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It's the Little Jokes that Get You Through

Last week I wrote about the “art of practicing nothing” aka being present in the present moment. I’m sure there are folks who spend a lifetime mastering this skill, but as a recent neophyte to the practice, this is an almost impossible task to achieve. 867 more words


Unique Mysterious Beauty

Excerpt from Whole Happy and Healthy: A Revolutionary Approach to Understanding and Thriving with Mental Illness http://amzn.to/2mUjVRK

Mental Health

How many MORE people are going to have to DIE , before we can talk about Opioid addiction and other addictions without STIGMA???

(Extremely important disclaimer: I’m NOT  a clinically trained professional. If you or someone you know is in acute medical or mental health crisis, PLEASE seek immediate/acute professional help, in an acute care facility. 1,240 more words


People Are Never Perfect

We are all “perfectly imperfect!”

Real people aren’t perfect and perfect people aren’t real.

At times, I catch myself being preachy with clients and falling into believing that I have some special knowledge about life.

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I hate compliments

The Irish are fabulous at deflecting compliments and it’s something I picked up during my twelve years there. Whilst I appreciate that I am Totes Amaze-Balls, inevitably my anxiety levels start to rise if I am complimented or praised. 618 more words


mental illness in the sims 4 [#blog4mh]

For simmers everywhere, making the perfect Sim is always fun – you get to customise appearance, voice, personality, clothing, and aspirations, all of which will affect the way your Sims behave. 164 more words


A Sacrifice of Praise

I’ve been feeling very depressed over the past week or so. I can’t seem to pinpoint exactly what is the cause – I just know that I want to sleep all of the time, that I don’t feel like doing any kind of activities (including writing), and that I’m having a difficult time being grateful. 133 more words