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Don't believe the lies you tell yourself

Mental health. A hot topic now. Personally, the importance of mental health has not waned since 18. It was then that i started realizing my own struggles with mental health, depression in particular. 837 more words

Me Untapped

Other people's judgment

Okay… I’ll be talking about something personal today… I just don’t want to confront the people involved nor make other people involved with my personal problems. 741 more words


20 Journal Prompts for Eating Disorder Recovery

Journaling is a powerful type of therapy that allows us to reflect on our experiences and emotions with more clarity. By journaling, we can gain insight into our ways of thinking and begin to look at our situation in new ways. 383 more words

Eating Disorder Recovery

No complaints

My life is great today. Really great. No comparison to where I used to be. No comparison to life in rehab. Jail. Homeless. Hospitals. On life support. 499 more words

How I Accepted My Mental Illness


Hey guys, sorry to be MIA. I guess I needed a break. I’ve been writing consistently for the last 3.5 months. 

Today I wanted to tackle a topic that is pretty important for everyone living with a mental illness to understand: the importance of accepting your condition. 671 more words

Mental Health

hustling or running? and asking for help.

On March 12th of 2019-

I was not taking care of myself. I was burnt out. I had extremely poor boundaries with myself and others. People who were looking in, thought I was doing great, that was the half truth. 912 more words

Social Security Letter

If I were to receive a letter from Social Security today, I was going to have my psychiatric nurse practitioner or somebody else from the mental health clinic open it for me, because I was anxious as to what it might read. 439 more words