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Shelter in Place - Alexander Maksik

Joseph March, the hero of Alexander Maksik’s novel Shelter In Place, has two problems: tar, and a bird. The tar is the black, creeping heaviness of his depression, which comes along with periods of mania; the bird is the painful part, the part that pierces his chest. 569 more words


Tests and meds

So! This morning I had to go for blood tests and an ECG. So uncomfortable getting your kit off for some old lady to put jelly stickers and wires on your chest. 408 more words


First time on Wordpress using my laptop!

Just wanted to write an entry for the sake of writing from my laptop, as opposed to previously posting from my phone.

Today was ward round today, and having my laptop is one of the outcomes which I am happy about. 345 more words


Friendships and mood swings

I have a best friend who is my therapist via text. I mean I text her 20 times in a row about how I feel (including and not limited to my inner thoughts, paranoias, delusions, regrets, resentments, epiphanies, ideas and enlightening) and that may be an understatement. 198 more words

Not Under a Dark Rain Cloud

I wake up each day in a relatively good mood.

To the Perpetually Perky Person (or PPP’s), that sentence isn’t a big deal. But for someone like me, who has battled depression their entire life, it’s as foreign as opening my wallet and finding a thick wad of cash. 457 more words


Battling with my Heart

As long as I’ve had memories, I’ve battled with my heart;
It doesn’t want what’s best for me, I know —
Each day that I awake, the fighting once again will start; 53 more words

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