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Sharing Stories Of God's Blessings To Build Others' Faith

Romans 15:2  “We should all be concerned about our neighbor and the good things that will build his faith.” (GW)

One thing that is important for all Christians to do is share stories of the wonderful things God has done for them, big or small.   328 more words

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Maybe I am Crazy

Seven. That’s the amount of pills I have to take every day in order to stay even slightly sane.

My dosage has changed since I began medication in 2013; I’ve had as little as two to as many as ten per day. 458 more words


I'm Absolutely Apathetic

Dear Reader,

TRIGGER WARNING: Mention of Self Harm

its been a long time since my last post because so many things have happened and I just feel kinda down. 1,121 more words

Mental Health

What If?

My life seems to be dictated by those two little words. Whether it’s looking into the future or peering into the past, that question creeps out of the woodwork as a gentle reminder that I’m not content. 723 more words

Mental Health

Crisis work for those in jail

So I definitely need to process the work I just did the last two weeks at the jail. I had a 4 day week followed by a 5 day week so that is the most time I have done at the jail all at once since I started in June. 429 more words

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The Thing You Do, But Can't

You know that feeling when the alarm goes off at whatever-dark-thirty, you reach over to turn it off, and every muscle in your body protests? Or maybe it’s your throat which feels like it turned into sandpaper overnight. 1,088 more words

Mental Health