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Back to work: Three Stall Monty

I’ve learned a lot of things since I’ve gone back to work. For one, I’ve learned that I am too frigging tired to do almost anything but work. 725 more words


Mens Room Ethics

Thats right , i said mens room, not universal bathroom facility so as to not offend anyone of any gender specification ,race, breed, or jello consistency . 356 more words


My experience in the Women's bathroom

I saw it. I was in it. MIND BLOWN

Using the women’s bathroom is like disney land for me. But the forbidden version

A lot of men fantasise of what it would be like in the women’s bathrooms.   166 more words

Potty Police

I recently saw another restroom assault news article on Facebook, this time about Luis Ore following two girls, both under the age of thirteen, into the women’s restroom at a restaurant in Virginia, where he held them against their will and sexually assaulted them. 1,397 more words


Urinal surprise

Meanwhile, in the men’s room… There are more cruising pix to see at the Top of the Shaft.

via the Top of the Shaft (Tumblr)

Man Stuck At Urinal for 30 Minutes due to Shyness

(FREDERICK, MD) – A local man was forced to awkwardly stand at a urinal today for 27 minutes due to his shyness of peeing in front of others. 1,135 more words