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part 2: Surgery Day

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I arranged the surgery date based on a trip I had already planned to go back to Namibia for a good friend’s wedding that I desperately wanted to attend, and without crutches. 1,130 more words

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VPK Images From St Simon's Is Georgia

Using the camera settings and image size as detailed in prior blog messages, here are some images from St Simon’s Island, Georgia, USA

Image size ~275×184 Samsung NX10 Lens from Kodak VPK

Camera era 1914

Samsung NX

part 1: That one time...in a Swiss hospital

I had reconstructive ACL and double meniscus surgery at a private clinic in Switzerland.  14 words that generally don’t end up in the same sentence. 14 words that completely changed my world on Monday October 1, 2018. 725 more words

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Fresnel Zone

A Fresnel zone, named after physicist Augustin-Jean Fresnel, is one of a series of confocal prolate ellipsoidal regions of space between and around a transmitting antenna and a receiving antenna system. 1,482 more words


Akhirnya Operasi Juga!

Cerita mengenai cedera lutut saya memang agak panjang jika dirunut dari awal. Dimulai dari cerita mengenai konsultasi awal dan MRI Lutut, saya juga bercerita mengenai… 1,365 more words


VPK Image Settings For My Lenovo T400 Laptop / VPK3

OK, Here is my post regarding setting up an image to approximate a contact print from a Kodak VPN non-autographic meniscus lens camera.

My equipment: 83 more words

Samsung NX