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Self-Worth. Circumstances Can Help It.

I allowed my self-worth to take a serious hit over the last several months.  During that time, my narcissistic wife (now ex-wife) moved out of our home twice, and I took it personally.  834 more words

Lost Love

You Have Your Thoughts. Worse, You Have Their Thoughts.

As I was reading a post by ZombieDrew2 (thezombieshuffle.com) titled “It Will Never Be The Same” (I highly recommend his blog if you have never visited), it caused me to think about something that I think about everyday yet have never really recognized.  933 more words

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Another Milestone. I Am Ready for Them to End.

The ink is barely dry on the divorce from my narcissistic ex-wife of 5 years, barely more than a month in fact.  Somewhat surprisingly, she has already changed her name back to her maiden name.  942 more words

Lost Love

The Two Opposite Sides of Knowing About Narcissism

In my continuing evaluation of where my life was, is, and appears to be going, I have discovered there are certain things that I know now that I sometimes wish that I didn’t.  1,068 more words

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9 Months Later and I Am Still Shaking My Head

It has been 9 months since my narcissistic wife (now ex) moved out of the house for the second time in a 10 month period.  I continue to find myself shaking my head no multiple times a day, thinking “I still can’t believe or understand how this has happened”.  976 more words

Lost Love

I Hate Going Backward. My Life Post-Narcissist Continues.

I hope this ride ends pretty soon, or at least smooths and stabilizes some how some way.  A couple of days ago I was riding the crest of a wave, a wave that I hoped would take me into shore.  823 more words

Lost Love

Too many thoughts

My frigin brain is tung tied. I am trying to read people’s blogs and write comments and everything that comes out is jumbled and makes little sense. 614 more words

Bipolar Disorder