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Of Red, Hormones and Girl-Things You Shouldn't Discuss

She ran to the nearest washroom. It was the PT period and everyone was down at the playground. Nobody saw her running to the washroom. She shut the door on herself, almost throwing up at the stink. 1,210 more words

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Girl talk

My period came a week early. It’s bright red and heavier than normal.

Last night I dreamed I was bleeding so heavily that I could literally wring out my panties. 42 more words


Girl Talk

The recent outbreak from Ryan Williams on how women should “hold it in” couldn’t have come at a better time for me, a time at which I’ve been getting increasingly more worked up over the lack of open discussion about periods. 721 more words


Mooncup review!

Hi guy’s I know this is something quite different for me to talk about but after trying it and falling in love I just couldn’t resist! 1,044 more words



In a conversation I had the other day with a young girl in my daughter’s class, it dawned on me. We are programmed as women to be ‘regulated.’ 2,015 more words

Sisterhood in the Stone Age

What was life like for our grandmothers one and a half million years ago?  How did they cope with (ahem, cough, cough) ‘women’s things’ in the days before Always With Wings and TV adverts made us believe that menstruating women suddenly turned into  rollerskaters and white jeans wearing disco dancers?  1,454 more words