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You Asked: What Does My Period Say About Me?

According to some forms of ancient Chinese medicine, a woman’s menstrual discharge is interwoven with her qi, or life force. If her qi is disrupted—by stress or disease or internal discord—those issues may manifest as irregularities in her menstrual bleeding. 575 more words

Don't Bleed through your pants!

Another project I’m working on. Yes, the horror game is still in progress.

I’ve been talking Heavy menstrual bleeding for … awhile now. Actually, it’s almost 10 years since the first time I tried talk to a doctor about my unusual period. 61 more words


A simple answer? Doctors ignoring that Period pain is as bad as a heart attack

Period pain is officially as bad as a heart attack

Why have doctors ignored it? The answer is simple

Men wait an average of 49 minutes before being treated for abdominal pain. 870 more words


Menstrual Myths and Products That Matter

Today is World Menstrual Health Day. I wonder if they chose the 28th of this month because of the 28 days that are a cycle average. 543 more words

Being Woman

Breastfeeding and the Abject? by Sara Frykenberg

Once upon time formula companies and complicit medical experts launched a serious campaign to sell more formula, telling a generation of mothers that this product was both superior to breast milk and far better for baby and mother. 1,235 more words


Reddit user in deep trouble after posting photo of his wife's 'period outfit'

A Reddit user, who posts under the username chrisflynn85, took a snap of his wife in what he calls her ‘Don’t touch me, I’m on my period!’ clothes, and posted it online, the sisters of social media weren’t best pleased. 211 more words

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