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Repost - I Survived the Apocalypse... Again

Well, the end of the world has come and gone again. They said it would be the Apocalypse, but the end did not come. Somehow the… 825 more words

Religion And Spirituality


Hi there!

………. “ It was a gorgeous spring morning,
when I woke up to the fresh air coming through
the open window in my bedroom. 472 more words


Repost - In Pursuit of Boredom

An interesting piece of research came across my attention the other day. It was research done studying when people are board by monitoring smart phone usage: … 931 more words


The Armor of Moralistic Therapeutic Deism

I posted on Twitter this statement a few days ago and then realized it had more packed into it that I first thought:

“The most anti-Christian people I know were Christians who had bad church experiences and nothing to help them back.

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Religion And Spirituality

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Mental Illness

Epic Fail (Video)

I have never failed a test in my life… not really.  A few times I might have dragged my ass over the finish line with a “C”, but those were the rare exceptions where disinterest, inconsistent study habits, and life drama managed to create the perfect storm.  460 more words

Who stole my time?

I didn’t come to Bali to recreate a life of frantic busy-ness. That’s what I left behind, a frazzled, strung out, head spinning schedule that fried me to a snarling crisp! 376 more words