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Hurdle no.2 - Day 8 scan

This morning I went for my day 8 scan.

If it really was hurdles – I jumped confidently, but caught my foot – which has slowed me down and cast some doubt over whether I will finish the race… 286 more words


IVF round 1 day 4 - Cetrotide and Emotions...

Today is Menopur day 4/10 and Cetrotide day 1/10… time is going so quickly!

Woke up bright and early to do my first Cetrotide injection this morning – we decided to do it at 6.45am as I normally need to leave for work at 7am each morning. 337 more words


Hurdle no.1 - the baseline scan

My strategy to get my period to start worked! (Read all about it here) It started as I woke up on Tuesday morning.

I quickly rang the clinic and booked my baseline scan in for 10.45 on the Wednesday. 255 more words


Getting Poked

Day 4

This morning was my second ultrasound (poke) and first blood draw of the cycle (poke). Tonight is my fourth night of shots (poke). 373 more words


Stimulation Days 1-6

Just a quick update.

Tonight will be my 7th day of stimulation.  I have been taking 225 unit of Gonal-F and 150mg of Menopur.  Today was my 3rd monitoring appointment.   289 more words


Implications Counselling Session

Today was the day of the implications counselling session – something that we have to do as part of our IVF package.

Essentially it was a two hour session where a lovely nurse took us through the whole IVF with ICSI procedure in detail, how to do my injections and signing TONNES of consent forms! 294 more words


Stimulation has Begun

I had a saline ultrasound as well as a trial transfer since my last post.  I thought that both would be no big deal.  Unfortunately at the saline ultrasound they found fluid either in my abdomen or tubes.   515 more words