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T{he} (bast{ar}d) ga{me} of l[if]e

If he be me, then the game of life

is truly a horrendous game.

And so they pepper your perceptions

with nasty connections to show you… 69 more words


"... why she was unable to break free ..."

She’d had a long and fairly variegated history of mental ill-health: a patchwork of reds and spots of polka dot yellows which defined her quite clearly in the attentive eyes of the world. 317 more words

Short Short Story

The importance of burning bridges

She had been beaten until she’d wept for days – so many days she’d totally lost her memory of the times it didn’t happen: when or before that awful now. 184 more words

Short Short Story

G[ames] (and dastardly kisses)

I don’t know why they say “games people play”:

for when play is prohibited to all but the youngest of

children, how can people be described as playing games? 151 more words


Wrangling the uncooperative spouse

While many spouses have asked me about various types of grounds for a divorce, they were largely jilted spouses where cheating was involved in the marriage. 431 more words

Your Personal Responsibility In Cleaning God's House - Part 2

In part one, we established that everyone contains the house of God within, and when that house is in trouble on our account, (consciously or not) we need to clean it up, (with God’s help) restoring it to it’s original condition when God put it in us. 1,592 more words

Love Of God

Divorce – False Allegations Against Husband

In the case of Maya Devi v. Jagdish Prasad, 2007 (67) ALR 129, it was held that not only the physical cruelty which can be a ground for a divorce but the mental cruelty also constituted a good ground for divorce. 127 more words