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Be the Tree and not a Dying Leaf

You are greater than the label society has placed upon you. You were created in the image and likeness of the one True Living God. Why not be a source of life and create new energy and ideas? 111 more words

Reflections From The Water

Deep and dark, but truthful and helping me cope.

There is a significant overwhelming feeling of anxiety and depression over me. I imagine it feels like claustrophobia, but of the mind. The days are getting longer and my flower bulbs are starting to push up through the soil. 445 more words

Meeting Women - How To Deal With Self-Inflicted Resistance?

I was browsing /r/seduction on reddit today and I saw a thread about a guy having troubles approaching women. I really felt like this exemple could help some people, so I had to share. 769 more words

Mental Growth

We live many lives

One week after I started this blog I published a post “We live many lives”. Today I decided to copy it here because it is a central post to my understanding of life and pursuit of happiness. 695 more words


The pejorative masculinity

I went to the bar this weekend and I saw an old man sobbing and drinking his beer. He looked very unhappy to me, so I went to see him. 551 more words

Mental Growth

Skilled Love

I was on reddit today and I was browsing the /r/sex subreddit. I found a reddit post called : Female redditors, what makes a man sexy or not sexy to you? 374 more words

Mental Growth

Mental Growth

The first step to achieving a mentality in which you can achieve the impossible is creating a slogan/power statement. When you create a statement that screams nothing but positivity and continue to repeat that and display it in the most observed places it becomes a way of life. 212 more words