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The best advice for uncertain times

The Trumpocalypse is officially here.

I was astonished how many people refused to watch the inauguration. I’m not sure if they believed by watching they were endorsing what was happening before their eyes, or if it just sickened them too much to witness the carnage. 354 more words

Mental Health

4 Things To Help You Sleep Better

In my last post, I wrote about how important sleep is to overall well being. We all know that’s essentially a no-brainer. But for many of us, sleep is our nemesis. 606 more words


Kassie's Strength (Poem)

Acorn babe says

maybe this is the afterlife,

because she’s awakened

to the Earth; she knows

she’s always been an oak.

Here Kassie babe reigns… 44 more words


“You’re faking it.”

“You don’t have anything wrong with you.”

“You’re almost at the top healthy BMI, you’re fine.”

“Other people have it so much worse than you.” 345 more words


Negative #coping skills to avoid during #depression 

Here’s a list of coping strategies that will cost you in the long run. These do more harm than good in most cases and can make life more stressful. 116 more words

Mental Health

Day 22: Sunday January 22, 2017

I’m getting sick, again. I can feel it. I’m getting that icky, muscle ache feeling all over. That means time to drink tons of water and tea. 259 more words


Wide awake

I can pinpoint the moment when I woke up from a long, fitful sleep.

As someone who endures anxiety and depression, I deliberately wrapped myself in a news-free cocoon since fall of 2015. 513 more words