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Here we go again...

I’ve officially started our 4th (and very highly likely) final IVF cycle.  Actually I’m passed started as day 1 was last Saturday. I started on meds a day early (on day 2) because Monday was a holiday here. 121 more words

29. Eggspectation

I had a session with my IVF support coach yesterday and we joked about this title being a blog post – so here it is! 1,204 more words


So like, Pulp Fiction style?

That, my friends, is how my husband described the technique the nurse was showing me for holding the Follistim injector pen.

Yup. She told me to wrap my hand around it with my thumb on the trigger and then just jab it in at a 90 degree angle. 603 more words


The one when I thought I f*cked it all up

I mentioned I was sick this past Monday when I got the instructions that said to stay the same on the Gonal-F and to add Menopur? 857 more words

The one where I add Menopur

I wish my shots were this fun!

So far, injections haven’t been too bad.  The Gonal-F is really easy.  I have the redi-ject pen, so you just take the cap off, twist the needle on (after sterilizing of course), twist the end until you get to your dose, then stick in and push the plunger.  993 more words

1st scan since on menopur 

So the scan was today and I have 9 follicles the sizes were 3@12mm 3@9mm 2@8mm & 1@6mm now I’m sure in my last cycles they were about this size but I do think I had a few more but I was ok with those numbers and the nurses said they were all ok and that they would see me on Monday for my next scan so off I went… I then got a phone call on my way back to work from the clinic saying they wanted to up the menopur from 375 to 450 so more drugs but hopefully that will make me grow lots more eggies- fingers crossed… 79 more words

This has all been very stimulating

I made it to day 11 of stims! I haven’t been updating the blog because I’ve been too nervous. After my last cycle got canceled, I didn’t want to jinx it. 475 more words

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