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Well 2017 has now started and I have often wondered how this year was going to go?

It is true to say that 2016 turned out to be the exact opposite to that which I was convinced it would be like and then some. 1,516 more words

Whats on my mind

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything.. I have about 5 draft blogs but I haven’t managed to upload them. I was kinda put off the idea of it, you know putting yourself out there is fucking hard and not everyone is gonna like what you have to say. 825 more words

Mental Illness and access to care

I was looking through my tweety page earlier today, just kind of browsing, passing time and I saw that in the UK, 70 million work days are lost because of mental illness. 526 more words

Bipolar Disorder

If people treated physical illness like mental illness...

CW: sickness, death, other depressing shit.

“Try to think calming thoughts. Non-agonizing thoughts.” You croon into the face of the man lying on the ground. You avert your gaze from the jagged end of shattered femur protruding from a bloody hole in his thigh. 507 more words

Mental Health

Senior Credits Crisis Response Program with Life-Saving Care

Old habits are hard to break. No one knows this better than retired St. Tammany Parish residents Lou and Betty, married more than 60 years. 303 more words

Volunteers Of America Greater New Orleans

The problem with mental health services in Irish colleges

Courtney doesn’t make it through full weeks of college. Two years ago she was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), making it extremely difficult for her to study and socialise for long periods of time. 1,162 more words

News Reporting

The Bewildering Story of a Young Woman, Anorexia and a Judge

Yet another example of eating disorder treatment failure

On the 21st November, a judge in New Jersey decreed that a young 29 year old woman could refuse treatment for her eating disorder. 772 more words

Anorexia Nervosa