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The river flows day and night, altering its course to avoid obstacles that come into the chosen path. Wandering in and out with no direction, no course laid towards a future. 148 more words


The future of me...

Dare I look, must I see
What likely will become of me
I saw your trials, your tribulations
I heard your gloomy declarations
You stagnate, you fester, you weep, you pester… 22 more words


A Wish

The stars shine bright tonight, hiding behind the coming morning’s light. As dawn approaches, shadows smudge and the songs of life fill the air above. The star I wished upon this night, disappears before my eyes. 271 more words


Rocking the Boat

I know that I usually create stories to describe my ideas and emotions, but I feel that this topic needs a different form of dialogue. There is often a deafening silence when we try to talk about government or politics. 562 more words


Friendships Always Matter

Whether one is suffering from depression or not, friendships — true friendships —  always matter and are a source of support, whether they know about one’s mental illness or not. 244 more words

Christian Articles

*Blog Share* Running Naked with Scissors #19

When this blog appeared I immediately loved the name,she blogs about her life with bipolar and the ups and downs of it all. https://runningnakedwithscissors.com/about-2/about/

Thanks to… 6 more words


A Fence

What fence surrounds your life?

Is it iron bars?

Is it wooden planks?

Is it chicken wire?

My fence is made up of illusions. Depression and anxiety hold me hostage within the compound. 287 more words