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Let me just say, I’M IN A NEW MOON CYCLE! It’s now time to be introspective and take a short retreat from active, light and dominant aspects of life. 594 more words


"Tag et bind på, so"

Jeg hedder Frederikke, og jeg er 17 år. Jeg er glad for vores samfund, og jeg er glad for at jeg bor i Danmark. Men i vores lille land, er der så mange som fuldstændigt har misforstået hvad det betyder at være kvinde. 531 more words

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Nigeria: WaterAid Calls for Conversation on Why Menstruation Matters

Joyce Chimbi
May 30, 2016

Girls’ needs around menstruation have been neglected by health and education systems around the world, leading to inequity in education and missed opportunities for girls, says WaterAid Nigeria. 596 more words


Female Hygiene of the 70s and 80s


This 1980s ob tampon commercial shows a sophisticated girl on the phone who has no time for hassles caused by menstruation. She has places to go and people to see. 524 more words

Education, Menstruation, Education

As if getting your first period isn’t daunting enough, we recently learned that 1 in 4 British girls starts their period before ever being taught about them in school! 404 more words

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I bleed. Deal with it.

Periods. Menstruation. Menses. Why can’t we talk about it? SShhh. Secret. Hidden.

On Menstrual Hygiene Day and being on my periods today (while writing), I’d like to unveil the truth behind the real-life drama of getting periods every month. 780 more words


Menstrual Myths and Products That Matter

Today is World Menstrual Health Day. I wonder if they chose the 28th of this month because of the 28 days that are a cycle average. 543 more words

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