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Another man takes up arms against the feminist state

A doctor, who had been sacked following ‘sexual harassment’ allegations recently opened fire in the Bronx-Lebanon hospital that he was previously employed at. He killed one female doctor, left 5 others in critical condition and 1 more with a shot to the leg. 131 more words


Police relax monitoring of sex offenders to focus on 'high-risk' criminals

Good news as the police relax monitoring of sex offenders to focus on ‘high-risk’ criminals

I think the use of language is good too since during the paedohysterical noughties a sex offender would have been considered without question to be high risk. 121 more words


What about Liam's dad?

The Learning Summary from the Significant Case Review of murdered toddler Liam Fee, uses the word “mother” twenty times.  It does not even use the word “father” … 232 more words

Family Rights

I’m Starting a Cult Called “Your Gender-Politics Cult is Bullshit”

“Don’t call my cult bullshit, you pansy-ass mangina!”

Sorry, Johnny Men’s Rights. Maybe stop peddling bullshit.

“You tell ‘em, Matt! Radical feminism is the BEST!” 3,929 more words


"Diverse" Ken Lacks Body Diversity, No Complaints Heard

I noticed that there’s no concern for body image of men like there is when every feminist whined that Barbie’s body was unrealistic for women.  But then again, who gives a shit if men have body image issues?   43 more words

Men's Rights

The Red Pill (2017) - Movie Trailer

Ordinarily I don’t go in for posting trailers or what have you, although this topic is so rarely ever broached that I’m thinking it’s worth sharing with the visitors here. 92 more words