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Hi, I'm kimmykeepreal: Let's Start Fresh

We’re in the year of 2018, so it’s time for a fresh introduction. Not so much a brand new beginning- a rebirth, if you will. 437 more words

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Silence vs. Hearing Voices

Even before my first episode of hearing voices, I had a very noisy mind.

When I was in my twenties, before my diagnosis of schizophrenia, I frequently laid awake at night and went over a situation or conversation I had had during that day. 500 more words

Mental Illness

Homebound in Winter

Been several days since I have been out of my neighborhood.  We’ve had a lot of snow and cold weather.  It has been a colder than usual January for sure.   305 more words

Life With A Mental Illnes

Widespread Trauma and Radical Kindness

I know so many women who have had breast cancer. One of my best friends had it, and two close friends have gone through double mastectomies. 588 more words

Mental Illness

Finger Spots

1/10/2018     10:44pm

I wanted to share my latest coping skill – memory on my fingers. Ever since my drawing Spots of Self-Compassion I’ve been using my pink Sharpie to remind me to have self-compassion. 543 more words

Mental Illness

President Oprah? Lordy, no.

I usually love the Golden Globes because they are loosey goosey and involve celebrities and alcohol- always a fun mix.  This year’s weren’t as much fun because of the sexual harassment pall.  299 more words


Midnight Manic RANT

Dealing with bipolar is a challenge on everyday basis. Some days you can’t tell it’s there and then weeks when I go through a manic episode. 199 more words

Mental Illness