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And we're off!

On Friday 8/7 I went for my down regulation scan to check my womb lining was thin and my ovaries were quiet. The nurse measured 10-12 follicles measuring about 6mm, I’m feeling pleased with this number and there were lots of little ones she didn’t measure. 163 more words

producer of the month

Well, the shots are done.  My take-away from the process (my process) is two-fold: 1) the anticipation is waaaay worse than the actual experience and 2) the amount of support you have will impact your actual experience. 1,169 more words


23 eggs and 12 embryos later

I am basically a human farm animal.

My IVF cocktail of Lupron, Follistim and Menopur worked so well that, even though the growing took the full 12 nights, my doctors were able to retrieve 23 eggs from my incredibly swollen ovaries. 492 more words


Teaching Session w/ Donna

My meds arrived without a hitch, and I had my teaching session for what to expect…when you are expecting…to do IVF.

I for the past 3 weeks, I have been taking birth control.   848 more words


30. IVF Update

*Picture courtesy of Pinterest*

A friend text me yesterday and reminded me it’s been a while since I last posted. Apologies, but I am back with an update! 1,271 more words


IVF 4 - update 3

My retrieval is set for tomorrow at 2:30p.m – yikes! No more food or drinks after midnight tonight. I’m not worried about the food but that’s a long morning/early afternoon without a drink. 186 more words