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When we put pen to paper we use ink
I want to use blood
I want to make use of what comes out of me… 183 more words


Feeling Female

“What are little girls made of?

Sugar and spice and everything nice!”
This phrase makes me wonder what happens to all that sugar and spice once we hit puberty. 225 more words


Three Days of Impurity: Is It So?? Check This Out

Menstruation is defined as the periodic shedding of the uterine lining (endometrium). The first menstruation marks the onset of sexual maturity, in females of certain mammal species, and ceases at menopause (commonly considered the end of a female’s reproductive phase of life). 6,529 more words

Here! Shove This Pillow Under Your Vagina! Or Thoughts On Getting Your First Period

I was discussing with both my Bestie and my BFFE about their daughters “becoming a woman” or getting their periods for the first time since they are both around that age and it made me realize how far we have come to when I first got my period.   1,171 more words

Knowing Your Body: What To Do When Your Body Doesn’t Agree With Your Eco-Feminist Lifestyle Choices

March 4, 2014

At least three friends had started using the Diva Cup and ever so emphatically advocated its benefits to me before I finally bought one last November. 171 more words


Period (2)

Overflowing with the shedding away
Of the egg that was denied fertility
I bleed, every month for four days,
As if I’m wounded or sick with disease. 81 more words

Reader's Letter (Whine) 13

We received this letter earlier today. It is not really a question, but given the preponderance of similar correspondence we have decided to give it an airing. 285 more words