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Las Vegas shooter’s girlfriend says he would ‘SCREAM in bed at night’ and investigators say he may have been in ‘mental anguish’

( Daily Mail ) The girlfriend of… 150 more words


Buy a t-shirt and re-post.

So I bought the shirt because I knew I should, would feel guilty if I didn’t. Then, I logged onto FB and saw all these posts asking me to re-post so people know I’m listening. 331 more words

Who started this awful trend?

It seems mad that a petition has to be raised to get our Government to move on bringing in legislation to prevent anyone over 18 buying corrosive products. 188 more words


Compassion for....Me?

Hey guys. So today I’m writing from a very real, raw, vulnerable place. Today is a less than ok day. I’ve been less than OK since Friday. 2,199 more words


In the Lion's Den...

Hey guys, I hope your Fourth of July went well. Ours was pretty good. Little E finished up her VBS on Friday. We stayed the night on the U.S.S. 2,541 more words


Failed Fairies

6/4/17     4:52pm

You know, I was just thinking Bambi is a terrible kids’ story or fairy tale. Then I caught the next thought that there should be more happily-ever-afters. 31 more words

Stream Of Consciousness

Are you aware that May is National Mental Health Awareness Month?

The first step to overcoming my mental health issues was figuring out how to handle my deep sadness and mental anguish. Of all my maladies, the depression is the worst for me; at its worst thoughts of death and suicide come far too easily. 104 more words

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