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Getting to Know Aunt Flow: The Psychology of Sexual Behavior during Menstruation


I heard a great joke this week: Jokes about PMS aren’t funny. Period.

After hearing this joke, I started thinking about sex and periods. 552 more words

What they don't print on the label: sanitary products.

After the popularity of my last post (if you missed it, you can read it here -> goo.gl/dXWecH) I was amazed to see the response it had from women who are awakening, taking more interest in the health of their yoni and looking for alternatives to the commercial tampons and sanitary towels. 550 more words


Silicon Cups

Pads,tampons and then comes the Silicon cups…

For many women including myself, the first thought that pops into your mind when you look at a silicon cup is how the hell that goes inside your pom pom, punani, cookie and for ladies who skipped the nick naming ceremony of their reproductive organs the vagina. 613 more words

Anger 1: When Mom orders me to clean up while I'm in pain

I’m just going to straight up say it. I had my period today and it fucking hurt. It hurt so much I had to call out of work and calling out as a nurse is hell for my boss, which I understand since clients need to be taken care of. 193 more words


My Beauty Routine Part 1 - My Scents

My fragrances ranked are all total awesomeness. I found it difficult to rank them. One thing they all have in common is that i would describe them as sweet and strong. 496 more words


Updated cup stash plus WIWTM September, 2017.

So that time came again… I had my last  period away from home. I went on a business trip this last week and it went well. 293 more words