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2016 Blog 7 Let go of the person you think you are to become the person you want to be.

That is possibly one of my longest blog titles ever but it really suits the subject matter.

Before I get into that though my adventures with a flying trapeze have continued this week with getting a ride in a cherry picker and my goodness was that fun. 960 more words


2016 Blog 6 How did I end up here?

It’s been an amazing couple of weeks. I have just completed two weeks of training in dogging and rigging and I’m now a qualified dogger and rigger. 603 more words


My Happy Project & A little Konmari!

I promised to come back and report on my happiness project. I always hate to announce publicly any new resolutions I take on because I know people will be watching and yet I feel the need to put it out there to make myself accountable. 586 more words

Life Journey

#meditation #depression - A healthy mind matters... full stop.

The health of our mind matters, full stop.

It matters to us as individuals, to others in our lives and to society as a whole.

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4 Reasons Puzzling is a Great Idea Tonight

If you’re like a sizable group of curious folks, I’d bet you enjoy the occasional crossword, Sudoku, or jigsaw puzzle. And if you’re not, there’s good reason to become interested in the practice of “puzzling.” … 406 more words

Daily Self-Care

Who Cares 20

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Tales from the TwitFace: the '7/7/7' exercise.

This is an organizer post for a series that originally happened on Facebook.

I’m not much on the “repost, share and tag” thing in social media, but (somewhat ironically) I do love the sort of mental exercise that follows here, and I do love learning things about friends via their own journey through the same exercise.   171 more words

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