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Unspeakable Trauma to Meth Psychosis - Todd G

Paul’s friend shares about the co-dependent relationship with his longtime lover that ended in tragedy & Todd’s PTSD, porn & meth binges tailspinning into a showdown on his roof vs a SWAT team, before finally having a moment of clarity and getting his life together piece by piece. 78 more words


My self-harm story

I’ve debated writing this post since virtually the day I started my blog. But some things have been holding me back. Not only is it a topic that can be extremely triggering for people. 1,020 more words

The bloom flower festival

Next Thursday I am going to a flower show in Dublin with some of the members of the basement club. We’re going for the entire day. 153 more words


within all tides

straight paths and then corners;
loops that bring me back to who i see now;
again and again, i wake up,
i promise but then break… 46 more words



You have taught what it means to comfort a soul, how raw and impossible it is to embrace, but to do it anyway because of love. 254 more words


My eyes... 5/25/2018

I went to optometrist today so see about my light sensitivity in my eyes. My eyes are so sensitive that any bright light, especially the sun, make my eyes burn. 127 more words


I’m delighted to feature Charlotte on Peaches and Scream this week! Others speaking as honestly as she does about their own mental health – particularly through social media, blogs, etc – has been a huge factor in my own recovery. 822 more words

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