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Catharsis - Little Poem # 42 

Crisis is my catharsis.

Chaos is my soul.

Breaking pieces of myself.

Attempting to feel whole.


I emotionally abused my boyfriend and I'll never forgive myself for it

I couldn’t tell you how it all started, but I can tell you how it ended – with my partner calling my mother in the early hours of the morning to tell her that he was afraid. 1,267 more words

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wondering on the empty dream

I wonder what it’s like to dream and wish on shooting stars, without imagining myself in a smaller body. It’s like small wrists, ribs showing, prominent hip bones will solve it all. 299 more words


Do You Have to Try Every Stupid Thing You Think Of? | Gates of Vienna

On 9/11/2001 people were left with only one solution in order to escape the burning Twin Towers: they had to jump to their deaths. Islam made them.

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Blahbitty blah, I have anxiety, blah.

Basically I just met a person (a very cool person) through a mutual friend (also a very cool person) and we all clicked and had a great 1.5 hour convo about all sorts of amazing and terrible stuff and I’m on a high from that, but then BOOM ANXIETY goes in my head, “Hey, Riah, guess what, you are lame! 252 more words

With Prose in Mind

If my mind were a poem, it would be one of those poems that changes every couple lines. It would be one of those confused poems that portray a certain indecision and melodrama, poems that display the constant battle between logic and emotion. 621 more words

Mental Health