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Are women the future of men?

Gender equality is an uncharted course. Men must create a new compass. Women can’t do it for us.

The mainstream media is paying more attention to men’s issues.  560 more words

The Tree is not the bark

The tree is not the bark.

And parvatti is not the divine sage.

Now, in wondering of the complexity of life,

A simple anecdote will do. 849 more words

Domestic Violence Against Men

Women are not so inocent, 40% of domestic violence is committed against men. If a man tries to defend himself, he is the one to face the consequences from the law. 239 more words

Anti Feminism

Women Who Falsely Accuse Men Of Rape Because They Regret Sleeping With Them

False rape allegations, yes they exist and they happen all of the time. One of the most common reasons is a drunken night and the woman falsely accuses the guy of rape because they regret it. 119 more words

Anti Feminism

The Baby Contract: Why I support the idea

I was watching a segment on Loose Women, not so long ago. They were discussing something called ‘Baby Contracts’, which basically outline the conditions for having a baby (usually set by the female partner) and the activities the male partner is allowed to engage in provided he agrees to have a baby e.g. 1,350 more words

Two Parent Family

On Expectations, Worth, and Suicide

Throughout human history, men have raised houses and barns, constructed bridges, built nations, structured democracies, mined resources, made tools, innovated solutions, improved technology, and created the world we live in with all its comforts and advancements. 1,559 more words

Men's Rights

Are men second class citizens? No, but that's the wrong question.

Men are not second class citizens, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take men’s issues seriously. Addressing both women’s and men’s issues is not a zero sum game. 21 more words