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Falsely Accused Simon Warr Rails Against Police in Youtube Video

Simon Warr, who was falsely accused of some historical bum-touching offence, has railed against the police in a youtube video he has made stating that the police incited false allegations against him. 19 more words


Nottinghamshire Pudding: Nobody Knows Where They're Pudding it Next!

Have you reached your dumb shit quota for the week, but it’s still only Monday night? I have good news: Colin Kaepernick was on TV. Also, misogyny is a hate crime. 137 more words

Cultural Libertarianism

Women's Rights Part 1: On Reproductive Freedom

I find myself more and more often repeating this sentence in debates with feminists: American women have more rights than men. To most people this is a shocking and unreasonable statement at first, due to how directly it contradicts conventional doctrine, but I think anyone reading this would have a hard time coming up with a legal right that American men and boys have in 2016 that women and girls do not (if you can come up with one, I’d love to hear it). 2,664 more words

Men's Rights

A Quick Word on Hillary Clinton’s Disgusting Comments About Men and War

Yesterday I logged onto facebook, and a (male) childhood friend who has gone way left on multiple issues had liked a pro-Hillary post by someone I didn’t know. 1,237 more words

Natural Ethics

Man is first person jailed for VICTIMLESS "coercive control offences"

A man has become the first person to be jailed for VICTIMLESS “coercive control offences”. The woman who he allegedly “offended” against did not wish to press charges, however, it seems under the new laws it is possible for the police to prosecute regardless. 65 more words