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Muchos se atreven y lo prueban pero muchos simplemente se niegan a hacerlo, muchos sabemos que las mujeres lo tienen y muchos saben la manera de estimularlo y llevar a la mujer al orgasmo, pero por qué los hombres no nos atrevemos a probar. 178 more words


Calm yourself down in an angry situation

Sometimes situations drag us to a level where we can’t help getting angry. The things we do when we are angry can be something to worry about. 189 more words


A different approach

Just as my last relationship tryout was ending, I met Torito. I had been introduced to him some months ago by a friend from Bogotá who had had a one-night-stand with him. 149 more words


A failed attempt

On Feb 17, 2008, I met a guy at BNK who I had seen for a couple times and found simply irresistible. That night I was hanging out with the boys (Richi and Gabo) and one of his friends, Guillermo, who was a “wanna be” dancer and turned out to be a very nice versatile fuck with a small-sized dick and a “day-after” guilt.  548 more words


First threesome in SCL

I had my first threesome in SCL. Jon, 29, and his boyfriend, 46. We hooked up in www.thecircuit.cl, and some days later we were fucking. 78 more words


The local fauna

I’ve been chatting for a while now.  Yes, I fell again into this tedious vice.  It’s about hornyness and self-esteem.  I’m looking a little bit hunkier now and I love getting some attention from other guys. 72 more words


"A ver si uno de estos días por fin aprendo a hablar sin tener que dar tantos rodeos". A. Sanz.

OK, finally, things are over with Rafa.  It was longer than I expected, but mostly because of my fault.  Almost two weeks later I understand that the real reasons of this breakup should have been told without any hesitation.  108 more words