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I'm not okay.

I wish I could simply explain the constant drilling in my ears. There are so many thoughts and feelings running through my body and mind right now, that I thought I should write them all down. 556 more words


My First Blog Post - Wow!

I have been thinking about my life lately.  So much has happened and I feel like I have significantly aged.  I am 37 years old.  Is that old? 96 more words



Today I woke up and broke into tears.

I have never really given much effort towards anything in life, so now that I am tirelessly pursuing a goal and not feeling that I am getting any closer is, well, a new feeling. 232 more words


Let GO


It may be as simple as that


yes, it is the essence of trust


my love, is the gift of letting go

Copyright Hayley Page-Smith  2016


How do you cure writer's block?

Step 1: open computer, stare at screen, stare at screen some more, stare at assigned task and scream in frustration, then calm down terrified dog… 379 more words


Halfway to crazy

like a sponge it lies behind my eyes
soaking up each fact and feeling
but when I try to read it all back
the emotions leave me reeling… 32 more words


Blurring the lines

Someone once told me that a man lives his life in neat little boxes, and either he is busy dealing with one box or the other, but rarely does he do two boxes at the same time. 1,400 more words