last post talked about how I couldn’t really feel my RA and I thought I was taking big meds for nothing… little did I know my RA was a tiger waiting in the tall grass for an opportunity to pounce on it’s prey. 423 more words

There is no escape

Still counting down to 50.

40. The fact that I had to reread the first paragraph of most of my “This is Fifty” posts is a sad reminder of why this particular post is relevant. 423 more words

Back Asswards Or Ass Backwards?

I’m supposed to have surgery on the torn meniscus in my knee.

My orthopedist told me that I have to go for physical therapy first. 427 more words

Day 17: Staples out

This is the day I’ve been dreading as much as any other! It was time to head back to the hospital and get my staples out. 482 more words

How I blew my knee

The initial injury started over 6 months ago. I had been on a stag over the August bank holiday in Berlin. I returned on the Monday and decided it would be a good idea to play in a pre season basketball game  on the Tuesday night to sweat of the excesses of the weekend. 1,596 more words

Day 7: Still painful

It was now a week after the surgery and although the pain was fine when I was sitting down it was still pretty unbearable when I was up and down on crutches. 229 more words