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March PD2: Miracle Day

Day 2

Total ibuprofen taken: 1

Symptoms: Heavy bleeding, Back pain (2-4/10), Lower abdomen pain (1/10)

Last cycle I took 4×200 mg ibuprofen on day 2. 37 more words


March PD1

Day 1

Total ibuprofen taken: 0

I decided to make my swelly belly picture as an art piece 😆😆😆

Period day 1 was quite easy. Other than my swelly belly, nothing really obvious happened. 26 more words


Ten Natural Menstrual-Cramp Remedies

Whether you suffer extreme dysmenorrhea (horrifically painful cramps) like myself, or a mild cramping each month, menstrual cramps are at their best irritating and at their worst crippling. 1,158 more words

Women's Health

Menstruation -Things You Need To Know

Those days of month are not easy to tolerate. We go through very peculiar feeling which can’t be explained in words. Even many of us are not aware of some facts related to it. 155 more words


How to Get Rid of Anxiety During Your Periods

When your belly starts to cramp and you feel bloated, tired, and begin craving certain foods, you know your period is on its way.

You’re not alone in this monthly scenario. 255 more words

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Why Sleeping Is Most Important for a Better Body?

Sleep is a basic human need, as important for good health as diet and exercise. When we sleep, our bodies rest but our brains are active. 576 more words

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