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Why Are You So Angry at God?

My counselor asked me the question, “Why are you so angry at God?,” close to the end of our last session. I shut down. It’s  607 more words


This Blog Name

Mama Fee’s Happy Healthy Home

It is not named that because I necessarily HAVE a happy, healthy home – it is named that because I WANT a happy, healthy home. 320 more words

Someone like me

I’d love to meet someone like me, someone who will make me feel less alone, less abnormal.

I’ve looked and posted on mental health forums but understandably people are very anonymous. 260 more words



The worst thing about having a mental illness is that my mind is always racing, especially before bed. I am filled with so much anxiety and/or trauma that I usually have to take medication to sleep. 527 more words

Mental Health

Adressing perceptions of mental health

The BBC reported on Monday two points of importance for mental health[1]:

  • “The National Association of Head Teachers says with a fifth of children having a mental health problem before age 11, it is a concern”
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I think I finally know ... 

I think I finally know what is wrong with me, I was so sure it was aspergers- and although I did have a lot of traits, some things just didn’t make sense. 589 more words