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A Certain Hash Tag That Needs To Go Away NOW

It was started by a feminist and the hash tag has variations of kill a man, kill all white men, and kill all men. I know the United States has freedom of speech but I think this kind of crap as this should not be legal. 85 more words

The Suicide Epidemic, More "Male Privilege"

Suicide, it’s a problem and one of the leading causes of death in men in the United States. They account for about 78% of all suicide victims. 236 more words

Men's rights not evil?

Below is an argument that compares the situations of men and women, highlighting that men have a privileged position – so for them to claim that their┬ásituation isn’t fair is unhelpful, damaging, and disruptive to the pursuit of equality. 463 more words


Norway - The Gender Equality Paradox

A fascinating documentary looking at the differences between boys and girls, and how/why that affects our future careers and development.

This Norwegian Doc goes through extensive research to explore questions surrounding our genders, both culturally and biologically. 79 more words

Something You May Not Think Of, Women Being Pedophiles

Pedophilia is not exclusive to men being the perpetrators. Women are too but it tends to be ignored. I also believe pedophiles and rapists can never be fixed but that’s another story. 157 more words

International Mens Day (and my personal response to one article)

So after a while you would assume that feminists would learn that hit pieces based on the premise “Please don’t check my facts” don’t work. And that the moment you run said article it’s going to get taken apart. 1,341 more words

Mens Rights

More "Male Privilege"-Cancer

It is not women who are more likely to die from cancer, it is men. The fatality rate of cancer in men is 211 per 100,000 men. 152 more words