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A little bit of an intro

I am no poster child for mental illness. My struggle is not worse than yours. This is not a competition of “who has it worse” or who is a more badass mom. 662 more words


Experiencing Depression

One of my favorite Vloggers, Laci Green, did a pretty personal vlog on her channel, Sex+, about her own experience with depression. It’s worth a watch: 528 more words


Singled Out For Nothing

Figuring the scales brightly

Trimming the leaves of the crown

Sticking up for a stranger

Being true to yourself

The passwords all being lost

Needling the present for demons… 110 more words

The Heart of Schizophrenia

Is my heart a muscle that is tucked neatly behind flesh and bone, or is it the space within in me growing larger than the skin that once incased it, reaching out towards the world with each new experience of love? 565 more words

Mental Health

It's sarting... Tomorrow!!!

I called UT health today to make sure they got all my lab work. They did and I’m good to go! My first ECT will be tomorrow morning! 138 more words

One is a lonely number

When I run into a friend that has decided they are not going to date again and have swore to a life of being single, I wonder what happened to make them give up on love. 288 more words

Finding the Child Lost Within: Helping Children and Teens with Mental Illness

*I wrote this for a class assignment and the lengthy reference list was to meet the reference requirements.

Many of us feel at a loss when we see a child or teen suffering with mental illness. 1,601 more words