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LIVESTREAM: Nawalts,Beta Males, Attention Thots On Social Media.

This stream was cool & hilarious because it was kinda random but some real hard hitting topics was discussed.I spoke on women who pretend to be nawalts to get into male spaces to control them.Also weak fake supporters who don’t want to help your platform grow but be apart of it.Also attention slores on social media who have no qualities to be a wife to any man. 19 more words


She's Ignoring You

She’s not ignoring you to avoid “hurting you”; to avoid “conflict;” to “keep the peace;” to leave you hanging; to string you along; to injure you or even to punish you. 236 more words


LIVE SHOW: Kevin Hart's Side Chick Speaks Out

This video was a livestream from YouTube that I’m putting here on my website about Kevin Hart’s side chick & Lisa Bloom having press conference about her non involvement in the extortion scam.

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Feminist Cop Wannabe Jailed for False Rape Allegations

A feminist student who wished to become a police officer (presumably so she could wrongly jail hundreds or thousands of men on allegations of rape and child molestation) has… 80 more words


Lesson Learned From Feminism: Never Sympathize With Women

I’m an idiot.

I should know better by now than to read the New York Times, but I do it anyway. I should have more self-control than to be taken in by clickbait titles. 2,004 more words

False Rape? No Problem!

Kevin Hart Caught Cheating,Wendy Williams Attacks TI,Floyd Mayweather DEFENDS Trump |SportsNEnt Ep.2

This podcast is mainly about the Kevin Hart cheating scandal that is trending on social media.Also him being extorted by the same female he cheated with, which makes this even more troubling & crazy. 23 more words


MGTOW: Why Married Women Are NOT Nawalts.

MGTOW: Why Married Women Are NOT Nawalts.

This is another video that i produced explaining why most women are no different than single women.There is a notion that married women are better at understanding & appreciating men more but they don’t.

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