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Mixed emotions

Sometimes I wonder if I’m a narcissistic person but I think in general we all have our moments as we only have ourselves if that makes sense… Anyway I don’t think I’m a true narcissistic personality as I have mixed emotions over feeling like I manipulated my boss. 147 more words

“For the first time, in all of these years, it becomes alarmingly evident to me that I had no right.”

Words I wrote for myself about a year ago– with, at that point, multiple and consecutive years of solid recovery behind me– as I was reflecting on my own journey with fresh, healing eyes. 1,472 more words

Eating Disorders

With Thanks to The Past

The car I drive is about eleven years old. The transmission slips, the fuel gauge is unreliable; how it’s managed to stay roadworthy to this day is beyond me. 480 more words


Passive Suicidal Ideation

Something I have refused to admit was just how deep my depression was taking me. Suicide is NOT an option for me. So let me make something clear, I will not take steps to ever end my life as I know there are no options for my son. 354 more words


totally fucked. *triggery

Okay, poor photography aside, there is a second line on this Wondfo. And a couple others. In real life, it is undeniable and pink. When I tested at 13dpo, I got a squinter, but afterwards a bfn. 349 more words

Mental Illness

Reach Out

All alone
I sit in the dark
No one comes

All alone
I long for change
No one comes

All alone… 93 more words



In 2014, my husband lost his father and I lost my grandfather.  Each man was the rock that we each depended on, the one person we each knew would be there for us, no matter what.  437 more words

Bipolar Disorder