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I have spent a lot of time sitting with my addiction. Facing it, breathing it in. Thinking about how my life would be if I didn’t have it hanging over me constantly. 581 more words

Mental Health

Never Not Be Afraid

Sorry I’ve been absent recently. A really good friend of mine passed away last month and it sort of set me back a bit with this whole anxiety thing. 715 more words


Why the Church Needs to Address Mental Health Issues

We NEED the church to step up in its efforts to be more vocal in regards to mental illness.

It’s no secret that my past was ridden with mental health issues—ones that kept me from wanting to live for much of my teenage life. 791 more words

Mental Illness

Moving On Part Two

I’m nicely settled into my new locale. That aside my arm is starting to heal up nicely too. I see my doctor in a few days and have a feeling he’ll tell me I’m ok to go back to work. 176 more words

Mental Illness and Attitude

Welcome to day 9 in the #Write31Days challenge on mental health. I should honestly be writing my posts earlier in the day, as once again I’m very tired. 608 more words

Mental Illness

Stigmatizing autism and mental illness is not answer to tragic shootings

Earlier this week I read a report by the Washington Post detailing how Laurel Harper, mother of Oregon mass shooter Chris Harper Mercer, appeared to advocate for her autistic son. 996 more words



So, today I got an email informing me that tomorrow’s tutorial was on the second floor of a building that had no lifts and that I know from experience has heavy doors all over it. 359 more words