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Back on track (for now, at least)

I know I’ve been writing a lot of depressed stuff lately, and I apologize for that.

Today, something told me to start small to be able to end big. 240 more words

Anxiety Disorder

Boy, Did I Get Told.

With all my whimpering and whining lately, it never occurred to me to question why my brief hiatus with depression was just that…brief. I had assumed that with the success last fall of a new medication that i would stay on track for quite a while…years even…so when I recently started to seriously backslide, I couldn’t begin to express my disappointment and frustration. 782 more words


Seven years

It’s been seven years now since I started this blog. And also that long since I cut off contact with my abusive ex.* (Not really getting into it in this post, though.) 797 more words


Fighting with Finish Lines

Ladies and gents, yesterday marked the last day of the #yogADDance Instagram challenge (hosted by the lovely Tamara Levinson-Campos) and I’m glad to say that I made it all the way to the end! 754 more words

Mental Health

WTF, Middle Light Switch!

I really thought that I could switch the light on through sheer will and determination. Actually, I thought of it more like I was on a dimmer. 504 more words

Mental Health


She’s got a lot of cobwebs up there. You don’t want to get too close to her reasoning or you might fall into one and get eaten by a spider.

Aging Parents

Mental Health: An Interview With My First Born Son

This is an impromptu chat that I wanted to have with Cabezítas, my 7-year-old about the difference between “mental health” and “mental illness”. Although he got a little bored (too much thinking so early in the morning), it was a good introduction. 604 more words