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I offer thee a Period Pack. May it improve your hormonal state and my life expectancy.

Period Pack: An offering to the female of the species at her most volatile time. Period packs are, usually, gifted by the male to subdue the females aggressive, emotional and unstable behaviour at the onset of menses. 2,258 more words


Let it flow

Some curl up on their beds with heater pads.

Some pop in pills like candy.

Somewhere, in another part of the world, little girls think they are “injured”. 588 more words


Yo Flo

Lets talk periods.

None of us really like them, discussing them openly is still taboo and with the recent movement to abolish GST on tampons as a “luxury” item they are a controversial subject especially in Australia. 632 more words

A Relationship with my Uterus

What is your relationship with you uterus?

I hear this question as I wait for the bus, as I go for a run, as I make lunch on a Sunday afternoon, or any time I tune into… 2,907 more words


Why I Love My Period: Revelations from Mushrooms and Meditation

The other day, in a reflective state about this world I pondered – not for the first time – the blood my body expels once a month like clockwork. 1,355 more words



The color of vermillion that’s applied on a married woman’s forehead by her husband. The color that is used for the celebration of Durga Puja in eastern states of India. 379 more words

Shark Week Survival Tips Featuring: HeyAnci

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First of all, I hate Shark Week! Hate it! Hate it! Aunt Flo is probably the worst villain of the last five thousand years (right up there with Thanos) and on top of that, she has the worst fashion sense. 513 more words