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Hello everyone, sorry it has been a long time since either of us posted. I have started a course of study to qualify me to work with young children, as well as continuing to look after my dog and the two horses. 521 more words

Black Haw, southern sister.

Black haw. Southern sister, wise bush. You pull the tangled threads of the uterus when it is knotted and swollen with blood. You take the live wire in your hand and close your hand over it, ending the pain. 815 more words


That damned sonogram...

This past week I was going through excruciating pains from my monthly. I’ve been hemorrhaging like there’s no tomorrow, inflammation galore, and getting massive dizzy spells that force me to use my paid time off. 433 more words


I Was Diagnosed With Endometriosis

This post has been shared with us by Lisa from Blooming Uterus, a website dedicated to sharing the stories and experiences of people living with Endometriosis. 1,654 more words


A Very Happy Meh Day!

A very happy Meh Day!a good friend and fellow Lymie just asked how I would rate my day today. In the world of chronic illness this is a common practice to rate your sub-perfect day with 10 being the unattainable healthy and whole. 224 more words


Menstrual Pain - Causes, Symptoms & Treatments

Period pain – what is it?

Period pain is a pain that takes place in the belly & pelvic area at the time of menstruation. It may start a few days or shortly before the period. 412 more words

Acupuncture Treatment

School Time Means Mom Time

Of course, as we are gathering all those school supplies, we don’t want to forget the nutrient support our kids may also need for the coming school year.   589 more words

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