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Failed Fairies

6/4/17     4:52pm

You know, I was just thinking Bambi is a terrible kids’ story or fairy tale. Then I caught the next thought that there should be more happily-ever-afters. 31 more words

Stream Of Consciousness

Are you aware that May is National Mental Health Awareness Month?

The first step to overcoming my mental health issues was figuring out how to handle my deep sadness and mental anguish. Of all my maladies, the depression is the worst for me; at its worst thoughts of death and suicide come far too easily. 104 more words

Spiritual Quotes

Wanting death when there is no release

I’m terrified I’ll want to die
When the news travels down
The grapevine
I’ve been to that place
I’ve had my neck in the rope… 18 more words


What are you afraid of?

Below is Jon Jorgenson reciting his rap poem asking “What are we afraid of?”  He so beautifully reminds us to give up fear and recognize the Love within YOURSELF! 21 more words

These broken parts

These broken parts
Frayed hearts
I feel it all
Take it as my own
Rocking like a child
On a rocking horse
Trying to ease everyone’s bleeding wounds… 21 more words


I'm not okay (I promise) 

You know what would be brilliant? If perhaps someone especially someone from my family would inquire about the state of my mental well being. Yes the Angel of death is used to such loss, having witnessed many tradgedies over the years… But guess what. 290 more words


My Ocean Isn't For the Weak

     For me, depression is an ocean.  It’s something I’ve lived with my entire life.  It’s always present, it never goes away; it’s always visible but because it’s always there, it’s taken for granted and ignored.   544 more words