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Like Machines

In this modern world one of the things that is happening because of mechanisation and industrialisation is that human beings are also becoming more and more machine-like, automatic. 184 more words


The cost of cheap

We were travelling to Edinburgh on the train a few weeks ago. Seated across the isle from us was an excited group of students woofing down sweets and talking animatedly about the sights they wanted to see.  429 more words

Do You Respect Yourself?

I had you think about
weather or not the things you were “married to”
interconnected with
contained a

Admiration for the
or not… 218 more words

Good morning

Morning’s are weird for me at the moment. During term time I couldn’t wait for it to be the holidays so that I could just rest and take it easy – things were really getting on top of me and I was struggling to keep my sanity with the pressure of finishing the year well building higher and higher. 62 more words

Mental Health

To relax

To relax I went to an art class today to get my mind of pain. I had not done any drawing for years. I did not think it would be so hard to draw a bottle ..Oh! 12 more words


SNAP JUDGEMENT: and you're so perfect?

Who am I to judge you?   Who are you to judge me?

Dictionary:  Judgementthe ability to judge, makes a decision, or form an opinion objectively, authoritatively, and wisely, esp. 587 more words