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“I have a friend named Brian. You wanna know what he told me?”

“What’s that?”

“He said wanna know what would be a good way to make popcorn? 403 more words

The #feels

The elephant in the room is not even my elephant: Misconceptions about what it's like to have a sibling with a mental disability.

My brother has a mental disability. I mean it doesn’t have a name, like autism, or Down’s syndrome, it’s just “mental delay” meaning he looks normal, and doesn’t have any particularly diagnosable symptoms besides what I can only describe is that he has the mentality of a person of anywhere from six to twelve years of age depending on what category you are looking at. 2,199 more words

Brothers And Sisters

A Beautiful Mind - Laura Makepeace Stephen and the Earlswood Asylum medical archives (15 Oct 2015)

Speaker: Dr Madeleine Oakley

This week’s lecture was given by Madeleine Oakley, who co-writes with Katerina Koutsantoni the paper on Laura Makepeace Stephen, a patient that was admitted to the Earlswood Asylum in 1893-7. 1,382 more words

World Mental Health Day

I know I haven’t had any of my weekly blogs up recently which I used to talk about how I felt mentally during the week but I thought I’d make a effort and write something for World Mental Health Day because as anyone who used to follow my weekly blog knew talking about having depression and anxiety meant a lot to me because in the real world no one really wants to hear about it. 1,627 more words

Real Life

From Illness to Disability

Four major episodes. Didn’t even include that rumble with post-partum depression. On and off meds. Currently on and have been on for God knows how long. 672 more words

A friend with Down syndrome

For a short while, I volunteered as a fifth grade Sunday School Teacher with my local church. Usually, I hung out with the kids and helped them participate. 623 more words

Feel-good Stories