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Wrangling the uncooperative spouse

While many spouses have asked me about various types of grounds for a divorce, they were largely jilted spouses where cheating was involved in the marriage. 431 more words

Your Personal Responsibility In Cleaning God's House - Part 2

In part one, we established that everyone contains the house of God within, and when that house is in trouble on our account, (consciously or not) we need to clean it up, (with God’s help) restoring it to it’s original condition when God put it in us. 1,592 more words

Love Of God

Divorce – False Allegations Against Husband

In the case of Maya Devi v. Jagdish Prasad, 2007 (67) ALR 129, it was held that not only the physical cruelty which can be a ground for a divorce but the mental cruelty also constituted a good ground for divorce. 127 more words


Mmmm, I Wonder...

I wonder if anyone actually enjoys spending time around those who wear their negativity loud and proud, who feel the rest of us owe it to them to bolster their self-esteem and “make them happy.”( as if ). 288 more words


Horseshoes Up My Ass or Guardian Angel on my Shoulder..... a Study in Murder by Suicide.

In a normal situation, with a normal man of almost any age, the following would not happen. A man, any man, would run, not walk, away from the woman described below. 2,396 more words


Justice For Children

I have just finished reading an article from The Independent regarding the reduction in sentence of the convicted abuser of a six year old boy, from six years to thirty-eight months. 321 more words

Coping With Life

Could It Be Irreconcilable Differences?

I didn’t see it coming.  Perhaps neither of us did.  I chuckled a few days ago when Ken Barnes expressed delight regarding one of my blogs.  1,229 more words

Grocery Shopping