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A Crappy Game I Used To Have To Play

It has been long recognized and well-documented that I have a temper of the most destructive and terrifying kind. I try to keep a lid on that hurricane, and for the most part, I have managed to keep it in check. 1,180 more words


What is Mental Illness Here to Teach Me?

This post is inspired by questions from a reader named Persephone who asks The Council why she’s chosen to surround herself with so much mental instability and mental illness in this lifetime. 812 more words

Questions & Answers

OHM 23-Mixed Load

My head is like a stinkin’ basket of dirty laundry. My last post was like 3 posts in one. I know this and actually delayed posting it because my OCD was like “REVISE, EDIT, DELETE”. 199 more words

Personal Truth

A Beautiful Mind, Nonetheless!

While enjoying my usual Friday afternoon crawl home, I saw our own local ‘Uncle’ walking and singing happily in the sweltering equinox heat oblivious to the surrounding. 602 more words

Master Minda

Weak Moment

moment when all seems way too much

how can i move past this

will i wake up tomorrow at all

let alone with my mind intact… 162 more words


Cognitive Dissonance

Mental stress or discomfort experienced by an individual who holds two or more contradicting believes or values at the same time; one for him/her one for others, creating conflicts with existing values or policies.

The Art Of Deception


He is not the full schilling.
But I am ruthless
And so find it annoying.