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Harvard Reunion Winding Down Tonight

Its the final Dinner & Dance and im not attending.  I backed out last Monday but they forgot to take my name off the list and ive been getting texts about the reunion events  all day long since Wednesday!  112 more words

Harvard Reunion--no

Well i really blew it.  I mean, i did the right thing in tbe end, God showed me this morning what to do and i did it but that doesn’t always make the path easier.    238 more words

Time Turned Inward

One week from today I turn 27, and it’s still hard for me to wrap my head around. I don’t consider myself old by any means, but I certainly don’t feel my age, or at least fit within the construct of how society views a 27 year old. 723 more words

Mental Journeys

Harvard Reunion

On a brighter note it looks like i will be able to go to the 35th reunion this year.  I havent made it to a single high school or college reunion all my life.  133 more words

Johns Hopkins (pursuant to my last post)

I left out the hospitalization at Johns Hopkins Affective Disorders Unit in 1994.   The bothered to send me there (because my husband was involved.  That was the story with my MH treatment.  477 more words


Im finally getting it all figured out.  My life in my family since i was 28 years imd has been dictated entirely by tbe death if my sister’s horse.  744 more words

On Perception and Self-Image

Earlier this year I started seeking external help for my OCD. While it’s something I’ve been silently battling for as long as I can remember, I realized that I was letting some of my different obsessions pull me under. 816 more words

Mental Journeys