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Today, SATAN IS RRAL.  Its been so long id firgotten.

It started at the orthopedic office where i went for a check on my little.finger, which i broke when i went to the city nearby here wbere i received services 32 years agi when my family first moved here.  527 more words


Resolved and Retroactive;  Miss S. of my last post is  banned, locked out:  where there is weeping and gnashing of teerh.  She didn’t know how to conduct herself at Hutton and she didn’t know how to conduct herself afterward.  76 more words

It is well

I made a junk edit on my 2nd book “Evety Cloud… ” which is bringing fantasric change and insight but i cant bring myself to trust it.  237 more words

She knows who she is and what she did

This post is about a self-identified “Stanford faculty brat.”  She was so boring and negative i don’t even want to write this post.  For her Hutton was an obligation.  428 more words

California, a Pro-Life Novel is available for purchase


above link to lulu.com has been updated.

California, a Pro-Life Novel, by Abigail Hill, is available for purchase for 9 dollars at the lulu.com bookstore.   143 more words


Texted my son for the zillionth time this week.  Stressing.  His expensive new car needs a 2000$ fix and he doesn’t have the money .  I got so lost in another problem that i lost track of his issue and tonight i feel like im holding up the Titanic. 108 more words


I could have sworn i recently posted about being attacked by flies but i dont find it here (oh, snap, i must have put it in my book and it was probably one of the things i took out in that careless edit.) 546 more words