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Children are by nature active and playful. However, due to circumstances, they tend to be more contended in their comfort zone than interacting with other people. 421 more words

Behavioral Therapy

Does Your Child Have ADHD? Find Out Now!

Attention deficit hyperactive disorder, otherwise known as ADHD, is a very familiar term but some may have it before even knowing this disorder exists. This disorder is common to children… 483 more words

Behavioral Therapy

How Important is Physical Therapy in Children with Developmental Delays?

All babies and children develop and grow at their own pace. However, there are specific developmental milestones that act as a guideline for parents and caregivers to know if their young ones are growing on track. 460 more words

Behavioral Therapy

How to Encourage Better Behavior for your Child the Right Way

Coping with developmental disabilities at a very young age can often lead to acquisition of negative behavioral traits. This can be aggressive behaviors, episodes of tantrums, or frequent frustration and behaviors that include self-injury. 455 more words

Behavioral Therapy

Addiction: The Pleasure Principle

Rats love drugs; really, its been proved beyond doubt. In experiments where rats where allowed to press a lever which administered drugs into their system they were quite happy to sit there all day giving themselves more and more drugs. 1,146 more words

Alcohol Problems

Denise S. Abbey, MSW, LCSW

Title: Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Company: Northern Nevada Adult Mental Health Services
Location: Reno, NV United States

With more than a decade of experience in social work under her belt, … 221 more words

Patient Care

My War on Medication is Over

Have you ever run on sand — soft, dry sand that falls away beneath your feet? Well, that’s what living with mental illness is like. While everyone else sprints along the concrete beside you, you stumble and twist your ankles and fall gradually behind. 1,010 more words

Mental Illness