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Full Circle

Every so often, life makes you painfully aware of how far you have come. Life chose to do this as I drove up to a new location to meet my therapist during one of the lowest weeks I’ve had with depression to date. 316 more words

Mental Health


Mandy is currently 25 years old and works as an assistant manager in one of the insurance companies. Since she was a teenager while in secondary school, Mandy had suffered mood swings. 764 more words


Elijah Was Depressed

I would like to give hope to people that recovery is possible, even probable, if people receive appropriate treatment and support.  Because of this, I want to share information that will help promote a person’s recovery as well as help friends and family know how to support someone with a mental health challenge. 739 more words

Documentaries that make you go hmmm: Mommy Dead & Dearest...

If you love murder mystery documentaries as much as I do then I have a treat for you!

HBO Documentaries are always gritty, crazy, graphic, and uncensored. 311 more words


The Public and Counter-publics of Psychiatry

Hello doctor. You are who I will be writing these letters to. You are a combination of every doctor I have ever had and you will be the address to these letters. 753 more words


A youthful life lost, within the blink of an eye.

Kola was a promising young lad who had just gained admission into the university to study economics. 528 more words

Clinical Depression is not “being sad”: A transitional introduction


“You just need to buck up.”

“Get over it.”

“Quit whining.”

“Move on.”

“Be happy.”

You’ve heard at least one of these clichés in your life during times of strife and discourse. 715 more words