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She hides away

Hurt , ignored , broken

Everything seems unspoken

No one will ask

They think its the past 

but they don’t know …

She sits alone… 53 more words



The sky is falling

but they don’t notice

The birds can’t fly 

but yet no one see’s

Its just so imaginative 

to the most known oblivion  88 more words



“Tic toc”  “Tic toc”

It’s that clock it drives me insane.


Not that I could disagree.

If I was not insane I would not be in this mental hospital. 493 more words


Balancing Act: Happiness and Sadness

Life is a balancing act. Many people can easily walk through the tightrope of life with ease, learning how to manage their time, energy, money, etc. 444 more words


Dormant Illness: Will It Happen Again?

The night before I ship out to Navy basic training I had a panic attack, fearing that my suspected kidney infection might hinder my chances at succeeding in a physically rigorous environment. 602 more words


Waiting to Move On

As mentioned in my last blog entry, I am waiting for whether or not I could still be in the Navy after a mental breakdown. My mother faxed the medical release form to the hospital in which I stayed, and that would give permission to release the doctor’s notes of my time in the hospitals to Portland MEPS so it’ll get approved. 358 more words


Piece Me Back Together

I’ve fallen apart, and I’m trying to piece myself back together. What happened? It’s a long ass story, but I’ll shorten it though. What essentially happened was: I had sex with my boyfriend far too many times, acquired a UTI and I ignored it. 395 more words