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#FC2k17 Challenge 12 - increase in feminism linked to surge in rickets

We promised you a doozy, and a doozy you’ve got.

This week’s challenge wants men to experience the true terror of life as a woman going out in public spaces after dark. 1,293 more words


Rape Culture: A Comparison

While discussing issues surrounding sexuality and gender I encounter a great many conversations affirming the idea that we live in a rape culture, a society that excuses, normalizes, or even condones particularly male perpetrated sexual violence toward women and girls. 1,925 more words

Men's Rights



Maximus is a freethinker, iconoclast and martial artist who aspires to one day be a true philosopher king.


We live in a feminist, wishy washy culture of beta males who are too scared to move. 901 more words

I just watched "The Red Pill"

I just hit the close button on my video player after watching the red pill and I am sitting in stunned silence as I write this piece. 400 more words

A Voice For Men

#FC2k17 Challenge 11: invasive questioning

Full disclosure, one of your authors is a rape survivor. And a survivor of various sexual assaults. One guy once held a knife to my throat and sexually assaulted me. 1,637 more words


Barbara Kay: A man who'll stand up for the rights of other men (and boys) on campus and in society

On International Women’s Day a few weeks ago, I sat on a radio panel devoted to the occasion with two young women, both enthusiastically self-avowed feminists, who think we still live in a “patriarchy” in which men’s interests are better served than women. 743 more words

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Women Skip Work...and Teach Us How Important Men Are

This post was originally published at ‘Return of Kings’ and can be found HERE.

On the 8th of March, 2017, a large number of Western women played hookie; indeed, in connection with the protests that were taken by women against President Donald Trump in January of 2017, the organizers of those protests called on women to skip work on the 8th of March in order to show their strength and influence in society. 1,053 more words

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