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The Red Tide Cometh!

Maybe periods wouldn’t be so frightening if we didn’t refer to them as “red tide” or “shark week” or any other euphemism that evokes neurotoxicity or dismemberment.

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The Friday Sex Blog [Sex and the Period]

Hola Everybody,
Man, it’s almost time for “Back to School”! The summer is too short, my friends. Man, it’s almost time for “Back to School”! The summer is too short, my friends. 1,054 more words

menstrual jerky

Well, yesterday’s visual piece was very well received, so I will follow it up with a similar piece.  This one is called menstrual jerky… different, but similar… thanks for checking it out…

don't have a period, man

That time of the month.

Surfing the crimson tide.




Holy hell, who the f*** did I piss off?!

These are just some of the ways that society, including myself, refers to that really awesome time, once a month, that affects almost every woman on the planet. 1,561 more words

Life And Something Like It

The Saga Continues

Ok. So the first day with the Period Panties ended with me rinsing them in my sink. As I twisted the fabric I was searching for the river of redness I had imagined. 309 more words


menstruating shards

Today, Taco Meat offers a visual piece… menstruating shards.. nothing too special, but one I really like.  Hope you enjoy!

Biking While Female: A Review of Period Products

On Sunday morning I was excited to get my period! Woo! That may seem like a strange statement, but after several days of excruciating cramps with absolutely nothing to show for it, I was excited for the shed to begin. 615 more words