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What is a 'team changer'?

“In order to be the best you must beat the best; don’t just become a team player, become a team changer.” 

In order make a difference and go far in your chosen sport you must make yourself desirable, and leave others around you with no opportunity to say no to you. 907 more words


Yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks. Tap into an internal fountain of youth to stay nimble & quick.

For all of you old dogs like me out there, and all the rest of you too, I ask “What new trick are you learning today?” Learning skills of any kind stimulates our brains to create new neural pathways  and coordinate with our bodies to develop new motor skills / patterns. 731 more words


Dogs Who Succeed at Life

I disagree with the title of this video, which is “Dogs Who Fail at Being Dogs.”  I believe the title should be “Dogs Excelling at Being Dogs,” because they all pick themselves up and move on with their mission, whether to grab the ball, jump up on the chair, or get the treat.   50 more words

Elizabeth Anne Mitchell

Allergies during pregnancy linked with autism, ADHD - Medical News Today

Evidence of connections between neurodevelopmental disease and the immune system is steadily growing. Breaking research adds more flesh to the bone.

Source: Allergies during pregnancy linked with autism, ADHD – Medical News Today


How Will a Flexible Mind Support You in Your Healing?

Having psychological flexibility can make you resilient and will support your recovery.


I am inflexible. My heels are stiff and sometimes sore.

It comes from a recurring injury to my left heel. 1,036 more words

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Can you do it?

I love stories of people, especially ones that I know, overcoming adversity.

A few weeks ago, one of my patients told me a very uplifting story. 543 more words