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Female Privilege

A woman says she’s interested in motorcycles. No problem. A man says he’s interested in babies. Someone calls the cops.


MRAs: The real injustice is that men had to use Ashley Madison to cheat, while women just have to exist

Forget the reported suicides and all the ruined lives; the real tragedy of Ashley Madison is that men had to use the site in order to find women to cheat with, when all women have to do to get laid is to exist. 310 more words


Equality for all... for women and girls!

People have often asked me how I could possibly consider myself to be ‘against’ feminism, asking how I could possibly be against ‘equality of the sexes’ 612 more words


First of all, I think you need to know that I thought of this post while brushing my teeth this morning…That’s how you know it’s going to be good. 1,294 more words


Eager for excuse to call women whores, Paul Elam attacks Valentine's Day 6 months early

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It must be strange indeed to live inside the head of Paul Elam, founder of Men’s Rights garbage site A Voice for Men. 677 more words


Fight for the real victims of prostitution: Pimps and Johns, idiot demands

So The Independent recently ran a piece by Catherine Murphy of Amnesty International, explaining why the organization is calling for the decriminalization of sex work. 33 more words


Made to Penetrate—Part 2: An Infinite Regress of Rape

To believe the feminist, or perhaps more appropriately in this case Feminist, point of view, is to accept an ideology that is up to its shoulders in sexist shit—the polite limit of course being up to one’s elbows. 945 more words