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4 Things I Do To De-Stress

Life can get too much at times. Emotions running high, bad days, feeling unwell, problems at home or within relationships are all enough to cause us unwanted stress at times. 488 more words


Mental Health Awareness Week 16th to 22nd May 2016 – Encouragement from My Heart to Yours

Mental Health Awareness week is 16th to 22nd May 2016 and I wanted to write a post about mental health that would encourage someone who maybe experiencing mental health challenges, especially in the church setting. 538 more words


Happy Birthday

The room was dark despite it being well after sunrise on the morning of my 14th birthday. My cousin, with whom I share that date of birth, and I had a sleepover in her family’s rec room in the basement the night before and as such we woke to the sound of her Mom, my Aunt Michelle, singing ‘Happy Birthday’ as she walked down the creaky wooden stairs late that morning. 2,240 more words


Baby Vomit and Why it’s so Different to Regular Vomit

If I am being completely honest, I never, ever thought I’d be a mum. My vomit phobia has dictated my life pretty much from the age of three or so. 608 more words


5th May

I’ve been thinking about what it feels like to be loved, mainly because I’m not sure that I know what it feels like, or have forgotten. 666 more words

Wellbeing 2: mental wellbeing

After yesterday’s look at physical activity, today we focus on another important aspect of our wellbeing…

Better mental health helps people feel more confident, energetic and able to take part in other activities. 529 more words


An Errant Hockey Stick Ruined My Life?

So … the problems I’m currently having stem from things I’ve been doing, and ways I’ve been treating people that started a few years ago.  Personality changes.   147 more words