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Guide to Coping with Exams and Metal Illnesses

I really hope this helps people, please share around your friends or people who may be in need. Right now I’m prepping for my GCSEs and I have to be honest and say thatI wasn’t aware how badly mental illnesses massively prohibit the ability to revise and do well until recently. 561 more words


Emetophobia - A Fear of Vomiting

Emetophobia, my biggest fear. Irrational as it is, it has affected my life greatly and still affects me to this day. It doesn’t have to just be a fear of vomiting – it can be the fear of seeing and/or hearing someone else vomit, or being worried about vomiting in public (that one really affected me as a kid). 584 more words

What Are Triggers?

This is an article of mine that was originally posted in Feministing’s community blog.

No matter what the media tries to tell us, sexual assault can be experienced in an infinite number of ways. 731 more words

Sexual Abuse

Day 7,592

That sounds legit, right? Not likely. While sitting around and slamming my old laptop around in attempts to pull my Masters thesis off of it, I decided it’s time to post again. 114 more words



Since my About Me  page is a little discreet and lacking information, I thought I would do any introduction with utilizing questions from @beccadoeslifethings’ post… 719 more words

Mental Health

Not sure

I am emotionally eating funyuns right now. I just recognized it. Not sure why but it’s always something. I feel a mess of emotions today. It’s like I can’t decide on one. 54 more words

Bipolar Dilemma

Wee Willy Shakespeare once said, “all the world’s a stage and we are merely players.” Wise words from one of the famous founding fathers of the Dead Old White Guys (DOWGs) club who still have a stranglehold on much of the literary canon and, to a certain degree, political and financial landscape. 514 more words