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The distance between two duellers. German “mensur” < Latin “menura” < measure < “metiri” < to measure.


Tales From The Airship Katarina: The Tuesday Flight Club

The Tuesday Flight Club:

Chpt three: The Surmen at the temple of heaven                 

The planet Earth has flooded – an act of divine angst? Perhaps– however, the dauntless human spirit,  ever alert to finding the bare necessities of life, ever willing to turn the most hostile of environments into a holiday camp (consider Blackpool… Eastbourne… Clacton…), endures with infuriating tenacity, regardless of the fact that its awesome creator may be fervently wishing it would ‘just sod off and die.’ 1,930 more words


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Mensur – the traditional kind of fencing; the distance between two duellers.


Legends of the Sword: Satan fights a Mensur

The German novelist and poet Wilhelm Hauff (1802—1827) is more famous for his fairy tales than for his novels. Unreasonably so, because his Memoiren des Satan… 1,745 more words


Weapons: The Ziegenhainer Walking Stick

Apart from a few late imports, wooden staves or sticks disappear from the printed instructional record of 18th- and 19th-century German martial arts literature.

There’s only one example of a wooden weapon being used in a more or less organized combative context in the early 19th century: 629 more words


Photo shooting in 10 minutes

Portrait of a football player for local magazine “Alav”

Dusko Miljanic

"Nur der Feige geht zurück": Ein Mensurschläger aus dem Jahr 1844

Der weite Korb des Mensurschlägers schützt nicht nur Handgelenk und Kopf vor unerfreulichem Kontakt mit der gegnerischen Klinge. Die Innenseite des Gefäßes dient hin und wieder auch zur Dokumentation “gehabten Spaßes”. 394 more words