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The Newest Game Plan

Cd5 and I’m grateful for one of the three dedicated nurses my dr has. I called on cd2 to ask some questions and got Nurse N. 186 more words

Dropping Genes and Making Babies

Ten years ago, MS high school graduates had to have 2 lab sciences under their belt in order to qualify for a 4 year university.  I think its more than that now.   682 more words

Our Journey

Follicle check #2

Yesterday was my second ultrasound to check on my follicle growth. I was nervous for two reasons; the first being that I was feeling better that morning. 896 more words

First Glimpse at the 26 Follies

Today was my first monitoring appointment with ultrasound. I am happy to report that Monday’s side effects have not happened again so far. That was a brutal day and I was nervous that the entire cycle would consist of severe nausea, dizziness and hot flashes. 532 more words


Today is the start of my morning Cetrotide jab. The nurse warned me that it’ll hurt/sting/burn, so after I’ve prepared the solution, I took my time to listen to some verses from my Qur’an app and did a few deep breathing and closed me eyes before I allowed hubby to inject me. 56 more words

2nd progress check

Doc said my follicles are growing, but slowly. :/ The biggest is now 10mm, while the rest are 8s and 9s. The doc said the optimal size is 17.5mm. 130 more words


It’s just past midnight. The husband had to work late tonight and at 8.15pm, I was resigned to prep myself for my first self-administered injection, which had to be done daily between 6-9pm. 673 more words