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I will admit

I am struggling at the moment. But I can’t pinpoint the problem, I feel low, but not so low as to call it depression, I am anxious, but not so anxious. 79 more words



Tuesday, May 22, 2018


– a person’s outward bearing or way of behaving toward others.

“his arrogance and pompous manner”

– Taken from Google…

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The real difference, to me.

I got a text today, well the Bear got a text because I don’t have a cell phone. What and where is going on with my oldest in regards to evening plans, that are up in the air. 235 more words


Green Thumbs for Everyone (Plants are more than House Chores)

So plants are rad.

That’s a constant refrain of mine.

I am known as the crazy plant lady. The plant resurrector. The Goddess of Marigolds. 490 more words


Denim Blue Dragonfly

A poem about mourning.

Denim Blue Dragonfly


Heaven’s fairytale seduces even the most heartless

Damned atheist when his/her father falls

Asleep at the wheel and dies. 340 more words

Conversations with Anaston Ep. 2 | My Depression Story

I’m back with Episode 2 of Conversations with Anaston! In this episode I am sharing a piece of my story regarding my experience with depression. Often times we shy away from telling our stories and being honest about the challenges we face with our mental health, so I am sharing my story in hopes that I can continue to encourage others to do the same. 12 more words


Stereotypes about working women: A Personal Experience.

I was going through an article on http://www.youthkiawaaz.com, that what are the stereotypes about working women, two points caught my eyes because I can relate to them. 531 more words