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NFL Injury Series- Meniscus Tear

Today on Banged Up Bills, we will detail the ever common meniscus tear. This post will identify what the meniscus is, it’s function, and the severity of a tear which could affect whether a player misses weeks or the season. 955 more words

Buffalo Bills

Summer House: Surface and Depth

Surface and Depth

Across the plane
where two worlds meet

light shines,
as if it claimed the right of the real.

Beneath this,
in the depths, 64 more words

Summer House

Perjalanan Menuju Operasi Lutut

Seperti yang sudah saya janjikan sebelumnya disini, saya akan bercerita mengenai perjalanan saya menuju operasi dan juga pasca operasi serta proses recovery-nya (akan ditulis pada post yang berbeda). 1,037 more words

Round 5

Hello and greetings to my zero followers! Lol. I know you are out there, you just don’t know it yet.  One thing you don’t know about me (and yes, I know you don’t know every much at this point) is that I recently, as of 11am PST yesterday, had my fifth knee surgery.  202 more words

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Surgery Not Necessary

Have you ever really like something, and it was taken away from you? You tend to do whatever it takes to get it back, right? 797 more words


Living with an Injury.

It all began in the spring of 2015, The Company I worked for just moved onto a new premise’s that wasn’t in the best condition and needed a lot of work. 3,581 more words