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Sex...on your period.

While some may consider any sexual activity on the women’s period may be taboo others find it very satisfying and pleasurable.  When I was younger, I was always dreading my period and shameful about it and hid the fact I had it from my boyfriend in high school, I didn’t even want him to know about it. 418 more words

Sexual Health

Missing the Point: New study says Menstrual Cycle does not influence Women's Political Values

The results of a new survey conducted by the self-proclaimed world’s first multidisciplinary Open Access journal, PLoS ONE, say that the menstrual cycle phase does not predict political conservatism. 446 more words


Real Men don't "Real Men"

Jose Garcia came up with a brilliant idea: he and other boys would carry around menstrual products, so anyone caught off guard would have a back-up. 228 more words


Just keep swimming

I applied for a job today. Woo, small victories.

There were also many other things I wanted to write about. I considered, even, writing my own article about personal pronouns. 439 more words

Top 5 things I Hate About Periods! 

Have you ever dreamt of escaping from that bloody period of the month? Girls, you surely know what I mean! There’s only one way, and that is to be preggy lol. 230 more words

Menstrual Hygiene Day Dedicated to Ending the Stigma

“Let’s  end  the  hesitation  around  menstruation”  are  the  words  that  will  be  heard  across
the  world  on  the  second  annual  Menstrual  Hygiene  Day  on  28th of  May  2015. 579 more words

Unite Youth


Aunt Flow is in town, black towel time, closed for maintenance, lady flu, I’m not pregnant and I’m seducing the vampires… yes it’s that time of the month. 619 more words