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The Weight of the Void

I hit rock bottom today. I cranked up the volume and almost broke the keys on my keyboard. I was afraid the neighbors were going to complain about the noise. 539 more words


Food for Thought

That’s allūüí™ūüôŹ.

Goodnight Bloggers.


Mental Health

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This is a short poem based on the word suggestion “repentance” from fellow WordPress blogger smilecalm. ¬†Thanks for participating and I hope you enjoy the composition! 22 more words


You Got Me

This is an awesome version of the song “You Got Me” I have added both live versions of Jill Scott and Erykah Badu. Both amazing artists. 32 more words


Dermatillomania is excessive picking of the skin which is usually out of the persons control who does it. Up until today I never realised how many people suffer from dermatillomania, I thought I was just alone. 534 more words

Mental Health


Ever since¬†I was a wee baby¬†I’ve had¬†this baby pink stuffed teddy bear. He was given to me by my brother and sister. I loved this bear so much that as a baby I’d teeth and drool¬†on its black plastic eyes and pink plastic snoot. 918 more words



Most days, 99% of the time, I’m grateful.¬† Consciously grateful.¬† Actively¬†grateful.¬† I’ve learned to just be, and¬†think of something I’m grateful for and to acknowledge it.¬† 430 more words