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⚕️❤️The Medical Pledge Supports the Fight Against Opioid Addiction⚕️❤️

@cushcenter Chairwoman, President and CEO and @themedicalpledge Founder Zakiya Cush is excited to announce her research initiative to help combat the Opioid Crisis ✨
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Summer of 2017

As the sun sets on the last day of summer, I lay sick on my couch. I lay sick reflecting on what happened to me this summer. 761 more words

Mental Health

Things that Make Me Anxious (and how I deal with them).

I have a lot of anxiety.

Like, a lot a lot.

I don’t think many people in my life know this about me, unless we are very close. 1,251 more words


Taking the Mask Off Podcast Ep 006: Near Death Experience, Wedding, and the Future

In Episode 006 I discuss this Friday my near death experience, then a wedding, and how it will impact the Future of Taking the Mask off and changes that will be made. 37 more words

Mental Health


I used to love the doctor.  I loved that it was clean and I loved finding out what was wrong with me, any drugs I may be prescribed, the diagnosis of my symptoms. 250 more words


Guelph teen meets with federal health minister to call for action on mental health issues

Seven months after he delievered letters to the almost 340 sitting MPs in Ottawa, Noah Irvine‘s call for action on mental health issues and addictions seems to finally be getting some traction. 570 more words


Your Body on Anxiety

Our Daily Lives

Our lives matter and each day it becomes difficult to grasp our daily struggle. Our silence may be taken for-granted, but know that you are not alone.   317 more words