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Stim Day 1

Right after college, I started studying for the dreaded CPA exam.  I spent hours every day for months cramming for the first of four sections. I kept note cards with me everywhere I went.   635 more words

Be Fruitful and Organize

In my last post, I talked about how there are so many pieces of this infertility puzzle that are out of our control. I don’t retrieve my own eggs.   453 more words

Two Weeks 'til Baseline

Yesterday, we traveled to Memphis for injection training and my sonohysterogram. The precautionary antibiotic that I took beforehand made me sick all day. Combine that with having a full bladder while someone inserts saline solution into your uterine cavity and snoops around with an ultrasound wand. 361 more words

Ultrasound #3 Update

This morning I had my 3rd ultrasound and estrogen level blood test. Today there were 5 follicles in my right ovary that measured over 10mm. The largest was 17mm and the others were 10-12mm. 252 more words


The Start of Follicle Growth

On Friday, I had another ultrasound and a blood test to check my Estrogen levels. I am happy to report that my right ovary had 3 small follicles and many tiny follicles growing and the left ovary had 2 small follicles and many tiny ones. 258 more words


And we're off!

On Friday 8/7 I went for my down regulation scan to check my womb lining was thin and my ovaries were quiet. The nurse measured 10-12 follicles measuring about 6mm, I’m feeling pleased with this number and there were lots of little ones she didn’t measure. 163 more words

producer of the month

Well, the shots are done.  My take-away from the process (my process) is two-fold: 1) the anticipation is waaaay worse than the actual experience and 2) the amount of support you have will impact your actual experience. 1,169 more words