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I want to be fully honest about all my feelings. Sometimes I wish he would call or text, say he was sorry he was a dick. 554 more words

Personal Diary

the revised Rosetta

The psychiatrist is Dr Slim, turning pages slowly in a folder open on his lap. The woman, sitting across from him in restraints, is Rosetta. Medium in stature, her body is densely draped in narrow streams of blue braiding Code, tattooed in crisp nine point Andalé Mono font, from the top of her shaven head, covering her face, and flowing downward to where the code disappears past the neckline of her hospital gown, appearing again on her arms where they emerge from short sleeves, cascading to her fingertips. 2,472 more words

Anxious to Hit the Pavement

With a week away before picture day I have been anxious again about results. I feel like I’m bulking up my legs more than what I had hoped and yet I feel like I haven’t toned my abs or arms as much as I would’ve liked. 171 more words


Fair warning this is a deep blog post that does not have pictures but has a really deep message that I really wanted to get across. 1,120 more words


A Sunny & Frigid Day In Seattle

Good Evening, World!!! Today has been one of those relaxing days that have had some rough moments. Junior and I hung out with my two uncles and grandpa today as it was the first time the family got together since my grandmas death. 181 more words

If I am anyone else but myself for you, then who the hell am I?

“He can’t value you more than you value yourself.” – Toni Morrison

There was a woman I once knew who defined how she saw herself, by how her significant other saw her. 726 more words

Black Women And Relationships

Another lonely night

I’m here at home drinking gin and juice. I know we are not suppose to mix alcohol with our meds but I do sometimes. My boyfriend went to stay with his mother and I welcome the break. 43 more words