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My Vagina's Angry

So I’m at Spar buying a box of tampons when this complete imbecile looks at me with the mother of all shit-eating grins, nods his head towards the tampons (or my vagina, I don’t know), and says: 543 more words

Red Weddings, Ledgers and Other Things (And How Not to Ruin Your Life)

Okay, guys, I’m just going to say it. This post is not for you. Move along.

So. Periods, amirite?

It feels like there’s maybe two weeks out of the month where I feel like a normal person. 383 more words

Mental Health

Meet The Company That Wants To Make Your Tampons Safe

Periods are having their 15 minutes of fame, thanks to a women-led cultural revolution. From widespread backlash against Instagram’s period censorship, to women live-tweeting their periods at Donald Trump… 369 more words


PCOS Journey - Day 15 - Provera 

I just started taking Provera hoping I’ll soon have my period. Usually the doc gives it for 8 days and tells me to stop taking it after and that I’ll have my period. 145 more words

"Don't talk about sex": The diary of an Indian sex educator

Her: “Is it possible for you to talk on menstruation and child sexual abuse to young girls?”

Me: “Sure. What age are they?”

Her: “Studying in class 5 and 6.” 1,494 more words

She demands to see mine and momentarily we're a lopsided star #BlackLivesMatter #poem #iNeedFeminismBecause

Because The Oxford Anthology of African American Poetry is one of the best, most satisfying, fat books of poetry I have, you should go buy it too. 191 more words

Women's Poetry

[Podcast/feminism] Taboos around menstruation

Menstruation is a perfectly natural bodily process. So why are we so squeamish whenever it’s brought up or even hinted at?

The taboos around menstruation stretch back to deep antiquity. 50 more words