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October 19, 2017

The argument I am making in my paper is, “Dietary changes can influence mood because food cravings rise in order to satisfy emotional needs.”. It doesn’t compare with my thesis, because they are both the same. 74 more words

Something on my mind.

So I’ve had something on my mind all day, just a random thought process but I am hoping that in writing this, I can shift it from my brain. 541 more words


5 simple things you should do to turn a low day into a productive one.

  • MAKE YOUR BED- I can’t stress enough how much this helps. From one messed up mind to another, making your bed is the easiest, most productive thing you can do.
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The Blessing of Mental Illness

We can think of the untranscended mind as a jail cell that we mistake for the entire world. When we see reality (i.e. “wake up”), it results in the equivalent of departing from this cell and into the wide open world. 1,568 more words

Mental Health


I’m in my disassociative state of mind right now. I hit myself, I don’t recognize myself most times when I engage in the behaviors of this mindset. 182 more words

Mental Health


Mirrors. I’ve hated looking in the mirror for years, by years I mean thirty at the least. If it adds perspective on that point: I’m 40. 390 more words