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A Memory

Here and there, I have Word Documents saved on my computer, entries in my journal, and drawings on plain, white computer paper that I created while feeling in the compartment. 671 more words


Everything is Epic

I’m sure it’s the job of the advertiser to try and make their product seem like a conduit to greatness. If you buy this soda, you will magically be transferred to a beach, surrounded by friends, where a lively game of volleyball may breakout any moment. 331 more words


Confessions of a Mad Mooer: A Quick Update on Writing 

Those of you who also follow me on Twitter already know that I haven’t been feeling my best. I’m definitely not at my lowest but changing medications to try to get on top of my migraines and RLS has left me feeling subpar. 359 more words


Dead man incorrectly identified and buried by the wrong family

Ever since her son disappeared almost 30 years ago, led someplace by his mental illness, Karen Bilyeu waited for him to call. She came up with theories: Maybe he witnessed a crime and was now hiding in a witness protection program. 1,195 more words

Do you understand your anger & how to control it or is it controlling you ?

Anger, when not understood, can be a real big problem. Take someone to mind who always blows a fuse. Their problem is they have no clue they are even reacting it has just became a normal occurrence so they keep doing it when their buttons are pushed. 641 more words


Back to work!

I started back to work last week just half shifts. But this week I was back full shifts which I was fine with I was not expecting to take this soon! 239 more words

The different types of laughter

This is like an encyclopedia of my own personal laughs, you probable share some of them.

  • Polite Laugh – This is perhaps my most common laugh.
  • 698 more words