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oh darling, i see all of you {Rebelle Society}

Oh darling, do you think I do not see? Do you think I do not see your hand quivering as you raise it to your mouth to stop the deafening sound from escaping? 543 more words

Here & Now

Rough time

I haven’t been feeling up to par this past 2 weeks so my postings have taken the back seat. All my energy has been pooled into just getting through the day with some shred of self respect and not having an outburst that I will regret later. 226 more words

The Mental Checklist of Mistakes: Parenting With Anxiety

Parenting with anxiety means you’re never quite parenting alone. Nope, there’s always that thread or undercurrent of fear or worry that accompanies us anxious folks that we try to battle or subdue in order to parent without fear. 191 more words


Forever Friends

Last night I made dinner for a friend and her family. My friend’s husband was in a mountain biking accident and suffered brain damage. His broken bones and flesh wounds are healing. 457 more words


I always thought scruples was a funny word. Kind of on the level of supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Okay, so maybe not that funny, but it still sounded kind of funky. 482 more words

Mental Health


I could verse a few lines

But I won’t

Enjoy the palmistry instead

MEDS COCKTAIL PARTY SEPTEMBER 10th World Suicide Prevention Day

I’m hosting a party here at my spanglish familia on

Thursday, September 10th, 2015

WHAT IS IT?  It’s a blog event to promote awareness of suicide prevention, to mingle and meet others, promote your blog, get out of your comfort zone or isolation and get your message out there. 282 more words
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