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There’s something to be said about being manic.

One of my favorite quotes of all time from one of my favorite books. It rings true through my soul. 537 more words

Liza felt the darkness try to overcome her. She fought back as hard as she could. She was not going to let it take her. She was going to scrape together every ounce of energy and keep going. 11 more words



When I was 13, I self harmed. A lot. And it showed. I couldn’t keep it in at school because once the secret got out, everybody knew. 243 more words


There are so many words
 I've read
 Some spoken
 Some left unsaid.

There are so many people
I’ve met
Some stayed
Some moved ahead.

There are some many wounds
 Where I've bled
 Some scratched
 Some scarred
 Some red. 14 more words


Everyone’s heard of AA, Alcoholics Anonymous, but have you ever heard of EA, Emotions Anonymous? Yes, we with the distressed emotions and unquiet minds (aka those of us with mental illnesses) have our own support group. 181 more words

Mental Illness

Happy New Year!

So it’s now 2017! Wow, WE MADE IT! Please excuse my poor motivation to post more posts. I still do write but have been busy with life. 64 more words


yesterday i cried, today i yell

Once Rachel stabilized, she was transferred to the children’s wing. My stomach filled with knots knowing the next piece we were going to have to endure, in part because we had already been through it so many times. 446 more words