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This Shit Crazy!

First thing first I Feel Great! No I did not wake up like this, I woke up to a fucking anxiety attack but I’m good now. 434 more words

Mental Hustle Podcast

I'm hitting up a good space!

So, because I tend to discuss my disease on my blog a lot I can imagine a lot of people think that I am ruled by my depression and my anxiety. 907 more words

Why Does Donald Trump Actually Want to be the President?

No one in their right mind believes that Donald Trump is seeking the presidency to serve the American people. His business practices have proven that he doesn’t have even a small concern for anyone with the exception of Donald Trump. 502 more words

Missed M3 again

I missed M3 for the 2nd time of the 2 weeks. M2 is almost finishing. I don’t know if I am suppose to still take M2 but since I have it, then why not right? 139 more words


Psychiatrist T

3 more days to face Psychiatrist T. ):

I was the one who made the appointment. I was the one who decided to take M. So why am I struggling? 384 more words



I want to write but struggling to find the words to express myself. If only I knew how to write using numbers instead of words I may be better off. 

They Flew Over, But Now What?

The results from the 2013 National Survey on Drug Use and Health found that an estimated 48.3 million adults, or 18.5 percent of the population at the time, suffered from mental illness (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration 10).  2,893 more words