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Modern Day Harlots

They have
absolutely no sense
of modesty
dressing to impress
on display

they put their curves
then complain
quite bitterly when the
fish whom… 170 more words


Revolution On Campus: Freshers Walk Out Of Vile Sexual Consent Classes

Good news, Freshers have finally grown some balls and refused to listen to the truly disgusting man-hating sexual consent classes that are being taught at York University and slowly rolled out nationwide.


The Problem with Men's Rights Groups

Throughout my research, I’ve come to realise there’s not much in the way of information regarding bias in Family Courts. News articles are few and far between, and support/advocacy groups are even rarer. 417 more words



Reflection on draft proposal feedback

In my feedback session with my colleague I proposed my draft with a number of options for the final outcome, with different options all based on the general concept of providing information and awareness of the cause and acting as a support organisation. 510 more words

Gender Equality & Women's Rights

Abortion - the right to murder? And what men can do to stop it....

It’s an odd thing as a childless woman to see the protests around the world against any curbing of abortion rights. It seems a woman’s right to choose is simply a woman’s right to kill her child. 417 more words

Swinburne University 'men-only' group denied registration by SSAA.

The Swinburne Student Amenities Association (SSAA) has denied club registration to a men-exclusive group known as MENtality.

In an email to founder and admin Charbel Alloui the SSAA outlined it’s reasons for denying the registration, citing that the group had missed the submission deadline for registration documentation, and also that the groups club proposal breaches SSAA Club Eligibility by being exclusive to men only. 362 more words