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Finding Happiness in 2020

Even though I don’t socialize much in person anymore, I try my best to stay connected to family and friends. Talked with my parents over FaceTime this morning. 466 more words

Mental Illness

Avoiding Social Interactions

Been pretty stable lately. I imagine much of this is due to avoiding news sites and negative people. I’ve also all but abandoned social media. I have only a handful of people I even try to contact on facebook. 151 more words

Mental Illness

If Mental Illness Were A Monster

If mental illness were a monster, it would be like constantly doing pranks at you at any given time of the day. For example, someone calls you unexpectedly or shocks you when you think there’s no problem at that moment. 556 more words

Mental Health

Labor Day Weekend

With the Labor Day weekend upon us, the seasons will be changing again soon. Got a ballgame on in the background. First football game I’ve seen live since the start of the pandemic. 128 more words

Mental Illness

It's Early in the Morning

It’s early in a beautiful, late summer morning. The breeze is light and warm. I have two short-form pieces that I’m working on and I could publish either one. 274 more words


A Flaw in the Glass

I’m a scratch on the lens.

While the rest of the world matures on the screen, grows better and prouder and up with the years… 29 more words


Can I get an eraser, please?

Have you ever used a gum eraser? They can lift almost any unwanted stroke from a piece of paper without leaving a mark. It’s why I love them so much. 770 more words

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