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Ideological Trench Warfare

Tactically speaking, much of World War One was an unnecessary dog’s breakfast. Massive advances in weapons technology allowed guns to kill people from huge distances. Military tactics and troop mobility were unable to keep up with with these advances, however, and this led to huge armies digging into the ground and the years-long stalemate of trench warfare was begun. 1,288 more words

Taking the Red Pill

I did a “review” of the mask society wants you to live in a while ago. I couldn’t even finish that film because it is very poor in every regard, and infuriating. 876 more words


MRC Fortnight Hangout #9: Mental Health

In today’s episode, I feature in a livestream about men and mental health. Expect us to have a little fun. Community over Activism.

The best part is … I talk very little! 15 more words


Single Mothers and Feminism Ruin Children

Single parenthood, especially single motherhood, is a devastating epidemic in the United States. The majority of child abuse perpetrators and welfare recipients are single mothers. Fatherless homes cause delinquency, crime and psychological damage. 1,997 more words


How to spot a misandrist

They write articles like this

When your average everyday gender egalitarian who calls themselves a Feminist because they’ve never read more Feminist Theory than the dictionary definition, tells you that feminism is just equality of men and women.. 120 more words


Late Bloomers

Do you know a late bloomer? A late bloomer is a person whose abilities, talents and gifts surface later than most people’s do. A person who has grown into a completely different person than who he/she was in high school. 356 more words


Controversial Issues

It´s been a little while since I wrote. There are several reasons for this… there are many issues that I´d love to address, but they are controversial, and they are also deeply personal for me. 305 more words