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Periods: The Biggest Taboo in India and The Way to Change

Yes guys you read the title right, I am here talking about periods aka menstruation.

Periods, a perfectly natural process in a woman’s body is a big big taboo in our country. 779 more words


#55: Marysville, MI 9/26/16

Something old. Something new. Something borrowed. Something blue.

No, nobody was getting married at Marysville city hall. But things were still pretty darn eventful.

1. Something old… 547 more words

This is my attempt to write about being on your period and sharks because im on my period and in a lot of pain and im watching Jaws so here goes

Some people like to refer to menstruation as “shark week” because the shark’s brain looks really, weirdly similar to the uterus/ovary/fallopian tubes set up

I feel like that’s a fitting comparison 474 more words


Huge Roadblock

Well everyone, I found out I need to be put on a medicine that increases appetite like crazy. They give it to people who are battling cancer or anorexia. 242 more words

How Discreet is Your Period?

By Martha Silcott

Shh! Keep it quiet! Nobody must know. Even in the liberal modern world, menstruation is the last taboo. Despite it being a mundane biological function, periods remain shrouded in mystery and shame. 604 more words


I'm doing it

The hysterectomy. I’m doing it.

I’ve known this for a while but in the past two days it has become punctuated on a new level. I’m currently experiencing perhaps the worst cramps of my life. 497 more words

EcoFemme Workshop

The reason for my trip to Auroville last week was to attend a workshop at EcoFemme. The first day of the workshop was held at Pitchandikulam Forest, a gorgeous space in Auroville that does many things, including maintaining a garden full of medicinal plants and educating people about their uses. 245 more words