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Say it like it is.

Say it like it is

SEX – now that I have your attention let’s talk about some Vocabulation.

It is now 2017 and there some important vocabularies that we still discuss in the darkness of the night, with whispers and code-words like if we said it out loud a nuclear explosion will take place or the aliens will invade OR it will be the end of humanity as we know it. 440 more words

Menses-Drinking "Healer" Might Just Be A Hippy Prostitute

Bali-based Nadine Lee, a self-taught expert in “menstruation magic,” (because all the accredited programs were full) has had an exciting week, scoring press around the world, including a UK tabloid trifecta with write-ups in… 752 more words


Down There!

Menstruation, it’s really doing the rounds right now, isn’t it? People holding up a pad, going for the ‘Padman Challenge’…….whoopie!!

But I thought, our ignoratly curious men deserve to know what actually goes… 215 more words

My bloody vagina or your marketing strategy?

Vedika Sharma

Shuffling through the dump I call my wardrobe, hoping to find what I was looking for and dreading the thought of what happens if i didn’t, I gave out a sigh, finally accepting I was running out of pads. 447 more words

And More

The Year of The Period: Newsweek Coverage

Since a big moment for menstrual activists was the cover of Newsweek magazine for the April issue of 2016, I will be using this post to simply analyze the article titled “ 1,214 more words

Menstrual Activism

Say YES to Menstrual Hygiene

Sharing the article written by Deccan Herald on the Fundraiser by our NGO – World of Women – http://www.worldofwomen.in/

Fundraising to Support Menstrual Hygiene

DH News Service, Feb 14 2018, 19:19 IST… 300 more words


Don't whisper

As a young woman who has lived through the myths and the busting of those myths, I want to speak out for what I believe in is the celebration of womanhood. 686 more words