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Hall of Idols #65: Stephen King

Sixty-fifth and final installment in a series exploring very important people in my life.

Let me start explaining how this will work: I listed 65 idols of mine. 840 more words

Dante Writes Photography Magazines

I see from the paper that they have decided to dig up Dante Alighieri and give him the post of editorial adviser to the photographic press. 429 more words


The Rake

how have i just now come to discover this fabulous tome? i’ll take one. in fact, i’ll take a couple. the rake? yes, please.

arch one debonaire eyebrow and page cary grant or snidely whiplash. 7 more words

Various Chic

The Vanity Press

I wonder if the vanity press still succeeds as a business model?

I realise that vanity is still popular – I’ve met too many authors to discount that – and I have my own gold-flecked supply of the emotion myself. 407 more words



I did the cover story on Walking Dead star Andrew Lincoln for Preferred‘s winter issue. The zombie genre has been done and re-done, but Lincoln brings something unique to this telling.


Economist 11/16/15

  1. FACEBOOK recently issued its latest report on the number of requests it received from governments around the world for data about its users’ accounts in the first half of 2015…
  2. 745 more words

Playboy gets modest and .... zzz

I come here neither to praise Playboy nor bury it.

I was once a regular reader of the magazine (snicker all you want at the word “reader”) but I haven’t bought one in probably 20 years. 717 more words

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