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Lonely in the crowd

Even when surrounded by people I love, I feel so alone. I know they love me and want me around but I feel nothing but sadness. 219 more words


Yoga for Beginners

by Alexandra S. Wimberly

From PHN Issue 33, Summer 2017

Have you ever
tried yoga? Ever been curious about what yoga is or if it might be something… 1,088 more words

Self-Care In Prison

Supporting Farmers' Mental Health - Government of Ontario News

Supporting Farmers’ Mental Health Government of Ontario News

WOODSTOCK — This spring, planting season is a time of new beginnings, but it can also be a stressful period for farmers and their families. 41 more words

Mental Health


The kids run outside to play on the trampoline.  They could spend hours out there playing games.  However, if Leesy gets even the smallest scratch on her, she is whimpering and limping into the house for a band aid. 245 more words

Inspirational Moments

My ever expanding bamboo plant is like my struggle with depression

Today I cut down some of the ever-expanding bamboo shoots in my garden. I needed to do something and decided it needed taming. Maybe I could get this plant under control unlike my thoughts and anxieties. 360 more words

6 Pieces Of Honest Advice On How To Help Someone Who Is Dealing With Depression

To those who are caring or involved with someone who has depression, life can be almost as heartbreaking for you as it is for them. More often than not, you find yourself spinning because you have no idea how to help yet want to dreadfully, and you wish you could just understand what to do to make things change. 1,561 more words

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