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Women Vs. Men = Despair

​For every right gained by women

A man loses his small wonder

Men are walking away in droves

For nearly six decades women have pursued… 45 more words


Child Support Is An Easy Hustle For Lazy Black Women

I do believe alot of women,especially black women are using child support as a easy hustle to get money & not work.

In this livestream I talked about that among other thing.


Geography teacher cleared of raping pupil says men should stay away from teaching

A geography teacher, Kato Harris, who was cleared of raping a pupil but found not guilty last year has said that men should stay away from teaching… 168 more words


My Own Space

Within the cage of your expectations 

My heart is entrapped 

Longs to be free of your mind games

All my heart desires is a place  36 more words


First Impressions

​What part of dressing for success do

feminists not understand

The clothes we wear sends a message

Clear as a crystal bell

All things considered If a man dresses… 89 more words


Insane Elder Femicunt Goes NUTS On Guy After He Asked For A Refund

OK, first off somebody needs to come get their senile grandma because the “Cuck” husband has no intentions on doing so.This is really sad to see because she is too damn old to be trying to chest bump & push a young guy who wasn’t bothering her,but felt the need to be “Violent”like a young ratchet…lol… 136 more words


Fevered Sleep: Men and Girls Dance

Wow this is pretty unPC, apparently a group have created a “Men and Girls” dance piece – which is being performed up and down the country – in their own words: 56 more words