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What it's like to go to A&E when you're having a mental health crisis

When your mental or emotional well-being rapidly worsens, this is often called a ‘mental health crisis’. And if you find yourself in the situation, it may be important to get medical help quickly. 1,119 more words


Now that I've finished my course of therapy, I'm scared of what happens next

Is it supposed to feel this anticlimactic?

I spent months waiting for therapy on the NHS, went for online therapy to speed up the process, then finally, finally managed to get my first appointment – which happened on a laptop, upstairs in a villa in Spain, while everyone drank and had fun downstairs, because I was told that if I couldn’t take that appointment, I’d get therapy snatched out of my hands forever. 1,192 more words


"5/900" Club

Hey you, yes YOU.! Wanna join the “5/900” club?

What? you don’t know what it is??? Right, well the first rule is… you don’t talk about the “5/900” club, joking! 744 more words


When not everything 

Is in my head. When gut instincts are correct. When there’s tension between those you love. When changes are meet with resintance. When you know life will never be perfect, nor do you expect it to be. 44 more words


Guilty but Self Love is a must

I am a strong advocate of Self Love.

I believe that if we really, really, really need to take a break and just let go of what we are doing then we should! 516 more words

Why I Had to Quit my Job?

(This has been sitting on my drafts for the past 4 months. Decided to work on it again and post it. This is pretty long. Read at your own risk.) 1,728 more words


Something for later in my story

So I’m gonna post a thing i’d like to use later in my story and hopefully get some feedback to work with. oh and warning, it’s a bit long (if you don’t want to read all of it, maybe just read a bit please?) 656 more words