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Wow, was I mistaken!

A few months ago, a patient was describing how much better she was feeling, and I asked her who else she knew who would like to experience the benefits of chiropractic care? 399 more words


Are Client's Limitations The Problem? Or That They Believe They're True?

We human beings are funny creatures.  Just because something arises in our mind – be it a thought or a feeling – we tend to assume it is telling us the truth. 726 more words

Energy Psychology

Mental Flexibility--Who's Driving Your Car?

I am in awe of the creation that is our brain/mind* for so many reasons.  One of those reasons is the flexibility to adapt to changing situations, and the classic paradigm of explaining/exploring mental flexibility is the top-down/bottom-up heuristic.   573 more words

MEME: Confirmation Bias


A Simple Strategy for Shaking Confirmation Bias
[TIP ‘o’ the HAT to: The Big Picture by Barry Ritholtz 

A Simple Strategy for Shaking Confirmation Bias… 248 more words


Got A Great Model For Mental Health & Emotional Well-Being?

Ever wish you knew just a little bit more than you do?  Heard someone talking about something and had to pretend you were up on it?  509 more words

Mental Flexibility

Mirror Poem Mind Twists Amid Creation

Marc Latham’s latest Folding Mirror poem started with a thought about how a change of mind, going against past behaviour, can change the course of history; either personally or on a wider scale; confounding those who have studied the form. 211 more words