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The Thanksgiving Without Cranberries

I’ve cried in my parents’ bed twice in my lifetime.

The first time was because OB had died and I wasn’t sure joy was a guaranteed component of the living experience without his smile radiating light throughout our dining room a few times a year. 628 more words


What do I mean by 'adventures' and how do they help? 

When I talk about adventures I don’t exclusively mean spending hundreds or thousands of pounds to travel to, and explore, a foreign country.

For me, travelling and adventuring can be as local as a 10 minute walk from my house. 392 more words


If I Were A Boy Instead

When I was younger, I can’t remember the exact age though I know it was probably around 4-6, I was scared that my voice sounded like a boy’s. 999 more words

Mental Illness

The Darkness.

Darkness comes in two forms. We are always surrounded by them, fighting them, but sometimes the darkness wins. One is the true dark, that comes from a total absence of light. 215 more words



Last night in my despair, I planned my exit. I researched ways to die and how to do it right. I think I finally went to sleep feeling better about having a way out. 511 more words


The Indian times: one in three Indians think shrinks are mentally ill

In a recent article in the Times of India the findings of a scientific article were highlighted. The subject of the scientific article was the attitude of the average Indian citizen in regards to psychiatrists. 271 more words

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Netflix and Chill ? Not the way I do it ...

Getting things out in the open is very therapeutic. It makes you re-evaluate what you are doing and where things are going. You’ve got those subtle changes and the larger ones that can change your life. 410 more words