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false Diagnostics and false hope

Monday I went to the Gynecologist. I hate going there since the last time I went I was diagnosed with PCOS. PCOS is basically a problem with hormones etc. 507 more words

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My Endometriosis Story: Journey through Pain

Today, I’m sharing something more personal or perhaps painful. My life with Endometriosis.  I’ve been afflicted with Endometriosis before I was even diagnosed many years ago. 418 more words


The metaphysical meaning of menstrual pain

In our day and age it is common to hear about women complaining about dysmenorrhea, fertility problems, endometriosis, PCOS, and PMS. It’s some sort of cosmic joke that women are gonna bitch about, this, are gonna be moody about this and are going to demand dark chocolate. 708 more words


Endometriosis Part 1: My First Period

Endometriosis, a common disorder, is where cells from the lining of the uterus appear outside of the uterus.  Even though they are no longer in the uterus, they act as if they were, and every month they thicken, break down and bleed.  757 more words


How To Reduce The Menstrual Pain In Simple Natural Way

Hi beautiful ladies, let’s have a talk about ladies pain, 😂 yep I am talking about that monthly pain…The Menstrual Pain. Menstruation is a natural part of a woman’s life, but everyone is familiar with those painful 2-3 days every month. 341 more words


Are My Menstrual Cycles Normal?

Article taken from “Winter 2018 Wellness Together with Signature

Menstrual cycles vary from woman to woman. What’s a normal cycle? And what’s something you should get checked out? 302 more words

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