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Mindfulness: Training Your Mind to Live in the Moment for a More Fulfilling Life

When I mention the concept of mindfulness to my clients, I can almost see the dread cloud over their eyes.  Those that have heard of mindfulness and tried it at some point describe it as being extremely difficult to practice.  846 more words

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03/03/15 Mentally ill man ate my hamster...

It’s been a while, hasn’t it, since we’ve heard tales of dangerous lunatics wandering our streets?

Well, in truth it hasn’t, but let’s just go with that optimistic thought, shall we? 948 more words

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I haven’t posted much. I keep telling myself, “Just go over and type.” I have stuff to type about.

I lie on my bed and look at the computer. 657 more words

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Red Flags are for Wussies.

I’m not sure what to make of today. It is day 3 of being off the Adderall and on the Vyvanse. I’m going to chalk up how I’m feeling to the medication change. 325 more words

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The World Mind Lives!

Romantic thinker that he was, George Freidrich Hegel came up with perhaps his most fanciful creation in his treatise The Philosohy of Right. In it, he presented a theory of “The World Mind.” It represented his views of civil society along with those of the evolution of mind. 605 more words


Artful Expression of Depression

“Some days she didn’t know how to be happy. So she let herself be sad. “

 Many people who have never dealt with depression personally have a misunderstanding that it is simply ongoing sadness. 774 more words


Eating disorder article

This is an article that I found online a few days ago. I thought the message within was very important and that it needed to be shared. 616 more words