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When My Carer Needs Care

My husband is the mainstay of my support system and, in large part, my caregiver. I cannot count the things he has done for me and does for me every day. 705 more words

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A goodbye letter to my smaller body

Dear my former, smaller body,

I’ve waited a while to write this letter. I guess I was holding out that you might still come back. But you haven’t, you won’t, and it’s time to say goodbye. 515 more words

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In Search of UMM... A Mind at Work

“Angelica! (Work, work!)
Eliza! (Work, work!) And Peggy!
The Schuyler sisters! (Work, work!)
We’re looking for a mind at
Work, work! Hey!”

I recently got to watch the masterpiece that this the Hamilton Musical on Disney+. 401 more words

Mental Health Rehab from Hell – Part V

Ms. Desire Lavigne Karakire’s testimony, shared on her Facebook wall on 11th July 2020

After my Counsellor Martin Githaiga sexually violated me, physically assaulted me, and intimidated me to not pursue the charges described in the previous parts of my testimony by ransoming my journalistic notes, he was neither fired nor suspended. 911 more words


I Lost My Light

I knew we were close, but I didn’t realize how deep the connection was until he was gone. Part of me broke when I lost him, and the light inside of me was darkened.  320 more words

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sometimes i wonder

why i write. why i sing. why i try

to make the world a better place

when the world doesn’t seem to

want to be better. 63 more words


Just a few words. Just a few songs.

A bit of a brief addendum to my last post, insofar as it relates to my frequent tendencies towards grappling with an undue amount of stress in situations that unequivocally, flat out, don’t warrant it. 749 more words