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The desperate need for a free republic

If you are a man who has seen divorce and child support rape or a woman who has seen the light; there is no denying the need for radical change.   442 more words

Puerto Rico

Memorial Day 2015.

I am a veteran. I was in the military during the 1980’s. And since I have, obviously, survived, I am not one of those who have died in the military. 526 more words

Men's Rights

Men's Rights Redditors agree: Trans, intersex and genderqueer folks are silly and annoying and hinder true equality

Men’s Rights Redditors agree: it’s tough to be a man. Well, a cis man, in any case. And those silly trans people are making it worse. 349 more words


Everything I have wanted to say.

Everything I have been trying to communicate with this blog and elsewhere, Is summarized below.

The first, is from the back jacket of a book by Donna Laframboise, titled… 649 more words

Would you like some wings with that ego stroking? Make big bucks by giving insecure men "the attention they crave"

ThinkProgress has gotten hold of an inadvertently hilarious internal document from the “breastaurant” chain Twin Peaks that provides an interesting glimpse into what those who run the company may actually think of the customers who pay their salaries. 574 more words


"Dear Future Husband... IGNORE Meghan Trainor."

Hi there, honey. Good day? Everything cool? You hungry? Oh, is that the only word beginning with H you’re going to insert into that sentence? Okay, Mia, you have fun not fooling anyone. 2,206 more words


Mad Max, Mras and Media Misinformation.

Sometimes, the level of misinformation around the men’s movement is staggering.

Recently, for example, a non-Mra wrote a negative review of the movie Mad max for a… 452 more words