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Mental health in the U.S. requires structural change, not individual action. (CW: mention of suicide)

In the wake of last week’s news of the deaths of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain — who died, back-to-back, by suicide — we are left to grapple yet again with mental health in America and what it means about all of us when even seemingly hyper-successful people struggle to stay afloat and stay alive. 801 more words


A to Z of Mental Health - Book Review

Book: A to Z of Mental health

Author: Arjun Gupta

Reviewed By: Manas Mukul

Publisher: Self – published

Price: Free (As of now)

Pages: 60 (pdf) 597 more words


an open, honest letter for everyone struggling with thoughts of suicide from one here struggling right alongside you.

I’m about to say some things in this open letter that may upset a lot of people. I’m willing to take that risk only because I know in my heart of hearts that what I’m going to say is actually more likely to help and to heal far more people in the long run and honestly catching shade and hateful words from a large group of people who may be angered is worth it to me even if just one person finds the healing that they need. 3,287 more words


This Time 3 Years Ago | Day 6: 22/06/2015

Day 6 – 22/06/2015

“Got to go for a swim in the lake today, my excuse was to try out the GoPro”
For some reason, reading this entry really annoys me. 268 more words

When things don’t go as planned...

So filling the 8 spaces on my upcoming workshop hasn’t been as easy as I’d expected. 

I’d thought that friends and family would take up a few slots after hearing me talk about how helpful… 967 more words


Let's talk about counselling

At some point in everyone’s life there comes a time when you need someone to pour your heart out to. Someone who will listen to what you think is ‘silly’ and not bat an eyelid, hand you copious amounts of tissues and give you some perspective when you need it the most. 993 more words

FBI flags early warning signs for potential mass shooters

Most active shooters don’t just “snap” and shoot up a school because they’re mentally ill, according to a new FBI report.

Instead, future active shooters exhibit a variety of concerning pre-attack behaviours that friends and loved ones can identify days, weeks or even months before the behaviour results in tragedy. 818 more words