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menstrual hygiene day ~ 10 reasons I feel grateful

Today, 28th May, is the big day! As I read the many positive tweets from all around the world #MenstruationMatters #MenstrualHygiene I feel a great deal of hope that attitudes towards menstruation are changing. 561 more words


cloth pad stitching ~ a woman’s gathering

On Saturday afternoon the women of Red Tent Gwynedd (a monthly public woman’s gathering centred around women’s empowerment, honouring menstruation and the environment in Wales UK) gathered for their very first ‘ 1,007 more words


let's talk about it...

Awareness, understanding, knowledge and open frank discussion can all be catalysts for amazingly positive change. One of my personal passions is to speak about a source of pollution that we don’t often talk or think much about. 959 more words


Menstrual Monday: Rise Up With Fists!

Times are a changin’. Women all over the world, especially young women, are starting public conversations about their periods. They are informing the masses, raising collective awareness, and making it okay to talk about their periods: menstrual activism. 142 more words


In Celebration of Towel Day: Inga Muscio on her Blood Towel

In celebration of Towel Day, here is Inga Muscio in Cunt (buy it, read it, give copies to your friends. It might just change your life for the better) on her “blood towel”: 194 more words


WARNING: This piece is about menstruation in an effort to expose public opinion on discussing the biological phenomenon. My colleague Jaqueline Gonzalez prefers to use the term “bodies that menstruate” to point out the complexities of how gender identity is affected by the menstrual shame narrative that plagues society, and this informs my use of the term “menstruating-bodies” throughout this piece. 1,346 more words