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Requesting Prayers

Last Wednesday my cousin was in a severe car crash. He underwent a nine hour surgery to correct damage to his facial muscles. He is breathing via a ventilator through a tracheotomy. 84 more words

Pa. Lawmaker Says He'll Rewrite 'Mental Anguish' Law, If Necessary

By Tony Romeo

HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) — The sponsor of a Pennsylvania law aimed at preventing offenders from causing mental anguish to crime victims and their loved ones says he’ll write a new bill, if necessary, now that a federal judge has ruled that the law violates free speech. 163 more words


Part 2 - Abanded Cerebral Palsy Victim

You, my friends, know how passionate I am about someone who is physically or mentally challenged. I wrote a post previously about a young man abandoned in a wooded area in Philadelphia by his mother. 371 more words

Cerebral Palsy Victim Abandoned

Last week our local ABC Station in Philadelphia reported a young man was found in the woods in a park located in West Philadelphia. He was missing for five days. 459 more words

Death and Accountability in Arkansas - "Wrongful Death" and where to start

In Arkansas, when a person dies as a result of another’s negligent, reckless or intentional conduct, our law allows that person’s court appointed Personal Representative (Administrator) to hire a lawyer and a court can hold the responsible person or company causing the death accountable.   280 more words


all the things he said

When he said it wouldn’t hurt
     and it did 
I thought I must be doing something wrong 

When he said I would like it
     and I didn’t 
I thought I must not be normal 

When he said it had to be our secret
     and I never told anyone 
I never realized what that silence would cost

When he said he really liked me
     and then hurt me 
I thought people who liked me would always hurt me 

When he said it would get better
     and it didn’t 
I thought I was terribly malformed 

When he said someday I’d understand
     and I never did 
I was sure I was mentally unbalanced 

My whole life has been spent trying to connect reality
     to the things he said 
But now I realize there is no connection and never was 

I just wish I could clear my thoughts
     of all the things he said

I Wish I Could Believe

The first prayer from the book, Ten Prayers God Always Says Yes To is, “God, show me that you exist.” Here is an excerpt from chapter one, I Wish I Could Believe: 362 more words