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Who stole my time?

I didn’t come to Bali to recreate a life of frantic busy-ness. That’s what I left behind, a frazzled, strung out, head spinning schedule that fried me to a snarling crisp! 376 more words



this fervor scampers
with a frenzied chortle
reveling in the shenanigans
as it skylarks about my mind
like a gaggle of drunken clowns
staggering and romping… 27 more words

My Poetry


A blur—
The colors whoosh by.
Vanes scream with the movement.
In the middle I go
Round and round,
Until I visualize reaching out a finger… 16 more words


My disconnection and my suffering...Are they real?

There are times when I feel disconnected from God. But is it possible to be disconnected from God? Lately, I began to think that my thoughts are the only things that can disconnect me from God. 556 more words


Broken Brain

Brain broken
Do not remember
Must constantly relearn
Brain not functioning properly
Not functioning as it once did
Must constantly relearn
Damn, I hate bipolar disorder

Bipolar Disorder

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Broken Brain, a short, deeply evocative poem by Kitt O'Malley, inspired me to write the following poem of my own: First they said I was schizophrenic then they said I wasn't later they said I had bipolar then they said I didn't today they say I have PTSD of the Complex variety Who am I really? I am a lost little girl trapped in a grandma's body stumbling over the broken pieces of me. ~Linda Lee *Comments are disabled here, please visit the original blog.*

I Survived the Apocalypse... Again

Well, the end of the world has come and gone again. They said it would be the Apocalypse, but the end did not come. Somehow the… 825 more words

Religion And Spirituality

Day 42- The Journey Continues...

It’s difficult for me to allow myself to be free, confident, and serene. I impose rigid expectations on myself and when I don’t deliver, I feel the muscles in my face, neck, shoulders and lower back become tense. 773 more words