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Vegetables, Nutrients, Time and Fun

So part of what my doctor has been pushing me to is a higher vegetable content in my diet.     With both GAD and depression as well as PCOS it’s important that I do seek higher nutrient density in my diet. 451 more words

The thoughts before you fall asleep.

Hey everyone,

The lack of medication in my system, has for sure caused havoc in my mind. I’m not sleeping properly, or I’m sleeping too much, but the worst part of all, is the noise inside my head. 569 more words

Well Shit, Coping is HARD

Trigger Warnings: Mental illness, self-harm, depression, sexual harasssment and other triggers to people who are going through/have gone through rubbish in their lives. 

People give me a lot of shit for being depressed. 911 more words


Notes On Howard Hughes

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The other day I watched a biopic/biography of aviation mogul Howard Hughes. It was pretty interesting. A lot of people know Howard had mental problems, most famously what is believed to have been what people know today as O.C.D. 124 more words

Stressed out?

Part 3 on my burnout syndrome theme.

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Are you too stressed out most of the time? By Pebbel Art

I know a lack of sickness awareness is a part of the problem. 196 more words

Mental Illness

Reason #72 to Keep Living: Forgetfulness

There is no greater happiness than getting lost in new, daily adventures to such a degree that you forget to write your bi-weekly blog post. 184 more words


Mental Illness Vs. Religion: 4 Thoughts About the Church Against Depression

Anonymous asked a question:

What are your thoughts on mental illness and religion? I’ve seen some Christians state that you can pray mental illness away and once you’re saved you won’t be depressed or have suicidal thoughts anymore. 617 more words