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Shortly after I posted yesterdays entry, I received a call back from the health insurance guy. I may have an issue with the friend who put me in contact with this person, but I cannot deny that she did me a huge kindness (without even knowing it). 655 more words


Facebook monsters are especially heinous when they consist of Narcissists who are actually leadingย Facebook Groups meant for the victims of Sociopaths and/or Narcissists.

This awful situation is often experienced by the most vulnerable and impressionable because it is these particular targets who usually are already groomed by former Narcissists.

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losing self

I’m not sure why but this year has felt almost out of body. The semester is almost over, which is crazy to me because I feel as though I missed half of it. 226 more words


On making your voice heard...

“When they come for you
Who will there be to speak
And when they come for you
Who will there be left to speak for you?“
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There's bitches everywhere, including Rio

I pretend that I am the offender enough to forgive
because Seneca once said, in other words than mine
that anger makes a slave.
It’s best I put myself in the shoes of the wrong so I can see… 129 more words


I need you to love me.

Depression comes in many shapes and sizes. Some people pull away and isolate themselves. This has been my battle long enough to know that is the most dangerous place I could be. 448 more words

The time is NOW!



Every year I hear or read about people wanting to stop something or change a bad habit because its a new year.
Why does it have to be a new years resolution? 1,090 more words