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I headed back to the university on Friday. The same lecture I’d walked out of. To say I was terrified was putting it mildly. I knew I’d be getting the looks, the whispers. 521 more words

I Love My New Doctor!

This week I had to establish primary care with a new doctor. My doctor moved last year and I’ve been trying to replace her since. I had a false start with one doctor who messed up my insurance paperwork by reporting that I was obese as a diagnosis (I fully admit I’m overweight, but I blame most of it on my birth control) when I’d only gone in to establish primary care. 465 more words


10 Of The Most Bizarre Quack Doctor Cures In History

This includes Royal Touch, Ghost Doctor,Grape Cancer Cure,Colour puncture,  and royal riffs. Read to see more.

There are different kinds of quack doctors. Some are just out to make a quick buck and prey on the sick, while others really, truly believe that they’ve found the next miracle cure or that they’re going to heal all the ills that plague mankind. 2,713 more words

Faceless and bound by my ties

I was doing so well today, I really was.  But then my moods took over.

I feel faceless, unimportant, and like what I care about doesn’t matter.  29 more words

Mental Health

Friday Five: The Swimming Edition

1) I used to swim and I loved to swim and I swam a lot. A mile per session. But then I got tired of smelling like chlorine and I stopped swimming and focused on running. 245 more words

Bride to Be

Impossible making me a bride to be.
There’s another side to me.

Sweet, sincere, of course.
But there’s a side with no emotion.
no remorse. 49 more words

Mental Health

Muddy Waters

Fighting with a flood.
addicted to a drug.
Fire running through my blood,
I got it from the mud.
Hurting from the lies, 28 more words

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