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Some days, staying awake 12 hours can feel like the longest, most exhausting day of one’s life.

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Happy Holidays to You All!

Hi everyone!  I just wanted to wish everyone happy holidays, no matter what you celebrate!  For those of us in school and are enjoying winter break, definitely use this time off to catch up sleep, “you” time, and time with friends and family!   70 more words


Being my own Hero

When I was younger, I used to think I had all the answers; whether it was how to end world poverty or how to fix a broken printer. 730 more words

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Student Engagement

Student Engagement

I consider it a truism that students that are happy in their environment are far more apt to be engaged at school. At The Rock School, I take that to mean that they’re engaged with the dance, engaged with the academics, and engaged with the social life. 657 more words


Unintentional Hiatus

It’s been a quiet month around here, folks. Coming off of Zone Finals, I figured we would scale back to have a week or two of light work before ramping up for our new season. 349 more words

Equine Musings

Bug #3

It ascends to unbearable levels, agony forcing the men to their knees in near unison,

The noise only increases in volume and intensity till it overwhelms all their thoughts. 368 more words


HG: A dark side effect of being pregnant

I was very hesitant to have another baby because I had such a difficult time with Elle (for a lot of reasons). Even from the beginning, I had uncontrollable morning sickness. 535 more words