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Scarred Wench

Scarred wench, approaches my bench

Wounds superficial, emotions artificial

At 16 years old, she knows so little

Departs with a wave, and a catchya later… 36 more words


Never again

Never again will I question the depth of the burden

From the one that ultimately hurt them

She has no desire

To escape the fire – 8 more words


after a month of transcranial direct current stimulation therapy

Transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) is a non-invasive method of electrical stimulation of the brain using a weak direct current applied to the scalp through electrodes.

837 more words

Some Thoughts On Marriage

Since tomorrow is my 18th wedding anniversary, I thought I would share something I have learned about marriage.

Over the years, I have been criticized pretty harshly by a few people because I do not share a couple of my husband’s interests.   540 more words

Mental Health

Wounds do heal, scars do fade.

The other week I bought some scar fading serum. I haven’t used it yet because I keep forgetting, but it promises to reduce their appearance within 12 weeks. 467 more words

Mental Health

I Was a Paramedic!

I remember telling people over the years that being a paramedic was not the be all and end all of my identity. Yes, I loved my profession (and still do), but I was positive that I could take the good memories that I had and ‘move on’ to a different profession if need be. 470 more words

Mental Health