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Hazards You Didn't Know Were Hazards

Did you know that if you accidentally shoot yourself in the eye with a waterpik on full blast, you will pop blood vessels?

What’s that? No? 89 more words

Being Awkward/Dumb Stuff I Do

That time I went bald and the entire world had a fucking conniption

the title of this post basically explains it all, I feel. but I’ll give you a bit of background, cause I feel like you deserve it. 763 more words

Mental Health

Paperwork day

Today is paperwork today. Its when I sort out all the letters, emails, forms everything. I hate it because it means I have to use the phone. 134 more words


WORLD GRATITUDE DAY FEATURE POST: The Power of Gratitude and How It Affects Your Mental Health

Aloha lovers! 

I hope you’re all doing alright & loving yourselves accordingly. I haven’t done anything like this in a long time- I think the last feature blog that I posted was a skin condition post, actually. 1,238 more words

Mental Health

Going Back Into Treatment

Tomorrow I begin treatment again at my local Community Eating Disorder services after over a year fending for myself. It’s safe to say ‘apprehensive’ doesn’t even come close to covering how I feel about this. 1,076 more words

Mental Health

I was asked

I was asked once if I had such bad anxiety how come I could still do things. I, personally, think this is an important question and one which makes mental health so difficult to understand. 414 more words