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Tread carefully or they will call the doctor again,

Saying i am crazy because i am lost in my head,

Not realising this is where i go to meet my friends, 133 more words


Forgiving You

I don’t know how to forgive you, you destroyed me after all,

Crushed dreams are such deadly blows, slowly I fall,

It’s easy to justify your actions with self proclaimed integrity, 152 more words


Work 25 years

Life doesn’t

go anywhere


we don’t live forever


love while you can


get a good job

sell your soul

work 25 years… 914 more words

Madness And Weirdness

I'm Having a REALLY hard time

A lot is going on. We are getting a new car which is excited but sad at the same time. When I was born we had a van. 268 more words

Mental Illness/ Self Harm

Teen stabbed at work by man intent upon “hurting a female”

April 20, 2006
Vancouver, Washington
17-year-old Anna Svidersky is killed with a kitchen knife as she’s working at McDonald’s

David Sullivan, a twice-convicted sex offender suffering from schizophrenia, left his home with a kitchen knife and the intention of “hurting a female.” He did not know Svidersky prior to her death. 275 more words

True Crime

Self Mutilation

Whenever I touch myself, there is pleasure and pain,

I giggle uncontrollably, no longer aware or sane,

Drip, drip, drip, ew! This water is all red and sticky!, 144 more words


“This here could be a real negative.”

It has become tedious to write about how Trump lies more often than he goes to the bathroom or about his increasing mental instability. At this point, the far more interesting question is what will cause his supporters’ madness to break. 224 more words