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Thanks and confused

I just wanted to thank everyone who commented for your reassuring words. It really does help.

I’m utterly confused. Today I went in and it seemed there were many (many more than there had been) little follicles, and no big ones! 113 more words


God is good all the time!

This is an expression of sheer, unadulterated joy. The expression of a child setting foot onto Main Street in Disney World for the very first time. 834 more words



I don’t know if this is universal, although I can’t imagine it’s just me. I’ve been feeling pretty guilty about putting J through all this. The early mornings, the running to pick up meds last minute… everything. 144 more words


Can't remember the day

I literally can’t even recall what number day this is on menopur.Tuesday night was the 5th day on 100iu of menopur. Before that we did 8 at 75iu.Today will be 15 days on menopur. 86 more words


Please Excuse Me While I'll Barf

I want to curl up in a ball in a hole in the ground and never come out. Thats how horrible I feel right now. Deathly ill. 372 more words


The Little Follicles That Couldn't

That’s what I’ve named the follicles on the way home this morning. I’m extremely frustrated. At this point I’ve been on menopur for 12 days. 8 at 75iu and now 4 at 100iu. 135 more words


Mother's Day

Today’s been hard. My mother in law posts happy mother’s day to my sisters in law. It feels like she’s rubbing it in. J just says, maybe stupidly, she doesn’t even know that we’re not trying to prevent it. 154 more words