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A 14-Day Menstrual Marathon Is Happening In Kerala. Here’s Why It Matters!

It’s been a year since the Sustainable Menstruation Kerala Collective (SMKC) came together with various menstrual activists, educators, student volunteer networks (like The Red Cycle and Haiku) and alternative product groups, to lead up to a Women’s Day celebration of a different kind on March 8, 2016. 578 more words


Dramatic, Period

She always lay beneath the moon, forever at service to the earth that held her and the ocean lapping softly at her feet 106 more words


Working Out On Your Period

I never realized how much of an affect my period has on my training. That goes for any woman. I always thought when I lacked energy or felt weaker or what have you, I thought that was just me sucking. 973 more words


Claiming Individual Worth

Sandy kept delicate glass-blown unicorns on her dresser. The walls of her room were covered in horse posters, and her white metal-framed daybed was adorned with a life-size unicorn print. 1,358 more words

Celebrating Womanhood

Menstrual cycle 101: what's the point?

A purpose of this article is to give people with a female body information so they can make informed consensual decisions that affect their cycle regarding hormonal birth control, removing the blood entirely through menstrual extraction, or other methods of altering the menstrual cycle. 2,206 more words

A Trick to Kill Any Conversation: Why Women Are Less Prone to Drunkenness than Old Men

This is really, really strange. But, given the conversation, not all that surprising.

Plutarch, Moralia 650: Table-Talk, Book 3 Question 3—Why Women Get the Least Drunk While Old Men Are the Quickest… 196 more words


Let's break the silence and talk about it.

Do females have eggs? Have these eggs always been there or have they been produced at some stage in her life or during puberty? How are these eggs related to them bleeding every month throughout the year? 461 more words