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It always hurts, its always the same.

So today was a bummer overall. My air conditioner in my apartment was making weird noises. I called and got someone to come out and he couldn’t really figure it out, so that was just kinda nothing. 158 more words


Part 2: Did You Get Left Behind Or Afraid You Would Be?

Still, this mindset proved to my advantage during a pitched fire-fight. Machine gunners and grenadiers were the first targets of the enemy because of the fire power we could put out. 628 more words

500 Words!

Did You Get Left Behind Or Were Afraid You Would Be?

As an eight year old, if your parents threatened you with being left at an orphanage because you didn’t behave well enough, and even went to the extent of driving to the orphanage, what would that do to your sense of well being? 585 more words

500 Words!

Depression: It is Not a Sin and Jesus Understands

I find that as I come out of a depressive episode (I am thankful that this one was not that intense or long), that the creative juices often flow with thunderous velocity for a time immediately following. 939 more words



It’s 2:45 in the morning, and I can’t sleep, again.

I had two glasses of red wine with my girlfriend, Chase at York Bar last night. 250 more words


For many years I felt like I was living outside of my body. I remember when this strange phenomenon began; immediately after my twin boys were delivered by an emergency C-section two months early. 377 more words


NINE YEARS: 9-8-1979 - 12-22-2006

“What is wrong with me? Why am I feeling like I want to stay in bed all day and hide from the world ?” Just a few questions I asked my new therapist today as I was sitting in her comfortable office surrounded with furniture in an environment designed to create an essence of relaxation for her clients. 333 more words