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I'm going to fucking make it better

On Thursday I had another appointment with my psychiatrist, it is almost a biweekly event.

I’ve been alright, I guess. Not good. But not always anxious and not to many suicidal thoughts. 195 more words


Anger and Stories

This image lives on my desktop. It’s not my background, but it lives as an icon, a thumbnail reminder to myself.

And yet, I rarely obey it. 359 more words


Finally, for the first time in my life I feel in control. I feel that I have shit organised, things are going my way. This may not seem a big deal to many, but for me this is huge. 425 more words

Mental Health breaks for kids

“We all need mental health days on occasion. Teaching kids when to recognize when they truly need a break and giving them permission to take it is a gift that they will cherish well into adulthood.” 11 more words

What's Really Been Going On

I’ve not been entirely honest with you.

Though I’ve never outright lied, so much about the truth of what’s been happening and how I’ve felt about it I’ve not told you, simply because it’s either too confusing or I can’t deal with it. 2,339 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Shine in the Darkness

You never know what darkness the people you come in contact with are facing. Your smile and kind words may be the only positivity they will receive today. 119 more words


When Your Brain Tells You Lies...

…it’s hard not to believe them. When your brain is always telling you that you’re fat, ugly, stupid, et cetera, it becomes so much of a pattern that it’s hard to believe otherwise. 580 more words