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The change in feeings

4th September 2015: Sydney, Australia

I just reviewed my entry from yesterday, finding little to currently resonate with in my current state of mind. It makes me think how strange it is to witness my feelings fluctuate from one day to the next. 126 more words



Been shredding many as of late

Not as I ever (readwhat) (Iwrite)

My therapist suggsted; unpacking

Parting with my copy, the reply

The silence is tucked; feels weightless… 30 more words


A Critical Spirit

Don’t date someone who is critical, or be around people who are critical. It’s not good for you. It really messes you up as a person. 609 more words


Progress Update - as of November 29, 2015

Height: 5’7″
Current Weight: 301.2 lbs
Loss: 7.0 lbs
Current BMI: 47.2
Loss: 1.1

So, we’re down again! However, this wasn’t really my doing. I got very, very sick this week (tonsillitis!) and I didn’t eat anything but chicken noodle soup for almost 5 days. 425 more words

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Hitting the Panic Button


I remember the very first time I had a panic attack, and I remember the “help” that came with it.

I was 16 years old, getting ready for an end of the year production. 840 more words

Mental Health

Why don't you love me?

It’s a state of schizophrenia,
Two parrells in one.
Delusion, fear, insanity,
What have I become?

The walls are hyperthetical,
But It feels like they exist. 234 more words


Sylvie the Second by Kaeli Baker.

Sylvie the Second by Kaeli Baker. Pub. Makaroa Press Eastbourne NZ. 2015.

This novel for teenagers, particularly reluctant girl readers, is honest, inspiring and positive in spite of the very serious issues it deals with. 187 more words

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