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Anxiety and radishes.

It was the day. My palms were all sweaty and my heart kept overexaggerating the noxious boom-de-boom sound. My legs felt like not-quite-ready jelly; watery and useless. 630 more words

Mental Health

What people don’t understand about mental health medication and weight gain

Guest Blogger Eleanor Seagall discusses the difficult pros and cons of being on medications and the complications for weight gain. It is a very tricky area. 1,276 more words

Mental Illness

i’m having a great morning. I went downstairs at 8. there was only one other person up and in the kitchen at that time. we sat and drank coffee together. 210 more words


Its so hard to
out a spot.
Where do I fit in?
Sometimes I wonder if I do. I long to fit in, long to belong. 136 more words

Mental Illness

sayonara slytherin (hello hufflepuff?)

When I was 16 years old, the website Pottermore was super popular and everyone played it. I was a Slytherin and my patronus was a bat. 434 more words


Insomnia and Anxiety

Toss and turn, toss and turn. If I lay too still, I feel too heavy as if my body is being pulled through my mattress. I feel myself drifting into something surreal for about 0.34 seconds and then my breathing wakes me up and I have to start the process all over again. 108 more words



I tell myself

It will be okay

But in reality,

I know it’s just something

I tell myself

To get through today