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Jessica Valenti: Društvene mreže štite muškarce od menstruacije, majčinog mleka ili dlačica

Instagram je skinuo sliku umetnice Rupi Kaur na kojoj se videla mala količina njene menstrualne krvi. Kada će društvo prihvatiti žensko telo?

Postoji predvidljiv obrazac za ono kako fotografije žena na društvenim mrežama treba da izgledaju. 542 more words



Understanding your menstrual cycle

Menstruation, also known as menses, is the normal monthly bleeding that occurs in females who are of reproductive age. It is part of the regular menstrual cycle, where each month, the body prepares the uterus by building up a lining for the arrival and implantation of a fertilized egg. 422 more words

Pain Management

Breastmilk and other bodily fluids

UK news have been awash with breastfeeding this last week. A mum of a 12-week old baby was told to cover up while nursing at posh hotel Claridge’s… 710 more words

History Of Medicine

Women can rape and harm a man too.

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In continuation with my read of Pinki Virani’s Bitter Chocolate, my eyes opened to a world where a woman also could be a perpetrator. 466 more words


Tampons around the world

Hedge: This all gets pretty grody pretty fast. If you don’t like reading about menstrual blood and the disposal of it you’d better skip this week’s entry… 491 more words

The Human Body

The Glory of Menstrual Blood

A few days back, I had put up a status update in FB like:

Two ladies actually mothers, were discussing about the color of their menstrual blood.

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The Beginning

that's feminist poetry

I have a deep and unending love for women who face the world with the reality of their bodies.

I wrote a line in Reasons Why You Should Poet that went: 185 more words

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