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The smell of hay and sweat mingled in the still air surrounding us. I sat uncomfortably, pushing my crossed legs against the door of the convertible. 774 more words

Mental Health


Sometimes, if I am having a particularly warm conversation with someone and that person starts to wind down, I feel a sense of panic and dread — because tomorrow is going to be a different day, and I might be in a different mindset, and I can never be totally sure whether I will be able to “get there” by the time we reconnect. 118 more words


New, Short, Self-Explanatory Version of the Traditional Ten

Since our society seems to have rejected rules of behavior, I’d like to pass on some guidelines:
1. If you don’t want the one or ones you love doing it, DON”T DO IT!                                               251 more words


Blessing but you just don't know it!

As I lay in my bed under almost 5 blankets. I noice that it’s 12:46pm and I look back on my day. Truly the day started off with me not wanting to get out of bed, so it’s 8:34 and I have to be out the door by 9:20. 191 more words

Mental Health

Kudos to Mr. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for uncovering the truth about vaccinations... including the flu vaccine

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and his team recently launched The World Mercury Project, whose mission is to raise public awareness of the sources and dangers of mercury, help treat those who have been personally affected by mercury exposure, and push for safe and responsible removal of mercury in all consumer projects and industrial processes.

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Family dynamics

From a young age, I noticed slight differences in the way I was treated compared to others that are in my family. I believed that it was because I was middle daughter. 455 more words