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Failing in school does not equate to failing in life: Not breaking under the pressure.

Alright, so I was wracking my little brain trying to think of a way that would be universal to any of you that bother reading my simple little blog in relation to school. 826 more words

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College: We are here for you, if you get good grades.

One of my best friends is not returning to college this year, something I am highly unhappy about but when I heard why my sadness turned to anger. 516 more words


Mirtazapine and 7 days until University.

Blur, blur, blur.

After yet another visit to my doctor, I’ve finally been put on some sort of medication. I was originally given the Diazepam at A&E for 7 days just to try to lower my anxiety levels, but the doctor I saw decided it was a good idea to give me and extra 9 tablets of that to keep them low whilst I start on some new medication called Mirtazapine. 835 more words

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Don't read this if you don't like long rambly depressing posts

As the title says this isn’t a fun happy post. My anxiety has been building up a lot over the past two weeks due to so many things. 839 more words



Fell asleep at around 4am, my son got me up at 6am, woke my partner up at 7.30am only for him to remind me he starts work at 9, so has to leave at around 8am, thank god he finishes at 1 today. 35 more words

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