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A Hegelian Analysis and Critique of Feminism & Men's Rights Advocacy: Why Feminism’s Failure to Acknowledge Male Oppression & Female Privilege is Problematic, and Why MRAs Need Feminism.

taThe 19th Century German philosopher, Hegel, once expressed the notion that we should see the past, not as a list of primitive ideas which we should be discarded once they have been conquered, but as a repository of knowledge that can be used to inform the present. 2,045 more words


New development… I have been studying, looking around. I am ready to get somewhere. I am already a personal trainer… now I am adding public speaker and my Life Coaching cert will definitely help in this. 32 more words


Supper Time: A Brief Dialogue

It is supper time. A family sits together at a broken and uneven kitchen table. The table is split in half with a large crack running down the middle. 752 more words

The Red Pill Movie (review)

The Red Pill – A Feminist’s Journey into the Men’s Rights Movement is a 2016 documentary directed by Cassie Jaye. Jaye acknowledges her feminist worldview at the beginning of the film. 795 more words

Women exist! hurrah!

March 8th was International Women’s Day. You may have noticed. Certainly, our feeds were lit up by posts celebrating it. Google brought out a special doodle. 1,181 more words



On this day, “A day without Women”, I want to walk on some shaky ground here.

As a preface, I do believe in women’s rights in the classical sense. 584 more words


I watched the Married at First Sight (MAFS) Australia episode 18 last night (7/3/2017).  I rarely watch the show but I do read the re-caps.  Anyway, I want to write about one of the show’s couples: Cheryl (25) and Andrew (38). 275 more words

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