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Amos Yee: Why Child Pornography Should Be Legal

This guy is amazing, he’s publically arguing for not just legalising child porn but legalising baby porn. And unlike the rest of us cowards he’s not hiding his identity: 167 more words


Andrea Leadsom says men should NOT be nannies as they maybe PAEDOPHILES!

Thank God Andrea Leadsom fell out of the leadership race as it now emerges what a truly evil feminist whore that bitch is as she announced that… 270 more words


A Brief Rant on Due Process

Over the course of the past few years there have been a great deal of sexual assault cases that were highlighted in the news and social media, from a veritable parade of celebrity accusations to the recent Stanford case.   877 more words

Men's Rights

The Social Conference

The decision to attend the Second International Conference on Men’s Issues was easy. It was being held in London, in July. Thats just a hop across the water, at holiday time. 760 more words

Ontario woman wants to know fate of LCBO employee who took her image off security footage to post online

An Ontario woman says the LCBO won’t tell her the fate of an employee who violated her privacy by sharing online an image of her taken from the store’s security footage. 812 more words


Ever wondered what girls think of AWKWARD guy problems? Find out

It may come as a surprise to a lot of women but guys have problems too! This hilarious video shines a light on the misconceptions and biased against men’s ‘Awkward’ issues (These awkward issues including everything from morning wood to thinning hair). 132 more words