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MRA huckster Paul Elam is asking for donations so he can charge dudes money to talk to him

More signs of desperation over at A Voice for Men, the Men’s Rights/Lady Disparagement site that has apparently ceased to be the cash cow for its founder, the unlovely and untalented Paul Elam, that it once was: 659 more words


Taylor Swift assaults man in hit music video

Equality is an absolute mathematical equation.  When it comes to laws and perception however; everyone forgets math.   Take for example violence against women vs. violence against men. 476 more words

Mens Rights

So Gays can get married now. And that's my problem as an MRA/MGTOW because?....

I’ve seen a few things at various MRA and MGTOW sites. Men usually social conservatives getting all pissed about the fact that gay people can now marry. 828 more words

Mens Rights

Mancrimination: Are You Kidding Me? (Please Tell Me You Are)

(Image Source: Maggcom )

A post about a campaign against “Mancrimination” popped up on my Facebook newsfeed today, and the title of this post was the first thing that came to my mind. 1,075 more words


Help, I live with an SJW!

I get called a bigot at least a couple of times a week by my son. I kid you not we often have a conversation along the following lines, and it always ends with him calling me a bigoted, privileged right-winger. 928 more words


Keyboard Warrior 101 (Part 3)

I’m going to start this part out by answering a very legitimate question that got fired at me a couple of times when I posted up part one. 909 more words

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