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everything...or nothing...

now that im officially free from life’s imposed quotidien demands, AKA a full-time job that neither fits my skill set or fulfill’s my spiritual purpose, ive been worried about maintaining a routine with zero pressures and very little responsibility! 262 more words

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Blog 11 An Interesting Week

I had to scrap the exotic dance class there’s just not enough of me to go round and attend everything that is on offer. I’m starting to feel like Bilbo using the ring too much, “I’m getting thin like butter stretched over too much bread”. 1,573 more words


September 2, 2017

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There’s a funny truth in the business world: hard work does not equate to success. 862 more words

The MS Times: Pilates exercise 'demo' video.

The MS Times:  Working on centering for pelvic stability progressing to single knee folds.


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Simple Relaxation Techniques anyone can follow

When searching for relaxation techniques you will discover there are many forms. Here are a choice of four techniques you can pick

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When You're In Public And You Start Missing Him... And It Debilitates You

This happened to me so frequently when Big and I first broke up.  In order to be highly functional on a day-to-day basis post-breakup, a lot of us choose to be on a grind of suppress, and suppress harder.   1,021 more words

greet the day 

“We cannot force God to stumble over us where we sit. But I know that it’s a good idea to sit anyway. So every morning I sit, I kneel, waiting, making friends with the habit of listening, hoping that I’m being listened to. 374 more words