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Where To Find Hope When You're Sick of Death

Today I am sick of death. 147 people killed at a Kenyan university. 129 confirmed dead in the Paris attacks. At least 41 killed in two suicide bombings in Beirut. 691 more words


Full strides and half measures

I clearly remember my first encounter with what I guess could be called proper philosophy. In high school I was taught an ancient Greek story in which Achilles is running a race. 2,262 more words

How to Pray for Peace When You Can't Find the Words

Like Jacob wrestling with God (Genesis 32:22-32), I sometimes find myself struggling to pray–struggling against doubt, struggling against inertia, struggling for the right words when all the words I know seem hopelessly inadequate. 935 more words

Spiritual Practice

My shameless appeal for church giving

Those who have read some of my articles in Mennonite publications or heard me speak quickly find out that I can be a little critical of the church, or maybe more than a little. 746 more words

Spark Your Spiritual Gifts - Part Two

As requested, in this post I continue with my notes from the Mennonite Church B.C. Women’s Ministry retreat. See my notes from Part One here… 1,197 more words


Dismantling supremacy and hearing good news

I continue to get some feedback from my piece on mission at Anabaptist Witness. I would like to continue to clarify some things to the extent that it may be helpful for further conversation or understanding. 597 more words

For the cross to be the cross sometimes it will not be the cross

In a recent comment exchange regarding a post I wrote about the supremacist elements in Christian missions Tom Yoder Neufeld made a familiar Anabaptist move gesturing towards the particularity of Christ when he states, 603 more words