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I wake up in the middle of the night

Terrified at the sight,

Of you in my dreams.

All I can hear is my screams, 155 more words

Habits and Fear

Learning how to play volleyball starts with survival skills. This means you do what it takes to find success no matter how you do it. It may mean you hit the ball awkward and wrong, but it goes in. 441 more words


Tales from the London Underground #172 

Remembering the weekends chore on the train I remember,

With visions of appearances on ‘how clean is your house’ OCD kicked in.
I looked around the cluttered man cave and felt the whirlwind of manic need to slash and burn. 477 more words


Tales from the London Underground: 171

Jolly looking chap opposite, cuddly rotund face, another of the Charlie Drake lookalikes. 

Chubby sausage fingers intermingle as his hands join together on his jolly chubby belly. 289 more words



Life is a mix of paths leading to self-discovery. 425 more words



“People get tired of your sadness” – Anouk G

Every single time I talk to anyone, my best friend, my brother, literally anyone; I remember this quote. 296 more words


Mental Block

I have one very strong talent in my life. It’s blocking things out. I can block entire periods of my life out with little to no effort. 942 more words