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What Wants Us Gone

I don’t want to write about this.  My whole soul screams against it, like when my quads scream against riding on a hard-gear up a Seattle hill, or my arms groan agonised protest against another set of bicep curls. 3,434 more words



Why on earth I have the irresistible need to self-harm?

¿Por qué  tengo la continua e imperiosa necesidad de autolesionarme?


Late night thoughts on death.

It’s 12:12 AM on Memorial Day morning. It seems appropriate to ponder death. However, I’m not thinking about the lives I should be thinking about– the brave men and women who died to protect the United States and our way of life, our beliefs. 815 more words

Memorial Day

One Night to Ruin 18 Years

First off, let me say, “I’m sorry,”
while I gaze into the night so starry.
An endless expanse of endless events
parallel to the life in which I live. 395 more words


Music Therapy

NOTE: This blog post is not meant to replace a licensed health care provider! Make sure you work with someone who knows what they are doing and who knows how to assist you in your healing process! 1,360 more words


The Semi-Colon: My Story Isn't Over Yet

Trigger Warning: This piece discusses experiences with mental illness and self-harm which may be difficult for some readers.

I am 20 years old and I have struggled with depression for nine years now. 939 more words

Mental Health

The Craziest Writings Of Social Justice Warrior Academics

“The madness behind the method: the craziest academic works, straight from the minds of left-wing PhD candidates and faculty members.”

So glad I’m not in college anymore. 18 more words