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Day 6 of stims

Because of all the icy weather, I went for my first sonogram today. I have to admit that I’m a little disappointed and a little in shock. 166 more words


IVF #4 - Stim Day 10 - The 411

I went in this morning for my monitoring appointment and everything is looking good.  Unfortunately, I have two leads on the right and three on the left and a gang of additional follicles that have not caught up.  300 more words


Results of Days 1 - 3 stims

Firstly, I have to say how much I dislike the Menopur burn. Dang, that injection feels like liquid fire! That being said, I’m grateful to be able to even go through the IVF process. 131 more words


IVF #4 - Stim Day 9- The 411

Tonight is hopefully my LAST night of stims !  I mixed and injected all the meds and surprisingly this cycle, I do not have one bruise !   430 more words


IVF #4- Stim Day 7 - The 411

Today is stim day 7 and there is a party going on inside my ovaries !  I feel pressure and like I have gone from moth balls, to golf balls, to little baseballs in there.  274 more words


Keep On Keeping On

I am late in updating and guilty of possibly my longest musing to date below. I could make up a shit ton of excuses, but mostly it’s because my life right now is completely dictated by shots. 928 more words

Injection Training done!

DH and I went for our injection training yesterday. It’s really frustrating that all the appointments take about 20 minutes, but they can’t/won’t schedule them all in one day. 242 more words