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Life Lessons part two

Life lessons:

Here are thoughts on life and living.


  1. People are more important than things.

    1. See the last blog for details.
  2. Jealousy is a wasted emotion.

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I feel like Sylvia Plath

No matter how good life is, whether I’m keeping busy or seeing my friends and family a lot I always get thoughts of suicide. Three months ago I took an overdose of benzos with alcohol and last night I did the same thing but with diazepam this time. 97 more words

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Like, Really?

Let’s give you some background to this tangled web of a story!

November 2016, I went on a Peer Support Course, training in how to be a Peer Support Worker, there is no relevance in this other than someone came along who was setting up a new service for people who had been out of work for a long period of time due to mental illness. 422 more words

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The Homeless Phonebox

It started out with a phonebox, stoic and red. A homeless man lay beside, with a floor for a bed.

Communication is lost in the ones we walk past, just like the phone box, every end has a start. 204 more words

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Life Lessons Part One

Life lessons:

Here are thoughts on life and living.

  1. Time passes quickly.

    1. Make every moment count. Count every moment.
    2. Keep a diary, journal, take pictures, notice your world and celebrate your life now.
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Straight, No Chaser: Questions About Memory Loss and Forgetfulness

Are you the type that has a bad memory? Is your memory good when you “want it to be?” Do you just have problems paying attention? 663 more words

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