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Never Justify Or Excuse Narcissistic Abuse

If you’re in the unenviable position of having a narcissist in your life on a regular basis, you have to do all you can to protect your mental health.   479 more words

Mental Health

Chemical Lessons

My body reminded me of something important today. Due to unusual circumstances I ended up drinking two cups of coffee (double stovetop Moka Pot and a large mug of French Press) this morning. 325 more words


The true meaning of "I'm good, and you?"

That feeling when you’re on the phone to a friend and they ask how you are and you reply with “Doing as well as i can i guess” when you really just want to say: 208 more words


For Nicole

My Cousin watches on as the rites, rituals and customs I preform each week seemingly result in minor successes. She watches me wake up and smile each morning, say thank you to God, to my family and friends, get promoted at work, manage my depression and beat insomnia. 193 more words


monster inside

you pry your way out of me

like I’m some sort of nicely wrapped box

a present under the tree

for you to open up… 17 more words


Only For Reasons She Knew

I lost someone to suicide in May.

Only, calling it my loss doesn’t feel quite right. Sometimes I can’t help but feel sort of selfish, thinking that way. 1,243 more words