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Sometimes you have to stop yourself from giving into unhealthy habits

I just realised tonight that there is one area of my mental health which I have not discussed; my eating. The reason I have not discussed this is because I only skipped meals for about two weeks twice in the past year. 160 more words

F'n Problems

FEAR.  Fear has been eating me up alive recently, which is to say I have been cowardly sitting, if not in my bed, wasting away hours upon hours, days upon days, of depression, despair and other hardly bearable states.   231 more words



So yea since my last blog I’m still feeling happy, energetic and fresh. I’m now on less medication too and still feeling good whaaaaaat? I never though it would be possible to come off some of my meds and still feel ok if not better. 290 more words

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living in a black hole

I don’t understand the all physics of a black hole. I know its created when a star goes supernova, and that it’s incredibly dense and thick, with gravitation forces beyond belief. 249 more words


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This is from Feb. 2012 comparing depression to living in a black hole. As part of Mental Health Awareness May, I will reblog mental health posts. This is the first such reblog

Physical Illness and Mental Recovery


I will be discussing my recovery, weight loss and disordered eating.


It was my plan to post a picture of me wearing a home-made item each day of the month. 132 more words

Mental Health


Detaching is a very painful thing to do, but with it comes so much freedom.

When I say detach I mean from the people, things, or activities you leach off of and that leach off of you. 638 more words


Games without Frontiers

Its from

I’ve just read yet another self help site for social anxiety saying to keep negative people out of your life and to be more positive. 303 more words

Social Anxiety