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Double stimulation for poor responders?

A new article out this week caught my eye after writing about menstrual cycles last week – Zhang et al. This is a ‘short communication’ type article, so not a study itself but a report on a new technique. 524 more words



“She said yes!” is synonymous with getting engage, marriage, the happily ever after story, the white dress, the exaggerated feminised dream! So elated that you call your cousins (who didn’t really exist in your world pre engagement) 1000 miles away to announce that you’re getting married, a little too excited that you make stupid choices like that, that you’ll regret later . 344 more words


Menstruation: curse or blessing?

Menstruation: curse or blessing?

By Lesley Smith

Journal of Family Planning and Reproductive Health Care, Vol.32:3 (2006)


Menstrual Disorders Are Easy to Increase the Risk of Heart Disease--- How Do People Deal With It?

Irregular menstruation is a common gynecological disease in women. However, some women do not put this problem in mind. However, do you know? The Irregular menstruation not only influence pregnancy, but may also lead to heart disease. 365 more words

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A short story in honor of menstruation and Texas summers

This really is about menstruation so you’ve been warned there will be blood and gory imagery.


The girl picked up her book from the corner of the kitchen table and walked out the door to her backyard. 827 more words


Daily Health Tips: Refresher Course On Dealing With Menstrual Cramps

Have you ever heard any of those stories about how you should take alcohol (lots of it) when you are on you period? The thing I’m not quite sure about is whether the alcohol is to make the flow faster…so you can finish bleeding in one day as opposed to 3-7 days? 256 more words

The curse of being female

Sometimes I damn my Uterus.

I know what you’re thinking, she’s about to rampage about females and their periods, but guess what, that’s only partially correct. 521 more words

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