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1st Menopur

The first Menopur injection was interesting to say the least. I set everything out before hand and watched the Menopur how to video before also. I decided that I would reconstitute the injection whilst being directed by the video. 520 more words


Let's get stimming

What a week. I have been mostly stressed during the last week, I had the down regulation day 14 (BD14) bloods booked in for Thursday (yesterday) and I had to have started my withdrawl bleed before then. 374 more words


In Vitro Vacation and our hopes for a souvenir (or two)

Yesterday we made the 7.5hr trip from our small town in SW North Dakota to the cities in Minnesota for what I’m calling our “In Vitro Vacation.” As I’m originally from MN and my family/friends still reside here I couldn’t be more happier and comfortable being “back home” for this stressful time. 376 more words

3/19/15 Eye opening...

I just completed Day 2 of injections. It is definitely eye opening. I haven’t had any side effects other than being really moody. It doesn’t help that it is an extremely busy time at my house (renovating our kitchen) as well as at work (report card/conference time). 253 more words

It's trigger time!

I just got back from what I think is my last monitoring appointment. Everything looks good! I think I have 15 follicles that are bigger than 12mm. 176 more words


IVF #1 - Week 1 Update

It’s been a rough week! I’ve never had side effects from drugs before, so I wasn’t expecting side effects with stims, but boy, was I wrong! 875 more words


Quick 1st Week Midweek Update

Today is day 5 of our first IVF cycle! I’ve been on 125iu of Puregon, and 75iu of Menopur. I’ll save my symptoms and feelings for a longer full week update. 332 more words