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Mommie Dearest (1981). Film review - 4/5 stars.

Film review by Jason Day of Mommie Dearest, starring Faye Dunaway as movie legend Joan Crawford.

Drama 765 more words



My wrist is still bruised and I’m going to have an ugly looking scar that everyone will be able to see. I hardly ever cut in places that are visible to others but that night, almost two weeks ago, something had snapped in me. 313 more words


I, POTUS: The Muslim Ban

I want to point out that as of January 2016, under Obama, the visa waiver did not apply in cases where a person had previously traveled to… 1,323 more words

I, POTUS: The Wall and Immigration


I’m just going to touch on the wall issue here as proof of how compromised POTUS is mentally. I’m not at all political and I don’t have a million-dollar business, but even I can understand the problems of a wall.  1,940 more words

I, POTUS: thoughts on the insanity of the American Caesar

My issue with this whole election and the aftermath administration is facts. I believe in facts. For instance, Hillary Clinton loved her privacy and her blackberry more than her country. 1,064 more words

Is Donald Trump Mentally Stable?

If you have watched Trump’s actions and reactions during his campaign and after, you probably understand why so many observers think something is mentally wrong with him. 233 more words

Donald Trump

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[Age 16-22] Back Home [Part 1]

Squirrel Nut Zippers – Hell.

For anyone keeping track, my life has been very strange. This section of it is no exception; I’ll first discuss the events that occurred throughout this time-period, before addressing the more important factor of my sitting around, for years, thinking. 1,168 more words