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Destigmatizing Our Furry Friends Along with Their Human Companions

The stigma that surrounds mental illness takes a lot of different forms. One of those forms, unfortunately, is the stigma surrounding support animals.

Too often, an individual who might be battling anxiety disorders or PTSD will get a support animal but will have people give them skeptical looks when they take those animals into public places. 359 more words

Mental Illness

Day 318: The why.

With everything going on it’s been tough to write about just one topic. When I started 365 days, I started it with the intention of highlighting  844 more words


Healthy Ways to Cope With Depression

Earlier this week, I wrote about some healthy ways to cope with anxiety, and I dove into the relationship between coping strategies and what we’re mentally dealing with. 555 more words

Mental Health

There's some anger (part two)

(Priorities (part one))

My least favourite part of writing is when I sit down to the sleeping computer and I can see my reflection in it. 558 more words


What is Bipolar 1 Disorder?

Hi lovely readers,

I hope you are all staying healthy, safe, and sane. I’m so sorry for my absence, but not only was my laptop broken, but I also was barely functioning enough to get out of bed to eat or drink water, even. 1,588 more words

Giraffes and The Mystery of Happiness

Many years ago, I took my then-boyfriend to the zoo for his birthday. It wasn’t just the zoo though. It was Roar and Snore, an overnight behind-the-scenes zoo experience. 442 more words