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So I’ve been asked, what is parental alienation?… Simple… It is my ex stopping me from being a parent.

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White Advocates Must Reject the Men's Rights Movement

Men have legitimate gender-based grievances and for that reason I was sympathetic with the MRM for some time. In Kentucky I joined the Father’s Rights Movement, and we bugged senators over presumption of 50/50 custody but never gained any traction. 656 more words

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SJW nurse said white boys should "sacrificed to the wolves."

When comparing the men’s rights movement with the SJW movement, there is a striking difference in attitude and toxicity, which IMO is very telling about which side truly has the best intentions. 356 more words

Even if you don’t follow celebrity news, it would still be incredibly difficult to avoid today’s news story regarding Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and their very public custody battle.

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Fathers Rights

A perspective on gender equality: neither feminist nor red pill

We need a more comprehensive perspective on gender that isn’t biased against particular genders.

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I began writing about men’s issues a few years ago because I wondered why mass shooters are almost always male. 1,351 more words

Study shows that women who identify as feminists are more likely to sacrifice men.

So here’s a study to that me, is very telling about how feminists actually think of equality- research from the University of Exeter shows that women who identify as feminists are “more likely to sacrifice men”. 373 more words

When Breaking Off Contact is the Only Option — Peace Not Pas

My divorce came after my wife made it clear to me that my function was that of a sperm donor. We wanted a second child, and after having sex once (scheduled by an Excel spreadsheet for her fertility) and not falling pregnant straight away, she insisted I have my sperm checked out and wouldn’t sleep […]

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Fathers Rights