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You Are Both Light And Darkness.

There is always going to be two sides.
Even in ourselves.
So why just be half of who you really are?
Who says there is “right and wrong”? 93 more words


On Jairus' Daughter and the Woman with the Bleeding (Mk. 5:21-43)

Gabriel von Max, The Raising of the Daughter of Jairus, 1881.

These are notes for a sermon I preached this morning at Church of Our Lord in Victoria, BC, for the 4th Sunday in Lent. 3,071 more words


TMI Warning: 8 reasons why I can't go back from the Diva Cup

In case the warning in the title somehow escaped you, this blog post will be about my periods and vagina. So if you’re not interested in or squeamish about the female reproductive organ – well, mine, anyways – then stop now. 1,882 more words

My Experiences

Lets talk about PMS

It would be unlikely to come across a woman whom has never been told, or heard of others being told by some or other imbecilic male that “Women could never be in positions of power, three irrational days in a month and they will be starting wars” or something to this effect. 208 more words


The Best Ways to Scar Your Kid, Featuring: Tampons

We poop with the door open in our house. Rather, my daughter and I do. My husband finds it to be a vile habit but we have no intention of stopping. 626 more words

I'm alive! (I think...)

It’s almost that time of the month. The bleeds are coming. My senses are hyper aware, especially of the annoying, infuriating, frustrating, ridiculous, and atrocious things. 937 more words

Mornings And Mondays


i arose at five, peeled
a banana and hung it above your
raising lids

you got your first menses when
the moon was waning       it was… 235 more words

Black Art