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Wrong frame of mind.

There are so many mornings when I wake up and I think, I am absolute failure, I am not an expert at anything, I am so inadequate, I am so terrible, I am so ugly, I am such a loser, I am such a coward… I can’t do anything. 19 more words


Chalkboard Arrow Art

The rains have come and gone from Southern California. I know I should feel thankful for their coming, rejoice in the brief respite from the deep thirst this land possesses, but to be honest, I can’t help but hate the rain. 455 more words


It's been a while...

I haven’t written a thing in a while.  At least a week.  I think I was avoiding it, because I was trying not to face the reality of why I created this blog.   1,229 more words


Mentally ill or just diagnosed?

Scientific American just published a fascinating excerpt from Andrew Scully’s new book on the social history of mental illness. Here are a few points to ponder. 384 more words

Mental Illness

Not Anymore

I’m twenty-freakin-years-old and I still cry myself to sleep. Last night, though, I had no one to comfort me and it made me realize that in a few years I’ll be living alone so that’s a feeling I must get used to. 295 more words

Anxiety Disorder

If There Were a Prize for Most Likely to Obsess Over Nothing, I Would Totally Win

Next week I am going to a week-long meditation retreat on self-compassion in California, and I am freaking out about it. I didn’t realize the meditation part would be such a prominent component of the training until after I signed up. 516 more words

Mental Health

MENTAL HEALTH - Shared Psychosis

Shared Psychosis is sometimes also referred to as Folie a Deux, which is interpreted as a madness shared by two.

In reality, shared psychosis doesn’t just occur between two individuals…..it can happen between multiple individuals.   941 more words