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Evil - Remedial & Corrective ?

I have heard it been said that evil is always remedial & corrective. I wonder if this is true. What do we mean by evil anyway? 249 more words


New Age

I have now officially been on the earth for 29 years. I just barely got used to being 28, and another year is shoving me forward, so forward I go. 726 more words

The Study Of Life

Hollowed Pains Consume Me

I hurt.

I hurt all over and nearly nothing makes me stop hurting. I wake with pains, spiritual and mortal pains. Pains that never seem to leave me, even as they fade with laughter and smiles, they always return when I am alone. 350 more words



I never hurt myself in ways

that other soulsĀ could see.

I’d go about it quietly,

almost silently,

heard Mamma call it

Mental instability… 173 more words