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So I know it’s been a while since I’ve updated on our journey, but to be honest it’s been a lot harder than I thought putting all these emotions into words. 160 more words


FET #3 - Cycle Day 8...

On Friday I had the Endometrial Scratch….OW. I wouldn’t put it at a 10/10 on the pain scale but for the brief 15 seconds that everything was happening, it was pretty damn close! 1,122 more words


FET #3 - Cycle Day 3...

Things have started up again. My husband and I chose to wait a couple of extra weeks before starting this FET cycle in order to make sure our heads were on straight before jumping back into the craziness of it all. 567 more words


1 Injection, 2 Injection, 3 Injection, 4

The last 5 days have ended with an injection to the abdomen. I used to hate needles. As a child, I was rarely sick enough to go to the doctor, I have never broken a bone, never had a surgery. 853 more words


Moving On...1st injectable Cycle!

This cycle has ended. But there are so many positives to focus on! I had one good sized follicle, I ovulated this cycle completely on my own and I started my next cycle on my own without having to jumpstart it! 519 more words


R o l l e r c o a s t e r . . . 

I left my house super early this morning to arrive at the doctor early (even earlier than last time). Of course I was the first person there. 999 more words


Here we go again ...

Tuesday 28th December 2016, the first day of my full bleed, here we go again.

I booked a scan for Day Two, but when I went the lining of my womb wasn’t thin enough, I needed to go back tomorrow in the hopes it was thinner. 286 more words