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Sometimes just being one’s true self
means walking alone in the dark
seeing the backs of so called friends
when ya tell it like it really is… 128 more words

Cries About Rape, Laughs @ Rape Jokes

I laughed at rape when this happened…

^^^^^^That time 6 years ago that I interviewed Antoine Dodson


Judge: Cornell caused ‘actual harm’ to student accused of sexual assault - Watchdog.org

In November 2016, a male Cornell University student filed a complaint against the university for refusing to immediately investigate his claim of gender bias. Now a judge has ruled that Cornell acted in an “arbitrary and capricious” manner by refusing to follow its own anti-discrimination policy, which caused the male accused student “actual harm.”

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Men's Rights

Lessons from Discussing the Duke Rape Case in a Liberal Classroom

This evening, my Criminal Procedure class discussed the infamous Duke Lacrosse Rape case of 2006. White Rights advocates remember this case as one of the most blatant and open examples of the criminal law being used as a weapon of racial hatred in America’s recent history. 1,052 more words

White Rights

Jesus was a Tough Son-of-a-Bitch

The Reconquista Initiative


Jesus was a Tough Son-of-a-Bitch

One of the great travesties of modern feel-good femininized Christianity—and a travesty which alienates a lot of non-Christian men—is the fact that Jesus Christ is so often portrayed as an individual who is utterly meek, mild, and submissive—as if Christ were some type of go-along-to-get-along hippie who just wanted peace, tolerance, and “love”, man! 1,118 more words


For a Girl | Choose Feminism | 21 in Feb

I’ve encountered sexism from a very young age. Mostly, in ignorantly negative ways but sometimes in purposeful attempts to create a divide between being a boy and being a girl. 915 more words

#FC2K17 Challenge 6: Cutting Remarks

Whilst a marked improvement in terms of being ‘interesting’, Challenge 6 stumps us a bit. Think of this challenge in light of the FC2K17 Premise: Cis Men should gain empathy by simulating female experiences – but this FGM themed challenge is such a minority experience that the majority of women will have no experience of it and would benefit from trying it at least as, if not possibly more than, the cis male audience. 2,000 more words