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Should I be here?- Imposter syndrome

I don’t belong here.

A simple, but pervasive thought that each of us has probably experienced over the course of our lifetimes. It’s a bitter concept that creeps in on a regular basis and slowly erodes at the foundations of everything you’ve worked so hard to build. 674 more words

Mental Exhaustion (time to pay the piper)

We do this shit to ourselves, and it’s time to stop paying for it. TV is my poison. I can’t even begin to tell you how many Netflix marathons or three hour movies have screwed me over the next day. 644 more words


5 Home Remedy for Mental Exhaustion

1.  Ginseng

Ginseng herb is very effective for stress, anxiety and depression. It also helps for mental exhaustion.

Other Benefits of Ginseng

Home Remedy

Day 7

This is the day I fell apart. Unreservedly.

I woke in the morning with this feeling of emergency in my whole being. As though it was imperative to exit my body. 73 more words

3 Acupressure point for Mental Exhaustion

ST 36


The width of one hand (3 Cun) below the bottom of the kneecap and width of one thumb (1 Cun) toward the outside of the leg (direction of the small toe.) In the trough or valley between the most prominent bones of the calf where they come together. 44 more words


Journal #180 - New Work Month, Already Mentally Exhausted

So it’s here and I came to realize that I’m actually realizing that I’m starting to feel exhausted.

It doesn’t make sense right? I only just started working for a month or so, writing codes, I’m already exhausted? 415 more words

Personal Journal


Ok – I cannot tell lies as a brutally honest person, but sometimes I feel like I must pretend in order to prevent a huge negative consequence. 146 more words