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Someone's Fighting A Battle You've Already Won By Grace. Don’t Take Life For Granted. Be Thankful For It

Life can be a struggle. And at times it can be difficult to get through the day when faced with situations that leave you feeling empty, weary, and hopeless. 227 more words


Sadness lingers giving a sad taste
Mental anguish holds memories in
Sadness’s wake.

This too will pass in future’s time
By weeping and sad crying. 19 more words


Silver Linings

So, hmmm… there’s a better than fair possibility that I may have colon cancer. I still have multiple tests and hospital procedures to go through in the next few weeks and I should know one way or the other by this time next month. 536 more words


A Perfect Day....

is a day when you wake up slowly, taking the time to allow your eyes to rid the haze, allowing your soul to return from the deep world of the unknown that placed you in the magical world of imagination. 612 more words

2 sides - Love & Doubt

Every story has two sides,
And when I told her I was a hopeless romantic; with hesitation, to my words, she did abide.

But then I began to ask myself this: 25 more words

Just Asking... (Will you use your past hurts and pains to help someone else?)

If a person lives long enough, he will experience some type of hurt or pain. He may wonder why a particular thing has come upon him, but regardless the reason, he must decide how he will respond to the uncomfortable situation. 260 more words


How the Monro Pub and Their Corporate Bartender Changed My Life-June 27th (and more)

There isn’t actually that much to say about June 27th because I was only in the Pub for about five minutes. I should change that, there isn’t much to recap in terms of the actual interaction between CB and I (or is that CB and me-I never know which is which) because I was only there for a short period of time, but there is a lot to say about that time period. 1,045 more words