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Setting Small Goals

A few weeks ago I posted I’m Not Ashamed Of My Body where I wrote about how I have finally achieved body positivity towards myself. 226 more words

Mental Health

Grieving and Living: What Abi Taught Us - WORD Christchurch

‘Buy This Book’. I have never, in all the many blogs I have written started a blog with these three words.

Lucy Hone wrote What Abi Taught Us… 650 more words



Sinking again, barely catching my breath as another wave comes up.

I feel myself being crushed in the darkness that surrounds me.

The darkness that calls itself depression. 91 more words


Eating and Being Eaten.

It’s eating me alive. I have no more strength to fight back. My stomach is empty, and yet I can’t eat. I’m so tired, but I can’t sleep. 745 more words

Mental Health

A Little Perspective

My wife shared this with me and I thought it was pretty insightful (for me) and gave me some more clues as to “what makes her tick.”


Take Care!



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Music and my Mental Health

Music is important to a lot of people. Music has existed in this world since the beginning of civilisation and I believe will exist until civilisation ceases. 734 more words