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my one year out of hospital. - 22 september 2014-2015

“The hardest part about recovery is that you have to keep choosing it, even on the bad days.”


As I sit on my bed, thinking about the year that’s been, I’m reminded of this quote I found on tumblr a couple of months ago. 675 more words


Should those with Mental Health Conditions wear coloured wristbands?

I realise I am somewhat late to the party with my opinion on this. But it really annoyed me and I feel a need to share why.  225 more words

Experiences With Mental Health

She’d Become Suicidal from Her Miscarriage, and Her Husband’s Side of the Family Lacked Understanding

A Q&A, translated…

Q: Getting Pregnant Again, But Her Mother-in-Law Seemed Displeased at Having a Grandchild

A few months ago, Ms. S attempted suicide because she blamed herself for being too careless, for having a miscarriage, her husband became very misunderstanding of her behaviors.   511 more words


The Senior Prenuptial Agreement

An elderly couple reaching their 70s are about to get married, but before they say their vows, the woman wanted to talk.
She said: “I want to keep my house. 40 more words

3 Best Mental Wellness Apps

Happy Sunday folks! Hope you are enjoying yourself wherever you are! Today I thought to share with you some of the apps I think are wonderful tools in staying well, as well as pick me ups when days aren’t so great. 565 more words

Mental Health

OCD and Parental Anxiety

When asked if obsessive-compulsive disorder or anxiety disorders are caused by genetic or environmental factors, the standard answer has always been, “A combination of both.” 393 more words

Mental Health

Psychotherapising 7 and The Time I Called Some Austrian Police "Nazi Pig Fuckers"

This week my therapist will go by: Wan Kin

Previously on, The Psychotherapising of Alexander:

  • I don’t really care about anything and not because I think it makes me interesting.
  • 2,308 more words
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