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Body Shots

  1. Seven days in, 20+ shots down.
  2. I feel like a human pincushion.
  3. Correction: a bloated human pincushion.
  4. You can stop reading now if you don’t really care how the shots I’ve been prescribed work.
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Go Time!

  1. It’s all officially real now.
  2. Measurements of my uterus have been taken.
  3. Fraud alert is great when your bank is protecting you from others spending mass quantities of money at one time.
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Wounds of war

The scary thing isn’t the bruises of IVF, it’s sharing a photo of your far from flat, stretch mark-filled tummy on the Internet.

Yes, the bruising and soreness and feeling crappy 110% of the time sucks. 34 more words


IVF:Giving body shots a whole new meaning

Day 4 of stims but 6 days since I started Lupron injections. After 6 days i truly thought i had it down, but I’ve made my stomach look like a banana you forgot about in your work desk drawer🤦🏻‍♀️. 294 more words


It’s finally here! First day of stimulation medication!!! While I’m so excited we are finally at this next stage I am terrified of the havoc these hormones are going to wreak on my body. 221 more words

Round II

So Here we go again Kids.

It’s been some time since I’ve updated. To those of you who actually read this, thanks always for the Support <3… 1,039 more words

Weekend Update

Friday I had my earliest appointment yet: 6:45 am.  It was really quick, unlike waiting for the phone call from my nurse about what was next.   257 more words