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Feminism 2.0

I can honestly say that I am happy to see this video. Like most other successful civil movements, feminism was hijacked and used to mislead today’s women and alienate men. 164 more words


Tell us why fighting for men's rights is an awesome idea

Men’s Rights today have many die hard supporters and activists. Most of them work out of their compassion rather than any monetary benefits. Indian men’s rights movement has recently achieved new heights with its activists winning the battle with feminists in different scenarios. 558 more words

Men's Rights

Feminism vs. Truth

Can you see how misled we are by the mainstream media? -LW

Video Description

Women in America are the freest in the world, yet many feminists tell us women are oppressed. 149 more words


I’m A Girl And I’m More Worried About Men’s Rights Than Women’s Rights

I might get a lot of shit for this, but as a girl, I haven’t really faced all that much that’s made me feel the need to rally through the streets as a die-hard feminist. 1,361 more words

End Mancrimination Posters


I don’t know whether to laugh that they’re accurate or cry that they’re necessary.

I know the men’s rights movement get a bad rep, but would you reject any legal favours they win for you? Exactly.

When is it okay to hit a woman?

The answer is pretty simple but many women would disagree.    When a woman hits you, you hit back.     Violence is always wrong, but we as human beings have the right to defend ourselves from violence, even if that means using the same violence on our attacker. 409 more words



It was easy for me to understand MGTOW culture having lived with two friends completely puppeteered by their mothers. A teacher at the faculty of psychology and a petroleum engineer, two financially independent adult males, yet you would not believe the overbearing control their mothers have over them. 427 more words

Frustrations And Disappointments