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Should Women Lie about Menstrual Cramps?

I was poking around over at Slate and came across a reader question to columnist Troy Patterson. Patterson’s column is ostensibly about modern manhood, and the reader was a female. 781 more words

Pretty. Messy. Subject

If the topic itself hasn’t given you an idea of what I’m going to discuss here, go back and read it again, slowly, now just the initials? 1,608 more words

Tracking Your Period // How and Why You Should

Every month it hits me like a ton of bricks, “Now I get why I have had lower back pain, breast pain, a strong urge to cry uncontrollably whilst eating eat a giant soft pretzel . 275 more words


Special organ: Womb

1) The womb regulates menstruation.

Upon maturation of the womb, together with the help of the Chong-Meridian and Ren-Meridian, the smooth and active flow of… 69 more words

TCM Basics


A woman’s body greatly depends on her menstruation cycle. It affects her in many ways. The body undergoes various major changes on the onset of periods, during pregnancy and the time when she is about to hit her menopause. 278 more words


"So therefore early marriage was sanctioned in India. Early marriage. Boy fifteen years, sixteen years, and girl twelve years. Not twelve years, ten years."

Prabhupada said, “Sex life, sex urge is there as soon as twelve years, thirteen years old, especially women. So therefore early marriage was sanctioned in India. 273 more words

Hare Krishna

Handle with care

We sat in a circle on the earth, and spoke about our periods. Seven grown women, sitting on the ground under a gazebo, the smell of the ocean coming to join us, talking about our periods. 941 more words

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