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Mental Flexibility


I get it!

It’s not because people are dumb!

Well, sort of anyway…

When faced with, shall we say, “rapidly evolving situations” (i.e. Crap hits the fan), it often seems like people just stop thinking, like you have to take everyone by the hand and give them finger paints and simple instructions in small words. 175 more words

Self-Care is More Than What You Do

“Self-care went from being something I do to something I am.”

Jasmine Fulks, Registered Psychologist

For a free article on self-care, “Four Ways that “Self-care” Will Sabotage Your Well being”, click on the photo. 8 more words

Mental Health

Mental Flexibility

Today’s yoga theme was flexibility. This got me thinking about how flexible I am (or not) when unexpected obstacles arise or when I’m in an environment with circumstances outside of my control. 104 more words

High-Vibe Living

“Stories let us vicariously experience characters’ lives and privy the reader to their ways of thinking and feeling, thus evoking the reader’s emotions by drawing on the readers’ values, attitudes, and feelings.” McNulty


Yoga for When Mercury Goes Retrograde

If the events of this past weekend left you feeling like WTF, worry not. There was a supermoon Sunday, the day Merc Rx began, traveling through the firey and playful Sagittarius. 823 more words


Being AWOL

When guests are arriving or soon to arrive that’s when most households go into an “all hands on deck” mode. There never seems to be enough time, despite attempts at planning ahead, to get everything done. 819 more words

Living With ABI

What is a 'team changer'?

“In order to be the best you must beat the best; don’t just become a team player, become a team changer.” 

In order make a difference and go far in your chosen sport you must make yourself desirable, and leave others around you with no opportunity to say no to you. 907 more words