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Living More Simply by Cleaning Naturally (ATTN: SQEEMISH FOLKS. Watch for the Warnings)

I started my path down the sustainability trail long before my trip to Hippie Camp, a.k.a. Dancing Rabbit EcoVillage.  But my stay there challenged me to try to do more to reduce my impact on the planet. 2,243 more words


Because Princesses have Periods Too

Do you hate learning about menstruation, but love Disney?  Then this video is for you!  Set to the enchanting and whimsical tunes of a theme park ride, you too can join in and learn about what periods are and how to manage them.   139 more words



Mandy is not invited in, so hovers on the back doorstep, unsure what else to do.  She considers following Susan into the darkened kitchen, but the surprise squall of a woman’s voice repels her on the threshold; it is followed by the staccato rattle of Susan’s footsteps scurrying up the stairs.  1,344 more words

Menstrual Monday: Beauty in Blood

I’ve been on the body positivity train lately. I’ve been taking some time to really think about what it means to be positive about one’s body. 579 more words


Girls 101 #it's hard out here for a b*tch... By Moshibudi Thatego Madia

Everyone knows the saying :”walk a mile in my shoes”, well I say not just any shoes, but 8 inch high stilettos owned by a bad b*tch. 887 more words


Surfing the Crimson Wave

This post is generally for the uterus-havers… as in, it’s about periods. So, if that’s not your jam you can wait until Sundays post or scroll right on past this one and read about on-the-go-kits and roasted chickpeas… 1,004 more words