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Moon Song

moon we love to draw you in as you draw us out each month each mense each sense heightened

you are the shadow of my sun… 36 more words

The feminine

For two and a half weeks during a month, I am a happy well adjusted human being but a week before my cycle and half way through the start of it, I am not. 323 more words

I'm bleeding <3

Yes!! It’s finally that week again, my time of the month, the period, monthly cycle, menstruation, tsunami, whatever you want to call it! Honestly, I both dread these 5 days and love them! 373 more words


The Puberty Saga

You might be standing on either side of this grand event of life: Puberty. Some of you well, might even be in the process of crossing this fence. 672 more words


Understanding Women in 5 Easy Steps

Lets face it, you need a new strategy

I’m going to give you 5 key, amazingly effective steps to coast through the month. I’ll even let you know when she’s most horny and adventurous, and when to safely invite your annoying mates over. 753 more words