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Day 8 Stimming: Human Pin Cushion and Egg Retrieval Prep

Today was my second follow up since stimulation meds began and we’re in the home stretch! On Monday things went well but for the first time ever my RE couldn’t find my left ovary to measure the follicles…Huh?! 293 more words

Slowly moving forward..

Today marks Stims Day #6 …

My body seems to be at odds with this whole IVF thing..

Overall.. injections are going well; the Menopur burns, I’ve had migraines from hell, and I’m becoming bloated & bruised…. 263 more words


Let's try this again, shall we?

It’s been a month since my first IVF cycle was canceled. Despite being courted by a massive amount of hormones, my ovaries said thanks, but no thanks, we are terribly busy and also, truth be told, deeply uninterested. 381 more words

In Vitro Fertilization

Hitting reset. And also, despair.

Well. Fuck it all to fucking hell. My doctor is canceling this cycle because of my shitty ovaries. That means we sit back and wait for the next cycle and try again with a different treatment protocol. 10 more words

In Vitro Fertilization

IVF 2: second stims scan update

Went for my second stims scan today. Although I guess in theory it’s the third (as they thought there was no point doing the first based on my previous cycle’s slow response). 577 more words


IVF 2: Stims update

A quick update from my first scan during stims for IVF 2.

Right ovary: (partially accessible – this is the guy who looks like a peanut and tends to hide) 821 more words


IVF 2: stims and a unicorn

I thought I’d do a quickie update as last time I managed to blog the way through my IVF cycle and this time I’ve hardly mentioned it! 954 more words