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Ok – I cannot tell lies as a brutally honest person, but sometimes I feel like I must pretend in order to prevent a huge negative consequence. 146 more words


When self-advocacy isn't working, quitting is the easy way out

You ever ponder these questions? They are not unique to hearing loss people, but really anyone who faces challenges, discrimination, or simply feels different from the status quo: 911 more words


Being an Introvert: Social Exhaustion

Right now, as I write this post, I am knackered; mentally exhausted.

These past two weeks have been the school holidays for me and I have been non-stop seeing people whether it be friends, relatives or even people I don’t even know. 368 more words



That’s how I feel right now. Frazzled. I’ve gone from feeling up beat and positive to let me cry and sleep for the next 2 weeks…at least. 490 more words



all you want
is something
so simple
the words
you must use
to ask for it
feel too complex
and redundant
so you remain… 48 more words


I'm not okay.

I wish I could simply explain the constant drilling in my ears. There are so many thoughts and feelings running through my body and mind right now, that I thought I should write them all down. 556 more words


My First Blog Post - Wow!

I have been thinking about my life lately.  So much has happened and I feel like I have significantly aged.  I am 37 years old.  Is that old? 96 more words