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Repost - In Pursuit of Boredom

An interesting piece of research came across my attention the other day. It was research done studying when people are board by monitoring smart phone usage: … 931 more words


The Armor of Moralistic Therapeutic Deism

I posted on Twitter this statement a few days ago and then realized it had more packed into it that I first thought:

“The most anti-Christian people I know were Christians who had bad church experiences and nothing to help them back.

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Religion And Spirituality

Watch "Disturbed "The Sound Of Silence" 03/28/16" on YouTube



Mental Illness

Epic Fail (Video)

I have never failed a test in my life… not really.  A few times I might have dragged my ass over the finish line with a “C”, but those were the rare exceptions where disinterest, inconsistent study habits, and life drama managed to create the perfect storm.  460 more words

Who stole my time?

I didn’t come to Bali to recreate a life of frantic busy-ness. That’s what I left behind, a frazzled, strung out, head spinning schedule that fried me to a snarling crisp! 376 more words



A blur—
The colors whoosh by.
Vanes scream with the movement.
In the middle I go
Round and round,
Until I visualize reaching out a finger… 16 more words