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Broken Mirrors and Bad Luck: My First Love, Ed

We were so close that I couldn’t tell whether he took my breath away or suffocated me. I was twelve years old, at the start of my first long-term relationship with Ed—my Eating Disorder. 413 more words

Mental Health

Tomorrow it Starts Again

Tomorrow the driving lessons start up again, but only for one day. The last day. Granted the last day is exactly a week later than it was supposed to be due to being completely decommissioned for a week. 252 more words


Where Is The Eagle - Gone

Until  recently,  the following  letter by Chief Seattle to President Pierce hung on a wall in our bathroom.

It is titled:

      Where Is The Eagle – Gone… 690 more words


Caring without overdoing it, what's the risk?

Welcome back to another blog post on mental health carers and to be honest, sometimes I just post on general mental health to raise awareness. I do not want to give those relying on carers a bad name, but I felt this time I should post on how easy it is for carers to risk burning themselves out while providing care. 1,655 more words

Mental Health

My Heart And Other Black Holes by Jasmine Warga (A Rousing Tale of Teen Suicide)

A while ago, amidst examination revision I delved into the world of young adult suicide and self-harm novels. I can’t be the only one who thinks the timing of this was not coincidental. 557 more words

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Anxiety sneaked into my suitcase...

Anxiety sneaked into my suitcase and came on holiday with me. It’s hardly surprising but it is still frustrating. In anticipation of increased anxiety, I got a prescription for diazepam from my GP but I’m reluctant to take diazepam. 1,353 more words

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