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Bullying isn't a 'lesser' form of abuse

Content warning: abuse, sexual assault, suicide.

Following my dad and step-mother’s divorce, my dad and I moved to a small town in Alabama with my grandparents. 1,073 more words

a drug that deadly

On Tuesday, my family came closer to absolute tragedy than any of us ever wanted to come.

My nephew, just turned nine months old, was rushed to the emergency room in critical condition when he stopped breathing. 405 more words

Mental Health

The Downside Has Found Me

Unfortunately, there is no cure for Bipolar Disorder at this time. You could adhere to every single thing suggested to treat bipolar disorder, but that does not mean an episode won’t recur. 845 more words


good sunday looking forward to the week

Hi everyone,

So today was pretty good.

Walmart was kinda hard very frustrating on paratransit having to wait for someone for like a half hour. 214 more words

Mental Illness

Always Keep Fighting 41

Mental Illness, in this case depression, affects anyone no matter what walk of life you come from.

Mental Health

forgot to share

edited to add: the consensious is they had the right so I’ll let it go. I hate the thought of paying for it though. :-( 102 more words

Finding Who We Are

From the moment that breath entered our nostrils, we began a journey composed of searching. The weight of life bears this one incredible responsibility: Find your identity. 923 more words