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I'm not a feminist because...

On March 8th, as the world observed the ‘International Women’s Day’, I had a rather interesting and thought  provoking experience. I was boarding my college bus with my friends, to go to the block where my classes were. 366 more words

Daily Prompts

A World With No "Men's International Day"...!

A couple of days ago was the Women’s International Day, when the whole nation celebrates women, something well deserved and definitely worth it. Women are the beautiful faces of this earth with tender hearts, yet strong enough to endure the many miseries they encounter in their lifetime. 562 more words


Dude, International Men's Day Exists

Hey, before you judge me let me be clear I am writing this: not that i don’t respect women or nor i am one of the… 636 more words


Should We Celebrate Men?

So, November the 19th was International Men’s Day.

But really it was. Since when? Since 1992. Yes, over 20 years now. Doesn’t anybody celebrate it? I hope so but not anybody I know. 1,057 more words

International men’s day celebration and Kolkata

It was like any other day as I turned my laptop on and started checking the mails of the day without expecting anything other than work mails. 571 more words

19th November

To my atypical boyfriend...

Hey, you,

You have never been a conventional boyfriend, & I know you never will be.

Not only you forget my birthday, but you are unapologetic about it. 1,125 more words