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"Unused Suicide Note" - A Look Back on The Night I Almost Took My Life

Trigger warning: this post discusses suicide.

“Unused Suicide Note”

By Morgan Stabile


Pitch black to any outsider, but I, the sole permanent resident, know where everything is. 1,384 more words

We Must Be Broken

Self-Destructive Behavior

Eight days ago I arrived in New York after a long road trip from California to start my new job and to live with my husband (hence why I haven’t posted in nearly 20 days). 483 more words

Mental Health

Mental Health Reform Act of 2016

Currently introduced to the Senate. We have to support this bill so we can change the way we do mental health in America. Here are some facts below showing what the Act is attempting to address. 9 more words

Social Work


Does a person diagnosed with a mental condition (depression, ADHD, OCD) always have this condition? Can it be cured or only treated?

I discussed this a few days ago with a mental health therapist. 657 more words


How and Why Hillsides Is Expanding our Community-Based Mental Health Services

May is Mental Health Month. While there are still a few days left in the month, I want to share with you some new developments at Hillsides that directly affect our outreach to the community for those coping with mental health issues. 517 more words

Los Angeles

Burned to Ashes

I mentioned in an earlier post I was going to burn the letter my therapist had me write to my uncle (he’s dead now) who sexually abused me when I was a kid. 312 more words

Messy Mind

I have a messy mind. I frequently leap from one thought to the next without finishing the previous. I know that sometimes that translates onto my blog; I’m sorry if it gets confusing. 465 more words

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