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The Problem and Question of Man

Why does sex exist?  As reproductive processes go, sexual reproduction is expensive.  Why then would the evolution of most creatures be so inefficient?  In May 2015… 1,114 more words

Feminism is Already Fighting for Men's Rights

Today, I’m going to bring out my inner Emma Watson and discuss some key points of feminism that are directly for men and reason why feminism is… 742 more words


Postcards from Paradise: Fuck The Haters

While some bitches sit around posting hate, I write articles here and at Return of Kings, and help men empower themselves through my RF Life Coaching service… 291 more words


Men don’t need self esteem anyway!

This blog post started with one simple question, asked by a colleague:

 “Did you know that female prisoners don’t have to wear uniforms in prison as it may affect their self esteem?” …

848 more words

Newsflash: Men are robots?!

‘Men don’t cry’. How can that be true when they’re human? How are they supposed to suppress emotion when they think, feel and dream just like us women? 689 more words

Ten most common mistakes in novels

Let’s make this short and sweet.

These are the top ten that come to mind from the books I’ve read over the last few months. 1,010 more words


Stand Up and Speak Out

On October 28th 2015, Conservative MP Philip Davies questioned the Backbench Business Committee as to why MPs held a debate on International Women’s Day every year yet there was no equivalent for men. 641 more words