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Rebuilding My Website - A Hard Lesson Learnt!!

It’s been a really stressful week as far as my ‘Family Furore’ website goes, and I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me adding all the graphics I’ve lost. 612 more words

Concrete Boots

I love running kit and I’ll admit it, I put actual effort in – way more than my normal clothes. Coordinated Lycra all the way baby. 917 more words

Mental Health

Mental Exhaustion - A Poem

I am so tired:

Of feeling low all the time,

Of letting a minor detail ruin my mood,

Of being the extra person,

The third, fifth, … 119 more words


Every day balance

Balancing everyday life on a thin needle. Living with reduced energy, in a chaotic world (for an autistic). Every day trying your best to use your “spoons” (energy slots) in the best way possible. 98 more words

Mental Illness

Falling Off The Path

At the end of last week, I had sort of a melt down. By Friday, I felt I had accomplished very little and what I had accomplished, I still didn’t feel somehow that it was enough. 350 more words

Life Lessons

Spoonie life

Many people with exhaustion/fatigue, ME-CFS, chronic pain and mental illness have a limited amount of energy. The energy cost is often translated to spoons. I have lived with spoon limitations for 4,5 years and counting…

Mental Illness