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Mental Health Monday: Laughter

You’ve all heard the saying that “laughter is the best medicine.” But is there any actual weight to that statement? Find out by listening to yesterday’s episode release all about the mental, physical, and emotional benefits of laughter.

Listen here: Mental Health Monday: Laughter


Mental Health Monday: Is it JUST Stress?

Happy “Mental Health Monday” – the weekly routine for those of us that can’t seem to get on the “Cat-urday” bandwagon because, well, we’re dog people. 80 more words


Mental Health Monday: Dealing with previous birth trauma during pregnancy

I spent a long time denying that my first birth was traumatic and after that I spent a while playing it down, yes it was traumatic but it wasn’t THAT traumatic. 592 more words


Mental Health Mondays

Dear friend,

Starting hopefully next week I hope to implement Mental Health Mondays! I plan to make these educational, informative and hopefully inclusive.

I will receive my own personal experiences, where I can and hopefully you find them helpful or at least informative. 65 more words


I Tried Keto & This is What Happened...

Thanks for stopping by! Keto is a really popular diet and honestly, it does work, so it makes sense that people want to try it. I do want to start, however, with a disclaimer… I respect you if keto works for you, but I’ve decided it does not work for me, so I would prefer if you didn’t comment that I did it wrong or that it would be better if I tried it again with some adjustments. 538 more words

Little City


We live in a diet culture. Keto, Paleo, blah, blah, blah there are a million and two diets out there. Maybe we’ve given into the idea that a diet something like this. 1,261 more words

Mental Health Monday

Mental Health Monday (with gifs)

Welp, I’m not happy and I’m not okay. So, I thought I would post a blog with sad gifs and memes just because I can. 209 more words