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The Journey So Far...My egg retrieval

I started this blog in the middle of my “cancer journey” (I hate that I just used that phrase). So here’s the rundown so far. 711 more words

Egg Retrieval

Try. Try Again.

Making Baby Sonne: IVF Round 2, Stimulation

As I look back at my first round of IVF, I can still feel the excitement as I found out I had nearly 40 follicles. 3,049 more words


FET#3 - Cycle Day 30 (?)

I’ve lost track but I think it’s day 30?! It feels as though a lot has happened since I last made time for this keyboard and posted an update on Cycle Day 8; I think I’m overdue, so I’ll start right where I left off. 656 more words


Here We Go Again

Well, I finally went to the infertility clinic. I do have to say that my first impression had me wondering what kind of care I would be receiving. 1,302 more words


I got follicles on the brain

Boy the fertility center was packed on Saturday.  I looked around the room at all the different couples in the waiting room.  It was so cool to see people from all walks of life – younger couples, “older” couples (“old” in fertility years.   772 more words


Stimlulation Station

February 28, 2017

So I’m currently on Day 5 of taking my stimulation shots to grow all the follicles! I’m on 225 IU of Gonal F and 5 units of Lupron.   469 more words


Stim Day 9: Morning Rant!

Stim Day 9
Stim Day 9…
Stim Day 9….
First I just want to say you arent missing a whole lot if you skip this video…. 57 more words