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Should we be starting a revolution of mental wellness, moving away from the focus on mental illness?

Is it just me or are more and more people talking about mental health nowadays? People are willing to share their own or others’ experiences, most commonly their struggles. 485 more words

Mental Health

The transgender epidemic continues to escalate further

Illinois recently passed a law making schools teach LGBT history. As if there was much history to begin with LGBT which I believe came around in the 70s or 80s, before that time homosexuality has been widely rejected and even illegal so they were placed in mental asylums. 866 more words


Did Bipolar Disorder Lose Me Jobs?

I lost two jobs, one that I had held for 17 years, because of my bipolar disorder. I only realized this comparatively recently. In both cases, I readily admit that my work had gone downhill, but at the time (at least for the first job), it never occurred to me that bipolar disorder was the reason for my dismissal. 835 more words

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Nagging Thoughts

I feel tired and anxious this morning. I slept more than usual which is not like me lately. I have things I want to do today that I didn’t have a chance to do yesterday but I have this nagging thing going on in my head that is telling me that I still should go up to see my sister’s mother in law today. 216 more words

Mental Illness

The little brown dog who helped chase away the big black dog

My dog is dying. He’s been sick for a month now. A week ago, after treating for infection and doing everything we could to help him recover, we found out he has a tumour between his lungs. 413 more words

Story Of My Life

"Endorphins!" Granbelm Episode 7 Rant

Welcome to all readers… This was a well-made but truly sad episode. It’s put a downer on my mood. I’m sad that Anna made herself suffer so much and could not accept reality. 589 more words

Episode Impressions