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The Murder-Suicide Pact

I have known since before my diagnosis; this illness was going to impact those close to me as much as it does me. In fact, it didn’t impact me much, I stayed in denial for a while, somewhere in the grey area between sad within the normal range and depressed, but then I doubt I saw things as they really were. 246 more words

Time for us to take a chance...

Hey guys :)

It’s here. We are published. I want to be able to donate a healthy sum of the profits to dementia uk and Alzheimers society, so that means you gotta buy it. 61 more words


A Case for Faith: Mental Illness and the Church

The idea that an overlap exists between faith and mental health—church and hospital, if you will—is not new. The most humane forms of treatment for mental illness began in the spiritual arena, not the medical. 704 more words

Control, PTSD, & Scarlett O'Hara

I’m back. It’s been a bit. I’m going to say that I was on vacation. A really, really long vacation. Here we go.

I live with PTSD. 936 more words

Who do you forgive, and what for?


You know You

 YOU know you are strong inside despite what mental illness has dealt you.

 YOU know you are doing the best that you can, with what life has handed you. 161 more words


Should I Tell My Boss About My Depression?

For nine years I struggled with depression, resulting in repeated hospitalizations, and scraping by on disability.  Life was bleak and meaningless, but long story short, I recovered enough to return to the workplace. 113 more words