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Menstrual Cups Did Not Change My Life

When I first heard of menstrual cups, my eyes were rounded, glittering orbs of hope and expectation. They seemed, after doing some decent preliminary reading, to be better in every way: more environmentally friendly, more hygienic, more cost-effective, more capable. 1,225 more words

Your Period Is Valid

Before I start, let me get this out of the way: there is nothing shameful about menstruation.  It is a human experience, not just another stigmatized female condition.  1,456 more words


“Take the Damn Thing Out:” Female Contraception, Embodiment, and Challenges to “Choice,” by Jamie O'Leary '19

(Jamie O’Leary ’19 wrote this as a final paper for GSS 305: Feminist Approaches to Bioethics, with Prof. Catherine Clune-Taylor.)

Female contraception has long been celebrated for giving women reproductive choice. 4,810 more words

Academic Writing

The Temple Culture

My dad is currently on a holiday in Sri Lanka and as with any parent who goes to Sri Lanka, his trip would not be complete without paying a visit to a couple of temples in Colombo and Jaffna. 884 more words


Menarche Madness

Or How We survived Our First Period

I got my first period (the menarche) between the age of 12 or 13. I was expecting it and was delighted that it had finally arrived. 1,114 more words

Sexual Health


I AM FEMALE. This refers to my biology. I was born with a vagina, and now that I’m an adult human I have all the reproductive bits necessary for carrying and birthing a baby, as well as feeding it in its infancy. 1,738 more words


Who Keeps Women’s Secrets?

First Secret Entrusted to Venus, François Jouffroy (1839)

“Do you want to know a secret?”

When I was at school, there were various other pupils who would pose this question in some corner of the playground at break times. 789 more words