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Moncton Hospital's rooftop garden to help those with mental health problems

A new rooftop garden at the Moncton Hospital is set to help those who are being treated for mental health issues.

Patients who’ve been admitted to the Provincial Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Unit, Youth Wellness Unit or Adult Psychiatry Unit will be able to use the green space. 192 more words


Sometimes you just need to feel something

Look at the name of the picture; “Self Harm Alternatives”. Until this year, I didn’t think of what I was doing as self harm. I knew it was a coping mechanism, but I wasn’t cutting, or leaving scars, so I didn’t think it was self harming. 227 more words

What they don't tell you about having cancer.

Regardless of what disease you’ve just been diagnosed with, you’ve probably been given a metric fuckton of information about it. You’ve probably been scheduled to see multiple providers without regard to your actual time constraints. 844 more words

The Feels

The future

It’s so hard to think about the future when you are stuck feeling like the present is just too much to handle. When you are tired and unmotivated and can’t seem to pick your head up and look forward. 339 more words

Mental Health

Stop Romanticizing Mental Illness!

I can’t log into any social media anymore without seeing it all over. Black and white photos with poetic lyrics displayed on them having over a million hearts, likes or retweets. 298 more words

It Takes Courage to have Balance

I have been thinking a lot about balance lately.  Being diagnosed with Bi-Polar almost 2 years ago now, has definitely been a learning and growing process.   730 more words


Full Circle

Every so often, life makes you painfully aware of how far you have come. Life chose to do this as I drove up to a new location to meet my therapist during one of the lowest weeks I’ve had with depression to date. 316 more words

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