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It’s not by accident that we’ve started using “unplug” as a synonym for relax.

You do it and I do it.

We carry our devices around with us and we check them often. 235 more words


Just keep going.

I’m at a weird stage in my life currently.

I’ve just turned twenty-one.

I’m wondering who I am and what I want to truly do with my life. 468 more words


Crochet mood blanket.

Here are the first two days of my crochet mood blanket. I started on Monday, I am trying to make them last thing at night or first thing in the morning. 79 more words

Mental Health

Good Intentions...may they rest in peace

This started out as an entry that I was actually looking forward to writing; one that wasn’t all about me; ; a brief and welcome interruption into my life of IV’s, tests, pain, frustration, loneliness, and of course the nightmares during my recent two week stay in the hospital. 1,198 more words

Health And Wellness

How to find the good in having a mental illness?

I work in mental health as both a mentor to students who are studying at university with a mental health difficulty and as a counsellor to people of all ages and struggles. 472 more words


Berating Myself

I’ve been feeling like I’ve fallen off track a little bit lately. I’ve slowly started sneaking more and more chocolate into my diet for one thing and I’ve been exercising less. 765 more words


How I Became a Disillusioned Homeschooler: Elisheba's Story

Image by R.L. Stollar.

HA notes: The author’s name has been changed to ensure anonymity. “Elisheba” is a pseudonym. 

Content warning: descriptions of self-injury.

I used to be a good homeschooler. 1,863 more words