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What Should Be Avoided For Enhanced Privates?

Last evening, I met my pals after a long time. One of my friends was generally talking about his experience with the penis enhancing techniques and how the entire procedure carried off. 295 more words

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Aspects to Pick Flattering Men’s Underwear

What kind of a person are you in the bedroom? Do you like oysters, caviar and chocolates or someone who puts believes in something more realistic like a sexy pair of men’s underwear to bring things in focus? 326 more words

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MeUndies: May Design Review! Plus Coupon!

MeUndies: May Design Review! Plus Coupon!

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. 480 more words


Life Saved...

As someone who grew up in Australia and spent most mornings and afternoons at the beach, I’m pretty used to the sight of the iconic lifesaver and his uniform of tiny little red shorts. 99 more words


Get the Incredible Styles Of Men's Underwear

Most men of today need both style and comfort while selecting their briefs clothing. Numerous companies offer outlines that are both classic and traditional. There is a wide range of fits to choose over including those that fit freely to the skintight underpants. 324 more words


Brief History of Thong Underwear

Did you ever think that a narrow piece of fabric with a string-like waistband and rear strap would become a popular men’s underwear style? Well, whatever they thought was for the invention, men’s thong underwear clearly has numerous practical advantages no underwear lines, looking sexy, or something like boosting confidence. 285 more words

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How to Avoid Thong Wedgies?

The regular thong wearers would understand the problem of “thong wedgies” and the discomfort it provides while doing anything. However, it is not an actual problem with every pair (my personal experience); it just seems to be an issue of choosing the respective… 321 more words

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