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Fall 2016 Gratitude Challenge Day 1

So today starts another 30 day gratitude challenge. Today’s topic will actually be the 30 gratitude challenge and how I choose to work these.

The reason behind doing a 30 day gratitude challenge is multifaceted. 498 more words

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Better things ahead...

There are far better things ahead…

All of us carry so much baggage from the past.

Hurts, put downs, bruises and bumps from the past remind us of how bad life can be. 126 more words

Frank J Walker LMFT " Cambria Ca."


It’s so hard, because you have to function. There is a tiny defenceless human who needs you to look after them 24/7. But you can’t function because of your depression, so you don’t for a while and just sit or lie there, listening to your baby cry out for you, his hungry cry, his lonely cry, any of his beautiful cries. 913 more words

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My OCD Journey plus advice.

SO, the forthcoming week for OCD awareness is looming, so what better way to acknowledge it than with my pot of ink and old quill pen! 1,154 more words

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