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Medication in Mental Health

As some of you may be aware, I suffer from mental illness. I will refrain from specifying which clinical diagnosis I have been given to help me preserve a medium of my own privacy. 353 more words


Peer Support

Hello all,

I had a great meeting at the state hospital and the meeting was dedicated to the friends and family of those who are patients in the hospital. 276 more words



Why can’t a psychiatrist at a State Hospital admit they misdiagnosed my peer? It is o.k. to be wrong but to refuse to admit that your wrong because of your ego is selfish and unprofessional. 145 more words


The War.

As I walked into my Admin Manager’s office on the 30th of March, 2015, I met a guy sitting at her desk. He happened to be a psychologist. 477 more words

Have Mercy.

It’s been a while, all. I have recently moved to the state of Colorado and am working in the mental health field, and being apart of the peer support movement. 183 more words


Why Obama Care Rates Are Rising; Or, Why Aetna Can Take Their Damn Ball and Go Home!

We the people of the Untied States (meaning our government, which is us…) need to be more careful whom we let onto our playground.

Aetna, a for-profit insurance company that participates in covering Americans under Obamacare, is crying and whining that they are losing money covering previously uninsured Americans, who signed up for the low-cost insurance programs. 938 more words


11 Tips for Raising a Child with Mental Illness

Raising a child with mental illness can be one of the most difficult tasks-period. I think most parents have the best intentions, but often use traditional strategies that simply do not work with kids with mental illness. 1,230 more words