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Self Portrait

Photo taken by contributor Mark, a portrait photographer from Durham, North Carolina, who lives with bipolar disorder.

About this photo: “Self portrait. This is one of those photos that I really don’t want to try to explain because I’m afraid that what it means to me may be interpreted differently by other people. 31 more words



Listen to my words when I speak to you. Inhale them and take in every bit of what I say. For there is meaning behind what I do, and do not say. 83 more words


I’ve had a couple setbacks in the past couple of days. Triggers. Lots of confusion and self-questioning.

I’m trying my best, and although at times it may not seem like enough (to me), I know I’m a work in progress, and it’s going to take time to get back to where I used to be. 17 more words

Hidden Kaype

My Dr decided to wean me off my antidepressant starting today. I have had such a crap day. I applied for unemployment & social security this morning. 131 more words

Mental Illness

Voicing my Concerns and the Surprising Outcome

I ended up having my session with the therapist yesterday after she moved her schedule around a little.  I wasn’t really annoyed by that – things happen, but I was incredibly nervous.   600 more words


Depression and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

As one who has struggled for years with psychiatric disorders of various kinds, I find the inner-workings of the human brain remarkably fascinating. Of particular interest to me is the notion that retraining one’s thought processes can potentially alleviate, if not cure, such maladies as depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder — two illnesses I’ve battled to varying extents. 67 more words