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Ovaries exploding

Do you know that expression up there? Usually used by teenage or hormonal ladies (or any lady basically) when they see a beautiful human male they’d love to get their hands on (to hug. 96 more words


Obvi Art : Does The Carpet Match The Drapes?

By: Megan Convey

In my last year of University I came to the conclusion that my focus, born of curiosity and frustration, would be to explore and utilize tampons in my artistic practice. 457 more words


The Diva Cup

LADIES, if you don’t already use the Diva Cup, this is a MUST WATCH! This video clears up fears and misconceptions about the Diva Cup, and explains why it’s safer, healthier, cheaper, and simpler than tampons and pads. 13 more words


My Art History Menstrual Cycle - I've Got The Painters In

A Reproductive Reubens, a Cervical Cezanne, a Womb Warhol, a Monthly Matisse, an Ovarian O’Keefe, a Fallopian Fragonard, a Tampon Tintoretto, a Period Pad Poussin, a Bleeding Botticelli. 290 more words



Last night, after writing out all my thoughts about my symptoms, I had insomnia. It gave me time to think things through in the quiet of my mind without any distractions. 1,526 more words


The Xaghra Twins: Remembering the Neolithic Past

by Alexis Martin Faaberg, PhD student, CIIS


            In my view, the Xaghra Twins figurine found on the Maltese island of Gozo epitomizes a belief system steeped in gender equality that fostered a harmony with nature to create a sustainable regenerative environment. 5,199 more words

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