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Is sexism against men a growing problem?

Most people, when met with a question like “do you believe men can face sexism?” have many varying opinions. The chance of getting either a yes or a no is fairly equal. 2,367 more words


Could gun control drastically cut male suicide rates?

Men’s Rights activists like to remind people that men commit suicide far more often than women.

But that’s not because men are many times more miserable than women. 489 more words


Women shopping for groceries secretly run the world, MRA suggests in incomprehensible memes

Apparently the Men’s Rightsers of the world think that they can defeat the forces of feminism by overwhelming them with incomprehensible memes.

I found the puzzling meme above on… 218 more words


Men's Rights Activists still angry that they're considered a joke, vow to do nothing to change this

So the fellas on the Men’s Rights subreddit are kicking up a shine about a post one of them found on the internet that treats them like the joke that they are. 451 more words


MRA comic totally nails feminism and its central demand that men pay for dinner

I sometimes make fun of Men’s Rights activists for their assorted misunderstandings of feminism. But this guy gets it! I’ve never seen the essence of feminism distilled into a comic as ably as this. 44 more words


Breaking News: Girls Really Are Icky and Smelly, According to Man Who Hates Them

You may have heard that girls are icky and stinky and covered in cooties.

Well; it turns out that IT’S ALL TRUE! 586 more words