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Special but Equal

I want it both ways.

You read that correctly, both ways.

I want to be treated as someone special and at the same time, I want to be treated the same, as an equal. 542 more words


Existential crap

My life is a bundle of messes all wrapped up in Christmas time gift paper that makes you think something cute and endearing like a tiny kitten, or puppy, or duckling will pop out. 120 more words


Day 27 of light it up BLUE 

FACT: Individuals with Asperger Syndrome/HFA may often face challenges related to their ability to interpret certain social cues and skills. They may have difficulty processing large amounts of information and relating to others. 83 more words


By now you have probably realized that there are many of us living here. We’ve identified over 25 distinct individuals living in this one house, as well as a large group of young children that no one knows very well. 1,136 more words

Dissociative Identity

When Your Abuser or Estranged Relative Dies ~ The Whole Funeral Thing

My toxic mother is not in the picture anymore, but the question still remains, what about the funeral? The response would be ~ NO for my abuser if he were still alive. 180 more words


Breathe Again

It’s now 4:15 am and I’m in my hospital room with chest pain and labored, painful breathing. I can’t go home until these symptoms start to subside because my oxygen drops too low and it’s not safe. 148 more words

Mental Illness

Secret 2: I have been depressed for 22 years

If you want to keep a secret, you must also hide it from yourself.

– George Orwell

I didn’t want to comment on it at the time.

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