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Life is a mix of paths leading to self-discovery. 425 more words



“People get tired of your sadness” – Anouk G

Every single time I talk to anyone, my best friend, my brother, literally anyone; I remember this quote. 296 more words


Mental Block

I have one very strong talent in my life. It’s blocking things out. I can block entire periods of my life out with little to no effort. 942 more words


Do people ever really know you via #Twitter or in real life?

It’s a funny thing this Twitterverse, I love the democracy of it, the sharing and the learning. I Iove the entertainment value of it and I find it alarmingly amusing. 479 more words


Educate Yourself, But Not By Yourself - To Go to College or Not???

I was listening to a podcast earlier this week and decided I’d like to way in on the topic.  It was a debate about whether or not a college education is worth the price… 1,343 more words


One thing I learned in 2014

There was a point in 2014 where I took one look in the mirror and didn’t recognize myself. I didn’t like the person staring back at me; it wasn’t me.   254 more words


Poetry- Aiming Blindfolded

Poetry, Darkness- Aiming blindfolded 

From time to time, I let my brain wander, aimlessly- without the carefully placed controls that keep me upbeat and functional. I’m learning to actually enjoy the process of wading into the darkness, little by little. 667 more words

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