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About Covert Narcissists

One thing about narcissists is that they are extremely good at hiding how vicious they truly are from everyone except their victims.  Covert narcissists are even better at this than their overt counterparts.   675 more words

Mental Health

How to Help Your Friend with Mental Illness

I am very grateful for my friends. I am very open about my mental illness. Being open works for me, but there are many people who choose to keep it quiet. 298 more words

Mental Illness

Seeds of Possibility

Excerpt from Whole Happy and Healthy: A Revolutionary Approach to Understanding and Thriving with Mental Illness http://amzn.to/2mUjVRK

Mental Health

"Where do I go from here?" - "A Place to Hideaway" and other wistful songs...

Karen Carpenter sings it perfectly … her voice so eloquently shares my wistful wondering …  “tell me where do I go from here? You said you’d take me through the years, so where do I go from here?” 976 more words

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In a dip

I realized yesterday that I was going into a bit of tail spin. It’d been happening over several days if not weeks. I found myself sleeping in every day until the moment I needed to leave for work. 188 more words


Oh joy

I have not been feeling completely well for a few days. I left work early Tuesday. I went in Wednesday morning, but left after just an hour. 254 more words

Mental Illness

Rants and Recipes (if you read to the end)

Going to a wedding reception used to be a simple affair…before I became a parent.

It was typically a celebratory event and even though there were times I wasn’t sold on whether the couple was going to be together til death did them part, I was happy to partake in free food, booze and live band or deejay. 1,334 more words