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Mental Anchors

I was diagnosed with ADHD, recurring Depressive Disorder, and severe Social Anxiety Disorder. And was given a list of drugs to research and consider: Paxil, Zoloft and Prozac. 264 more words



We’re all born blank, but as we spin
a lens creeps brinkwards, sharpening
our lives on us
bit by bit.

We yearn to fill with simple light, 534 more words


Dear you,

When we meet, I’m sure all creation will sigh with relief! “Finally,” I’m certain they’ll say. For how long have I wandered this earth, longing to find someone to walk at my side. 1,581 more words


What was

Sometimes I’m hesitant to express my feelings, my thoughts because I feel they are so off the wall that they won’t find a home once I express them. 24 more words