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how mindfulness changed my life 

Especially when you’re on your own personal development journey, mindfulness has probably come to your attention at least once or twice.

For me, it was ” … 333 more words


Don't Lose Faith

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You Are Enough!!

  1. Self-limitations usually grip you with fear or hate.
  2. Find ways to exhibit love.
  3. Growth requires you to expand your comfort zone.
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Rays Of Light

How Presence, Not Presents, Changed My Life

Often times, we are shrouded in our own thoughts and stuck with an inability to move forward. I’ve felt this at times and feel it’s especially present when writing or speaking when you seem to be at a loss for words. 488 more words

Life Advice

Emotional Parkour

So I’m part of an amateur parkour team called Vaultage Parkour which myself and a few friends co founded. Parkour – I am happy to say – is my tick. 939 more words

July 4:22 pm

Testing out the waters 🌊 first I’d like to start by saying hope everyone is having a great day. Productive as can be. If not hitting those weights, making some gainZ, staying healthy. 27 more words

Crack Open Your True Potential

I recently read a novel by a man named Simon Sinek called Start With Why. Sinek, who I most famously knew as the man from this… 550 more words

Life Advice

Being a loner was the best decision I made in 2016.

I’ve always been social, super social. As a Kid I hardly ever skipped school, I loved going and hanging out with classmates. Weekends were spent at sleepovers, going to the mall. 155 more words