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Tidy Life Tidy Mind

Anyone that knows me knows that I am organised to the point of obsessed. I love diaries, lists and a clutter free space. This was unavoidable growing up in a house with my parents, who hate “stuff”, and even put the toaster away in the cupboard. 566 more words


When things are good they're good

But when they’re bad they’re really bad. When you feel your best isn’t enough and things are rapidly crumbling around you. And are powerless to make it stop.


Deciding to stay quiet

I’ve made a decision to talk a lot less about my depression. I’m going to avoid talking about it with my friends.

I thought it might be a good idea to be more open about it. 92 more words



When you see the word it scares you. But what does it do to the people who had it happen to them? A lot of times people think this is something that only happens with girls, but no it happens to boys and men.  156 more words


Don't worry about me - the unconditional love of a parent or carer

Don’t worry about me baby.  Let’s brush your teeth. Let’s get you dressed.  I will throw something on later.  What do you want to wear today?   888 more words

Family Life

"I picked up a pen. I wrote my own deliverance.": Hamilton, and aspiring to write oneself out of trauma.

It has been a while since I updated this blog for several reasons. Life has been tumultuous, and until perhaps a month ago, relatively good. It’s taken a nosedive, and I have committed to reflecting on it. 1,902 more words


A New Partner

Sam here. We went to the hospital and hospice this week and were joined by someone who was able to came along on visits with us. 724 more words