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Meeting Women - How To Deal With Self-Inflicted Resistance?

I was browsing /r/seduction on reddit today and I saw a thread about a guy having troubles approaching women. I really felt like this exemple could help some people, so I had to share. 769 more words

Mental Growth

We live many lives

One week after I started this blog I published a post “We live many lives”.┬áToday I decided to copy it here because it is a central post to my understanding of life and pursuit of happiness. 697 more words


The pejorative masculinity

I went to the bar this weekend and I saw an old man sobbing and drinking his beer. He looked very unhappy to me, so I went to see him. 551 more words

Mental Growth

Skilled Love

I was on reddit today and I was browsing the /r/sex subreddit. I found a reddit post called : Female redditors, what makes a man sexy or not sexy to you? 374 more words

Mental Growth

Mental Growth

The first step to achieving a mentality in which you can achieve the impossible is creating a slogan/power statement. When you create a statement that screams nothing but positivity and continue to repeat that and display it in the most observed places it becomes a way of life. 212 more words

Checklist Basics

Leaving the comfort zone:

  • Did I set a reachable goal?
  • Did I develop steps to reach my goal?
  • Did I achieve my “mini goal” for the day?
  • 248 more words

Building your Legacy

A lot of people say life is hard, life is rough, I can’t hold down a steady job, I can’t do this, I can’t do that, “Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda!” But did not.. 325 more words