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Finding the Truth

I have had a lazy mind, I admit it.  It is humbling but the reality is that while I know I am a smart woman, I am woefully inadequate to face the awesome wealth of knowledge and information in this world. 682 more words

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The Perks of Mental Growth

I read a quote the other day from Dita von Teese and I absolutely loved it. I’ve seen it around for a few years now, but it’s just really starting to hit me on how accurate it is. 282 more words

An Open Mind

In this section, I will post quotes that have influenced my life and personality in one way or another. I want to share these beautiful lines with my fellow blogger friends and see if it move them too. 205 more words


Does anyone actually know what they're doing?

Inside my box I wake,

With a groan, a sigh, a day to take,

I pull the blankets up above my head,

But I must rise, for goodness sake… 1,211 more words

The MAN UP Conference is near!

May 26 @ 3:P.M. Troy Recreational Center. We now have kid t-shirts. Visit the website to make your purchase for this epic event.  www.insightfulcp.com 

One of those days

Life is full of these- major moments. Sometimes all you need is an outlet but it doesn’t always seem to present itself. The scenario presented itself to me yesterday when I was majorly hungover and upset, being on my period didn’t help and to add to all the first world problems in my life I was also fighting with my closest confidants so there was absolutely no outlet. 510 more words