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Another Less Painful Day - Thank You Uterus!

Period Day 4

Yesterday was a pretty easy day. The pain was quite light but I ended up took total 3 ibuprofen, one of them to help me to sleep. 77 more words


A Less Painful Day is a Beautiful Day

Period Day 3

It was much more less painful than day 2. I had cramps and lower back pain in the morning with pain level of 3-4/10. 94 more words


Another Sleepless Night

Period Day 2

The heavy bleeding period has started. I tried to manage the bleeding by taking coriander seeds decoction + blackstrap molasses and also ibuprofen before my bed time. 69 more words


A Painful Trip

Period Day 1

My cat had an appointment with his vet today to get a shot. My husband told me that I don’t have to come because my period just started. 533 more words


Pre-Menstrual Pain

Today is day -3 of my next expected period.

I felt light cramps and back pain since yesterday (1-2/10). I had a really hard day yesterday, it was a very emotional day. 224 more words


Livia the off switch for menstrualĀ pain

I know I say this allmost every time I write a review (I have actually bummed this item to the top of my publish list) but this is an item I have wanted to talk about since it was first announced on indigogo over a year ago! 879 more words


Coriander Seeds Decoction for a Heavy Menstrual Flow

Today is day 2 of my period. I have an excessive bleeding that caused lower back pain (7/10), lower abdomen pain (4-5/10), and right leg pain(3-4/10). 409 more words