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The Cost to Flow

As a female I am provided with many experiences that are limited to the female population. One of these is the much discussed menstrual cycle, or period as used in colloquial terms. 369 more words


Rupi Kaur

Came across a story about a Toronto artist named Rupi Kaur.

I had not come across Rupi from friends who were sharing her spoken word… 351 more words

Menstruation and Sports

Okay, time to cross the line again. I’ve written about this before (see Menstrual Taboos  https://musingsonwomenshealth.wordpress.com/2014/11/26/menstrual-taboos/ ) but the issue keeps popping up. In the recent 2015 Australian Open, the top ranking female tennis player in Britain, Heather Watson, suffered a first round defeat. 1,146 more words

Which Menstrual Cup is Right for YOU?

A few days ago I wrote a post about having an eco-menses.  All of the products that I recommended are based on my personal experience.  Not everything that works for me is going to work for you.   110 more words

Self Love

Today in News: Aaron Hernandez, Period Pics and Deforestation

I am trying to get back into my old habit of perusing the news in the morning with my coffee. Lately, I have just not been doing that. 2,108 more words

|Thinks I Think|

Switching to "Mama Cloth"

Whether you call them Mama Cloth, Mom Cloth, Lady Cloth, Cloth Pads.. it all serves the same purpose.

The decision to switch away from disposable pads for myself happened almost as organically as the decision to avoid disposable diapers on my baby.  441 more words


Periods and Feminism: Is there a line to be crossed?

My boyfriend once told me he thinks periods and period pain must be similar to being “kicked in the balls”. While I appreciate the sentiment and his comforting words and hugs afterwards, I imagine that is about as close as you could describe it in terms of opposite sex. 306 more words