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Refugee Health: An Ongoing Commitment and Challenge

Author(s): Jimmy T. EFIRD, Pollie BITH-MELANDER



Refugees represent a diverse group of displaced individuals with unique health issues and disease risks. The obstacles facing this population have their origins in war, violence, oppression, exploitation, and fear of persecution.

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Trajectoires migratoires et expériences de soin en santé mentale

Author(s): Daria ROSTIROLLA


Tags: France, Refugees, Discrimination, Mental health services, Access to mental health care, Transcultural approach, Clinical interventions


Mental Health And Me By Lucy Robinson

At 17 I moved out of home. Within a year, my Dad & Step Mum who I previously lived with emigrated to Canada. My Mum lived in Wales. 1,082 more words

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The Assessment of Motor and Process Skills: A Person-Centered Approach to Mental Health Services

     An important focus of occupational therapy in a community-based mental health setting is supporting individuals in the performance of activities of daily living. Engagement in activities of daily living, which includes grooming and hygiene, meal preparation, and home management tasks, contributes directly to increased independence and community participation. 853 more words

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Challenges and opportunities in refugee mental health: clinical, service, and research considerations

Author(s): Matthew HODES, Dimitris ANAGNOSTOPOULOS, Norbert SKOKAUSKAS


Tags: Mental health services, Access to mental health care, Refugees, Asylum seekers, Unaccompanied minors


Delta Upsilon No Longer Under Investigation, Gun Laws Hot Topic on Capitol Hill, Mental Health Services Scarce in Oklahoma

with Jaycie Bayless, Matt Marks, Michael Bohling, Taitum Wilson, Caroline Brown, Abby Green, Shiloh Sellers, Christian Nunley, and Katelyn Howard.

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Sensory Modulation: An Occupational Therapy Perspective on Behavior

While psychiatric diagnoses are often determined by analyzing a person’s behavior or emotional regulation abilities, occupational therapy provides a keen understanding of the underlying neurophysiological functioning that precedes behavioral and emotional responses, and thus has the opportunity to contribute an effective lens to intervene and support an individual’s… 1,025 more words

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