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To cry blood

In the brightest of worlds I’ve cried blood. Someone decided I was wrong and that my brain was faulty. I needed to be fixed.

In the wealthiest of countries and times there was a bleeding gap in my brain. 149 more words

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'Autistic burnout'

‘Autistic burnout’ is not a diagnosis, but rather a term for the symptoms above.

I suffer from both ordinary burnout/fatigue and ‘autistic burnout’. The past couple of months I’ve had much more symptoms. 33 more words


Mental illness monsters

My therapist said I should throw out the anxiety on the floor. What does it look like? Most often it looks like the brown-purple monster shown below. 105 more words

Mental Illness

A place for the socially anxious people

My favourite place has always been on high ground with a view. A place where you can see everything, but no one can see you. (That would be a lovely ability for a socially insecure person like myself.) 110 more words

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Losing your identity

In Sweden, the first question someone asks you is what you do for a living. Your occupation is a huge part of your identity.

Almost 4,5 years I had a stress collapse after many years of overriding my needs and using energy I didn’t have (because undiagnosed autism). 172 more words

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My life since four years

This symbolises my four year long sick leave due to exhaustion and autistic burnout very well.

I see the light in the end of the tunnel (the cliche!), I’m so tired, but I have to keep walking. 55 more words

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