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Heavy Lifting

We joke and tweet about how hard #adulting is.  Keeping laundry detergent and toilet paper in stock.  Buying groceries.  Cooking vegetables.  Dental hygiene.  Getting up on time (every day) for work.   985 more words


13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why the book and show of the same name is full of shit, from a mentally ill person

  1. When I was going to kill myself I did not have the energy to write myself into the follicles of explaining why I was no longer, never mind record 13 tapes for the people who buried me…
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Poem of Convenience

The Convenience
by Unknown

Shhhh do you hear the noise? Sitting there in your big chair, can you hear the noise?

The noise of a tear drop from my cheek. 614 more words

Mental Health

Tip #69: Block That Newsfeed

Tip #69: Block your Facebook newsfeed.

The why: One of the greatest sources of anxiety can come not from ourselves, but from our comparison to other people. 243 more words