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Remembering the Small Victories

I’ve been looking through some of my older, less positive posts on depression. There’s a theme that keeps popping up. At times, I can go from recognizing that I’ve made progress in treatment to forgetting it entirely. 556 more words


A Body So Meager with Hunger...

*This is Part 1 (of a 3-Part) guest-authored series on Anorexia Nervosa. This experience is one that would make a meaningful addition to the conversation around mental health. 377 more words


reflections // thank you

Here we are, the end of December.

2017 has held some intense moments for me. I thought past years were intense but this year has surpassed them all. 240 more words

Facebook Admits Using Social Media Is "Bad For You"

Social Media empire Facebook has surprisingly admitted that using too much social media can potentially damage your mental health.

Researchers from Facebook studied groups of college students all across the country, and found that those students who were assigned to read and scroll through Facebook for ten minutes were in a profoundly worse mood than those students who avoided the platform. 58 more words


Much news reporting is pure speculation, not actual reporting

I ran across a link to an old CNN Money financial news report from October 24, 2016. Every speculation made in this news report was wrong and illustrates how much “news” is not really reporting on events but is speculation about the future. 508 more words

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December Measurements

Time for us to determine the starting point for this whole journey in self-experimentation and learning!

The goal here is to do a monthly check-in on some basic metrics that are most important to us. 522 more words

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