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Ten Commandments for Getting the Most Out of the Ten Commandments

Last month I started a new preaching series on the Ten Commandments as a vision for healthy community. After that intro, we’re now spending one Sunday morning on each of the ten commandments with a sermon and a response time following. 902 more words

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Having second thoughts (and 3rd, 4th, 5th...) about Mennonite World Conference

I was hoping to write a few coherent posts regarding my experience at MWC but thoughts and experiences kept piling, swirling, and jostling and so I gave up (for now) trying to apply some sort of interpretation to them. 2,334 more words


In the Christian faith, how is fasting an aid to peace?

Thank you to all those who prayed, questioned, encouraged, offered resources, attended, and otherwise expressed interest in last week’s interfaith event where I had been invited as one of three featured speakers on the topic of fasting as an aid to peace. 2,352 more words

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What is Interfaith Dialogue and How to Prepare for It

Just two and a half weeks ago, I received an invitation to be part of an interfaith dialogue on fasting and peace from Rizwan Peerzada, who is the President of the local… 1,046 more words

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The problem of knowing what to do with our confessions

When we confess our redemption through Jesus Christ we commit ourselves to a concrete social embodiment of the gospel. Nonconformity is therefore the hallmark of the Christian faith – although nonconformity must be carefully distinguished from non-participation. 382 more words


Spark Your Spiritual Gifts Women's Retreat

We’ve been having gorgeous summer weather for some time now, but in our household whatever the weather, summer doesn’t really start until Gary’s finished with his college end-of-year meetings. 319 more words


An Open (And Very Personal) Letter to the Mennonite Church USA

Columbus, Ohio

June 21, 2015

Dear Friends:

There are two things I need to say to the Mennonite Church USA. The first is “Thank you.” The second is “I’m sorry.” 847 more words