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Werd Nerd

What a yucky week. I scrubbed it from my soul with beer, burgers, swimming and good friends, so I didn’t get a chance to continue my blindfold experiment. 148 more words


They Say, Exercise Everyday

Right Brain

Write Brain




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Three To Improve The Mind (2015)

1. Crossword puzzle.
2. Math problems.
3. Reading.
Mental exercise.


Emotional Couch Potatoes

Feelings  need need exercise to keep them in shape, and management to keep them under control. Think about exercise:

The more you do something the better you get at doing it. 209 more words

DIY Therapy

Blog 18 Pace Yourself

Blog 18 Pace Yourself

After last week’s disappointing effort on the trapeze I went into training a little smarter this week. First I made sure I had my Nana nap before training, this is crucial for the chronologically challenged. 713 more words


It takes a team

To truly line up on the start line requires focus, planning, commitment, and preparedness in your Physical, Mental, Recovery, Nutrition,Team and Luck.

Physical training is putting your body through incredible stress, and suffering so come race day whatever the course and opponents have to offer, it feels easy in comparison to what you have been doing in training. 906 more words


Day 103: Mental Exercises

This morning I woke up and started my Miracle Morning. I prayed, said my affirmations, and visualized where I wanted to be. When it came time for exercise, I decided to do a mental exercise instead of a physical one. 56 more words

Miracle Morning