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Disability and Love

Recently I was talking with some women who have chronic health issues and though our health problems manifest differently, we all spoke of having similar insecurities around talking too often or too openly about our troubles. 2,085 more words



Do you want no hallucinations
or to be thin?
Because you can't have both.


Summer air... 

The summer air, brought this sort of electricity when it cameA buzzing in the atmosphere

She could feel that something big was going to happen… 122 more words

the ugly side of timed intercourse 

My opk is back to negative, BBT is unreliable since I only got 2 hours sleep, lady bits are sore from all the action they’ve seen since my CM went fertile. 380 more words

Mental Illness

Choosing One Verse is Hard - Liz Masoner

Writing about my favorite Bible verse isn’t hard from the standpoint of writing but choosing one single verse is hard. Every verse leads to another and then to another. 544 more words

Guest Writers

The Path of Grief

What helps you get through grief? Well, there is no one answer. I’ve had days of feeling a tremendous burden on my heart that my blood feels sluggish and getting out of bed just isn’t an option. 708 more words


Mental Asylums - Institutions to Encourage Recovery

Mental asylums are also known as psychiatric hospitals, and specialise in treating those with serious mental illnesses, such as clinical depression, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Modern psychiatric hospitals evolved from ‘lunatic’ asylums, but Islamic doctors were the first to treat mentally ill patients with kindness and compassion, instead of rejection and isolation. 400 more words

Wendy Saunders