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Amazing benefits of Yoga to ease Menstrual Pain

If you are a woman, the countdown to the unpleasant days of your next menstrual cycle could be stressful. The world ceases to exist for most of the women in those 4-5 days every month, due to the extreme physical and emotional discomfort causing mood swings, fatigue, and nausea. 774 more words

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How I stopped menstrual pain without painkillers

Monthly cycle is what every woman,girl experiences and it comes with severe to mild pain for some individual

Menstruation is a woman’s monthly menses in other words ovulation. 160 more words

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Are you concerned with period cramps?(Dysmenorrhoea )

Being a woman sometime or other time we have experienced pain during the periods.

It is one of the most common disorders related to periods. Though majority of times it is self-resolving after periods. 899 more words

Menstrual Disorders

3/365: My relaxation day

As a child, I was never ever sick.

And I remember, even though it sounds weird, to be slightly envious of my classmates that sometimes where sick, missed out on school and had a relaxation day at home. 456 more words

Nov PD2

It’s 2:45am. I can’t sleep, my lower back is killing me, I feel cramps, and I vomited an hour ago 😭 I drank ginger tea and honey to relieve my stomach discomfort after vomiting. 161 more words


This is why you have been having constant headaches

Could be that you are fighting something as serious as cancer or a tumour.

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Keep getting those lingering headaches? Chances are your headaches are not just as a result of stress. 204 more words


October Pain Update 

Here’s the update for this month:

* My Pain is worse than last month. I’m not sure why… There are some changes in my life routine: 223 more words