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'Patients should not be coerced into treatment': Dr Alex Thomson, Institute of Ideas [reblog]

Thursday 16 April, Dr Alex Thomson: ‘Patients should not be coerced into treatment‘ Institute of Ideas:

“Those with mental-health issues deserve the same rights as everyone else. 530 more words


Government finds extra funds to help manage Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards pressures

Original post from Community Care

‘…………£25m falls well short of local authority demands but will help manage caseload pressures triggered by Cheshire West judgement… 863 more words


Bodey and DoLs

Mr Justice Bodey, sitting in the High Court dealt with a case involving a 93 year old woman with severe dementia, and had to resolve whether the protective mechanisms that had been put in place by the Local Authority amounted to a deprivation of liberty (or DoLs).  1,891 more words

Case Law

Objection to appointment of deputy

Another financial affairs decision from my favourite Court of Protection Judge,  Senior Judge Lush.

Re PL (objection hearing) 2015


In this case, PL is a 78 year old man with considerable assets whose health and capacity have deteriorated in part as a result of very heavy consumption of alcohol (three litres of white wine and several glasses of homemade cherry brandy per day) 1,200 more words

Case Law

Failed attempt to revoke an Enduring Power of Attorney

As Senior Judge Lush remarks at the beginning of Re DT (2015) it is fairly unusual to dismiss the application of the Public Guardian to revoke an Enduring Power of Attorney. 2,142 more words

Case Law

Standard Capacity Assessments, Stephen Hawking might fail, without his box.

Now we will explore what happens, on the day your loved one is declared a vegetable, and loses his right, to make any decision. for the rest of his life. 971 more words


Illegal MCA, and Capacity Tests, and Lucrative Vegetables.

The Mental Capacity Act, was drafted to protect, and empower.

Instead, it is illegally being used, to remove all the rights, of the deemed ‘incapable’. 614 more words

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