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Something’s Missing From the 2016 Democratic Platform

It’s great to see strong support for women’s rights in the Democracy Party’s platform. Similar support for men’s issues is essential to achieve gender equality. 10 more words

Confessions of a former Mangina.

‘Mangina’ isn’t really the word I’m looking for, but anyway…

The term mangina has been floating around the manosphere for years, decades, longer than I’ve been involved. 1,440 more words


Germany Passes New Hateful Rape Laws

Partly thanks to some of the racist clowns in the (supposedly) MRA movement the feminists in Germany have now had the perfect excuse to pass a new set of hateful rape laws… 195 more words


Equal or Better?

Have you ever noticed that women tend to be very selective about which parts of the equality pie they actually want when it comes to equal rights? 215 more words

Battle Of The Sexes

Feminism and Other Joyless Follies

Women have been told that their happiness will come, as it comes to all of us, when their shackles have been broken. The question of where the shackles have come from, and just what the shackles are made of, is a tricky question indeed. 2,084 more words


Cathy Young: When radical feminists treat men badly, it's bad for feminism

Feminist male-bashing has come to sound like a cliche — a misogynist caricature. Feminism, its loudest proponents vow, is about fighting for equality. The man-hating label is either a smear or a misunderstanding. 1,688 more words