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A strange feeling ...

Since my last blog post and everyone’s amazing positivity and support something strange has happened. I have felt an overwhelming lightness and happiness that I’ve never really felt before. 158 more words


What's it like to live with a stoma?

I have not been sleeping very well, having nightmares and generally blurggghhh. Woke up early and realised I had a small leak, but big enough to piss me off. 481 more words

#stoma #ibd #ileostomy #colostomy

Nearly there!

I only have two exams left! However, I’ve spent the last two days eating tons of junk food and generally being a massive slob… not great for self image. 82 more words


Pupdate: Picking A Puppy/Showcasing My Utter Indecisiveness 

I am the worlds worst decision maker. Or at least, I’m up there. In the top twenty, for sure. I basically need a flow chart to decide what socks to wear in the morning. 612 more words

It Never Really Leaves You!

Who has had an embarrassing moment that years later it still gets brought up? Who has done something wrong that your mistake haunts you? Who has been so scared that it still wakes you up in the middle of the night? 571 more words

Mental Health


when sorrow draws me
to the misty pane

I watch in loyal vigil
as you slip away again

behind the soothing veil
of the somber summer rain… 8 more words


DID System Members, and Panic Attacks

Edit: this was supposed to be posted sometime this past week, but it never was. I guess that week was a down week, but this week should be a bit better! 652 more words

Dissociative Identity Disorder