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Guardian on John Worboys: Revenge has no place in the law

First vaguely sensible article written in The Guardian for a long time suggests the desire for “revenge” on poor John Worboys has no place in the law. 33 more words


Now They're Accusing 11 Year Olds Of Sexual Harassment

You just can’t make this shit up. If an 11 year old can’t consent, then how the fuck can they commit “sexual harassment”? Whatever “sexual harassment” is. 8 more words


Concert firm boss convicted for ridiculous crime of taking upskirt photos

I mean seriously, WTF. These feminazis treat this as a heinous crime when it is, at worst, a minor nuisance.


The Daily Antifeminist

Just found out about a new blog – The Daily Antifeminist – that is advocating a very similar case on paedohysteria/men’s rights etc as I do here. 484 more words


UK rape trials at risk of collapsing

Many of my UK based readers may be aware that since just before Christmas several UK rape trials collapsed beginning with Liam Allan, even the… 539 more words



​Sometimes just being one’s true self

means walking alone in the dark

seeing the backs of so called friends

when ya tell it like it really is… 130 more words