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Why Keeping a Journal is a Good Idea

For many, the word ‘journal’ conjures up images of teenage girls documenting the trivial on-goings of their school and out-of-school lives. In March 2014, I went through a particularly bad break-up, and whilst desperately seeking advice online for reassurance that things would get better, I stumbled across the suggestion to keep a journal. 662 more words


Rose Tinted

I have a pair of glasses,
And they make the world look good.
This special pair of glasses
Help me see the way I should. 76 more words


This Is Your Body on Sleep Deprivation | Firas Kittaneh

SOME people think they’re so strong and badass if they go on and on without sleep, and deny their need for sleep. We’re taught to think that running on without sleep in being a tough guy, and taking a nap is weak and lazy. 29 more words

Deadliest Disorder: The Dangers of Anorexia

If you have ever seen the movie “Mean Girls” or been a teenage girl yourself, you have an inkling of the pain and social pressures of female adolescence. 1,301 more words

Experiencing Life

Experience Life, Don’t Manage It

Last night, during a Hazelden Treatment Center Alumni Meeting, I heard the facilitator of the meeting make a great comment about experiencing life, instead of managing life.   321 more words


What you need to know if your loved one has health anxiety

We really are sick. No, we probably don’t have typhoid fever or whatever we have imagined this week, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t sick and the symptoms are imagined. 65 more words

Health Anxiety

How We Do It: Bringing Comfort during Hospitalization 

I know — I owe you a follow-up to language modeling, and it’s coming. But we are in the midst of a hospitalization experience and this seemed more relevant. 658 more words

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