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Breastfeeding and the Abject? by Sara Frykenberg

Once upon time formula companies and complicit medical experts launched a serious campaign to sell more formula, telling a generation of mothers that this product was both superior to breast milk and far better for baby and mother. 1,235 more words


Reddit user in deep trouble after posting photo of his wife's 'period outfit'

A Reddit user, who posts under the username chrisflynn85, took a snap of his wife in what he calls her ‘Don’t touch me, I’m on my period!’ clothes, and posted it online, the sisters of social media weren’t best pleased. 211 more words

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On Sex, Giving Birth, Excretion

Not pleasant dinner conversation perhaps, but this trifecta—sex, birth, excretion—are the essence of life. Yet for a long time I found myself unable to view them without a certain degree of disgust. 1,307 more words

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Enjoy Journal | Bloody Women Artists

via Enjoy Journal | Bloody Women Artists by Ruth Green-Cole.

While there are isolated cases of reverence for menstruation, in general, many societies impose a strict set of rules about the visualisation of menstrual blood in art and visual culture. 425 more words

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Menstrual Blood on Instagram

I just read a great interview with Jennifer Williams who runs the @menstrual.blood Instagram account, which I have now requested to follow.

I’ve seen plenty of examples of Instagram deleting photos, suspending accounts, all because it seems that they have a little problem with things like pubic hair, female nipples and menstrual blood. 98 more words

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Continuing my Post on Autumnal Equinox, Opposites and Slip Sliding Away on In To the Blood Moon

So yesterday morning, way before my husband took off to the Emergency Room to confirm that he has a painful blood clot in his leg, I was laying in my Moon Lodge with my cheek against the floor. 913 more words


Why is a Photo of Menstrual Blood Considered Inappropriate to Put on the Media?

In today’s Western society menstrual fluid is usually considered disgusting and very private. This is probably because of the region of the body that it is excreted from and all the taboos that come with it. 191 more words