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Stop calling Khalid Masood a 'Radical Islamist'. We do not yet know if he was

by Martin Odoni

After lengthy investigation – and it would appear some very reckless and unjustified arrests in a big show of looking ‘in control’ – the police have concluded that the Westminster Attacker, … 1,230 more words


Proof that Robert Mercer and Steve Bannon Are Running the White House

Thanks to a failed fourth estate, the American people are the least informed citizens in the world. To learn the truth, you must seek the truth. 1,138 more words

'Avoiding questions about Trump’s mental health is a betrayal of public trust'

“When someone is compulsively lying, continuously contradicting himself, imploring the approval of people even as he is attacking them, exalting people one day and abusing and vilifying them the next, then the question of his mental state is moot. 41 more words


Mommie Dearest (1981). Film review - 4/5 stars.

Film review by Jason Day of Mommie Dearest, starring Faye Dunaway as movie legend Joan Crawford.

Drama 765 more words



My wrist is still bruised and I’m going to have an ugly looking scar that everyone will be able to see. I hardly ever cut in places that are visible to others but that night, almost two weeks ago, something had snapped in me. 313 more words


I, POTUS: The Muslim Ban

I want to point out that as of January 2016, under Obama, the visa waiver did not apply in cases where a person had previously traveled to… 1,323 more words