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It gets better

TW: suicide, self-harm, eating disorder

“It’s going to be okay” she says holding me. She looks into my eyes, “It will get better”, but I struggle to look her in the eye. 807 more words


Tomorrow I Turn 30 and I Am Jumping For Joy

I am less than 24 hours from officially surviving the most heart wrenching, traumatizing, emotionally charged, tumultuous, unforeseeable, devastating decade of my life (Jane Austen would disapprove of that many adjectives). 843 more words


NO! I don't want to fix your shit!

Motherfucker!  I don’t want to fix your computer, your car or your house!

Today is Saturday.  I have precious few hours to take care of all the things I can’t do during weekdays and maybe work in some R&R. 130 more words


Are you a pack mule?

I am retarded right now. Hold on, before my declarations gets your hackles up, hear me out. Retard: transitive verb meaning to slow up especially by preventing or hindering advance or accomplishment. 734 more words


Can You Ever Be Completely Healed After Abuse?

I recently was talking recently with a lady about this very topic- can someone be completely healed of the effects of narcissistic abuse?  We both shared the same opinion.   649 more words

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Breaking the cycle

I wrote a post not so long about the people we meet, the people who give us hope.  The people that we meet them and instantly we feel like every day is filled with something better. 212 more words