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September 18, 2016

I have been so overwhelmed with work and school that it seems I’m straying away from my blog a bit. I am so desperately trying to avoid that, however, there is an internalized pressure brewing within me. 201 more words


September 9, 2016

I spent an hour or two reflecting by the Hudson River today. It marked a special moment in my life; enjoying one’s own company. Typically, I would find reasons to feel as though I don’t belong in a particular place unless I am accompanied by others. 506 more words


..but i didn’t know shit!

It would be me saying the least to express the magnitude of the progression of my state of mind over the past 9 months – … 528 more words

Self Love

March 3, 2016

This is an excerpt I wrote while in an emotionally abusive relationship, as I reflect back, I realized that I was being manipulated into believing that I had to suit his standards in order to feel worthy. 222 more words



Everybody goes through hard times. This is inevitable and even a necessary proccess. Hard times train us to become tougher, more stable and compatible for any other situation. 715 more words


My mind tried to asphyxiate me today by filling itself with melodramatic fantasies of can nots and will nots. The words forcibly trying to squeeze themselves between the cracks of the brain cortex attempting to find a pathway through the amygdala, destroying any sense of exuberant vitality, of worth, reacting solely on compulsive emotions and memories of the past. 248 more words