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Is Donald Trump Mentally Stable?

If you have watched Trump’s actions and reactions during his campaign and after, you probably understand why so many observers think something is mentally wrong with him. 233 more words

Donald Trump

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If you have concerns in this area, I highly recommend you follow the link below!

[Age 16-22] Back Home [Part 1]

Squirrel Nut Zippers – Hell.

For anyone keeping track, my life has been very strange. This section of it is no exception; I’ll first discuss the events that occurred throughout this time-period, before addressing the more important factor of my sitting around, for years, thinking. 1,168 more words


From; Shattered In Him, face book page (11/25/16)

This incorporates some stuff from this very blog posted in the past. But I wrote this piece today. Decided to bring it here, the day after Thanksgiving.
1,050 more words

The Guilt That Follows the Craziness That the Anxiety Provokes

Mostly, he was even-keeled, stoic,

the anchor in the storm; a lover

told him once he showed a range

of emotion narrower than that

of a rock. 151 more words

Early Adolescence

Carmen Cuesta – Shape Of My Heart.

Near the end of 7th grade, when I was around 12 or 13, I asked my Grandmother to be homeschooled. 801 more words

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Initial Review: Denpa-Teki na Kanojo

It’s rare to see a short series go in deep on an idea, but that’s what Denpa-Teki na Kanojo does. The main theme that this 2 episode series explores, is the effect of trauma on the human mind and a person’s sanity; the series shows the ways in which a traumatic experience can completely change a persons demeanor, actions, thought processes, worldly view, and outlook on society. 263 more words


Hands feel like they’re shaking,

But upon closer inspection they’re not.

It’s just a mere fleeting feeling

Produced internally.

Your anxious mind can’t handle

What it cannot control. 54 more words

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