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Let's Hear It For the Boys: NYMD Day 2


Sleek and sophisticated, with just a touch of whimsy.  That’s the best way I can think of to describe Robert James’ Fall/Winter collection.  883 more words

Debora Fougere

Men's Day At A Maywood School, Replete With High Fives

A student at Garfield Elementary School in Maywood receives high-fives as she enters the school building on Monday morning during an event called Men’s Day. It was organized by the school’s two male PTO members, Vincent Fields, below left, and Vernel Brown. 897 more words

Community Notebook

THE ROUND UP: March, Just Much to Talk about.

You know why March means much?….

You know why March means much? I bet yes but high school scholars said repetition is meant for all but emphasis or was it to drive the point home deep square? 743 more words


3-day weekend starting on … Sunday

Tuesday will be a holiday here, the ‘Defender of the Fatherland Day’. As the name suggests, the day is mainly about the achievements of military forces and veterans. 168 more words


Romanian Parliament Engages in Epic Stupidity

When I first read this, I honestly thought it was a gag (comedy) article:

Romania will also celebrate Men’s Day starting this year. The Chamber of Deputies voted on Wednesday a bill which declares March 8 as the official Women’s Day, and November 19 as the Men’s Day in Romania.

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Indiatimes bows down before feminists

On International Men’s Day (November 19), Indiatimes had run a pro-men campaign creating awareness about men’s problems in the society through a series of images. Feminists got scared that their real agenda of male hatred would get exposed and rallied against the post. 66 more words


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Indiatimes apology for Men's Day post Shame Indiatimes. Probably for you bowing to Feminists (who don't allow us to comment on their blogs in the fear of getting exposed) is the only way out to keep your readership. But people can recognize the feminist lies or half truths very easily.

International Mens Day

Today, the 19th November, is International Mens Day. Something I think is absolutely fantastic. I have to admit I don’t know much about it or what it really aims to acheive. 232 more words