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Gonna make you wonder why you even try (Hard Times)

Hey guys, it has been a while…

June has been a very hard month for me. At the end of May, my moods started to take a weird turn.  542 more words


The Constant Cycles Of My Bipolar Mind

The Constant Cycles Of My Bipolar Mind

By the time someone has told me how much they really like or dislike something, there is a good chance that I have already had… 829 more words

Bipolar Disorder

Esmerelda's Origin 

I had a name for that voice in my head, after I figured her out:

Esmerelda, she just wanted to be heard, she was the voice of my doubt. 46 more words


the lunatics have control of the mental health funding

I understand that for many people, mental health problems are not something they have to regularly think about. They’re the lucky ones. I also understand that for many with mental health issues, it’s an acute episode, it gets dealt with, it’s resolved, life moves on and they go with it. 316 more words

Eating Disorders



The razor slides across my flesh
like a knife goes through butter
The first cut is the one that hurts
Red warm blood starts out as a trickle… 291 more words

What Some People Do

People do many different things in life. They have different interests and things they would like to do while here in this realm of existence. I always find it interesting to observe the things that people like to do. 920 more words

Mental Health