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Medicine for an Insane World, Part I

“Who said that you were naked?” God had asked the frightened man.

For Adam to feel guilty and ashamed was not His plan.

Clearly the forbidden fruit was messing with his brain, 281 more words


Oh dear

‘Cause I don’t know where I should go
I am borderline
Thought things would change, but I’m deranged
It’s just another Saturday night
Come watch me drown and get what’s left at the lost and found… 391 more words


Marcello's Personal Story With Mental Health

A few years ago, I was extremely depressed and anxious. I wasn’t eating, I was having trouble getting out of bed, everything felt foggy and I felt hopeless and full of despair. 1,006 more words

Mental Health

Monday Psychosis or spiritual- an on going investigation

Working in a Crisis Stabilization Unit I see and hear, fascinating stories of the struggles of life. In the clinical world, the way in which people handle trauma and pain is through disassociation and psychosis. 248 more words


10 Simple Ways To Better Manage The ‘Bad Days’ 

10 Simple Ways To Better Manage The ‘Bad Days’ – https://wp.me/p7kcoO-1dy

Conquering depression or anxiety is no overnight fix. Often it will take many years. And even then there will still be times in which the pressures of the life cause us to feel a little down in the dumps. 780 more words

Progress Into Hell. [Journal 3-27-17]

Phantom Of The Opera – The Music Of The Night.

My mental state remains stable and productive. I’ve been somewhat physically tired, but I think that’s a combination of less sleep, being preoccupied with the recent breakthrough, and preparing the… 432 more words

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Leaving that closet

Came across a very well written and lovely article by Lauren McGrath. “Coming Out As Borderline”

This article depicts the stigma that BPD-ers encounter on a daily basis, be it online/movies/tv or even WITHIN the mental health profession.  252 more words

Borderline Personality Disorder