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One month later & a totally new life

These past couple of months have been a battle in my head…fighting everyday to remain positive and not let the darkness win.

After trying year after year to pass the Licensed Clinical Social Work test and failing and feeling like my dreams were crushed, I finally passed this test a couple of weeks ago. 293 more words

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The Compliant Patient

My mother was not a compliant patient. She would have side effects from medication and just stop taking them: The meds gave her sores in her mouth or nauseated her.  748 more words

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Nice Day For A Walk

My mood and mental health is often quite low in the winter and when there’s three weeks of gloomy rainy weather in a row and the only time I set foot out the door is to run from the house to the car it can be very hard to feel happy all the time. 285 more words


Improv #9: In-city-cure attachment

I’ve lived in a lot of places in my life. Enough that I’ve only ever stayed put long enough in my adult life to be called for jury duty once, during graduate school. 1,376 more words

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"It's Lying to You."

Those four words.

I see these posted everywhere, particularly social media – Twitter, Reddit, you name it.

In fact, I’m 100% positive I’ve heard MYSELF… 434 more words

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Transgender people shouldn't have to lie about their mental health. But many do.

Until this last year, accessing top surgery was a losing battle for me. But it’s not because of where I live, my health insurance, or any of the other typical barriers you might imagine when trans people are looking for care. 1,797 more words

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When the black dog wins, we stand together and share our smile

I am stepping away from the usual theme of this blog today to talk about a new project, this time non-exercise related (bear with me lycra-junkies!). 1,072 more words