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Ten most common mistakes in novels

Let’s make this short and sweet.

These are the top ten that come to mind from the books I’ve read over the last few months. 1,010 more words


Stand Up and Speak Out

On October 28th 2015, Conservative MP Philip Davies questioned the Backbench Business Committee as to why MPs held a debate on International Women’s Day every year yet there was no equivalent for men. 641 more words

Embracing Brotherhood

It’s time to re-stitch the fabric of Brotherhood.

Feminists, leftists, general misandrists, they all enjoy attacking men and masculinity. Men are the problem. Toxic masculinity… 1,577 more words


So you think the Manosphere is losing?

That cover caption was put up at the Edmonton Slutwalk WordPress account!

It’s been a bad last few weeks for Feminism. If there’s anyone reading that’s actually sorry about this, please contact and I’ll refer you to someone who cares. 991 more words

Man wants to end his life after 7 years in jail for rape he didn't commit

An indian man wants to end his life after 7 years in jail for rape he didn’t commit. As per the article:

After getting convicted wrongfully for a rape he did not commit and having to serve a seven-year sentence for it, a Ghatkopar resident has now written to the government seeking permission for euthanasia as his plea for compensation is gathering dust at court.

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BBC refused to report on double suicide case caused by false allegation

The double suicide case of Jay Cheshire – where both mother and son committed suicide due to a false allegation – was recently reported in all media outlets except the BBC and, unsurprisingly, the ultra feminist Guardian. 54 more words


Modern Feminism's Need for Rape Culture

Why does modern, Third-Wave Feminism exist? It would seem that our culture has more than achieved full gender equality. Women are being granted front-line combat positions in the military, they’re attaining higher levels of formal education than men are, they’re earning more than men; the list really goes on and on. 672 more words