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My Relationship with Medication for Mental Illnesses

*Disclaimer: This is my own personal experience with the medications I have tried. Everyone has their own experiences with medications, and what might not work for someone, could be the right medication for someone else. 727 more words

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Migraines Update, Depression, and Weekend Plans

I’ve been having a tough time lately mentally and physically. These constant migraines and stomach/digestive issues have really got me down. Sometimes I feel like life isn’t even worth it if every day is going to be like this. 200 more words

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When Meds are the Problem...

Ironically enough, someone commented on my last post about how maybe some of the drugs I’m on are part of the problem with my digestive issues recently. 138 more words

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Bad Week with IBS-C and New Drugs

Warning: Gross poop talk.

This past week has been a digestive nightmare. I went to the doctor last week about my recent migraine issues and we also discussed the worsening of my IBS. 268 more words

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Poetry - Social Anxiety in Action

Waiting for your call
I pace,
I sit,
I lay down,
I stand up,
I check the time, 
I wipe the sweat away,
I pretend to read,
I sweat more,
I change shirts,
I remember to breathe,
I evaluate my chest pain,
I fidget and tic,
I freeze, catatonic
as the phone rings,

and I am exhausted
before I even begin.
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ER Again

Just 17 days after my last ER visit for the same reason, I had to pay another visit this past Sunday because I had yet another migraine lasting 3 days or longer. 121 more words

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Free Book Promo & Weight Loss

I had two topics in mind for blog posts today, so decided to just combine them into one post. First off, my newest poetry chap book, “ 137 more words

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