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can i actually do this?

The next run that my C25K program has scheduled for me is a 3.2km (2 mile) or 20 minute run.  At the speed I go, these are two very different runs. 417 more words


A guide to survive toughest events for least prepared ‘athletes’ a.k.a. Tough Mudder, Total Warrior, Cycle until you fall down and many others.

My friends and people I randomly meet in the pools and conferences often get in touch with me for ‘professional advice’. Regardless what next challenge as tough-exercise-lovers they have enrolled to, they want to know how they could do it little bit easier because ‘the last 15% of the race is the most difficult for me’, ‘I want to do it properly this time with full support’, ‘it is the first time I am going to run 10k and I’m scarred I’m not going to finish it’, and many other reasons. 435 more words

Wade Boggs' pregame routine

What did one of the greatest baseball hitters of all time do before each game? Protex Sports has the answer. Here are Boggs’ secrets to becoming mentally ready each day.

Dress for success!

Morning Ladies,
It is time to wake up, have healthy breakfast and then get ready for the day! I love this part of the day, waking up with new energy and preparing yourself for success. 456 more words


I'm All In!

The decision to hike the AT with Lisa and Victoria took a lot longer for me to make, this was partially because I had other commitments when they started to make plans, but also because for once in my life I wanted to really think and pray about the decision before jumping in with both feet. 590 more words

Appalachian Trail

because things and stuff

I started reading Appalachian Trials back in the fall and have been putting off writing my goals and reasoning for hiking the AT. I agree 100% that it will increase my chance of success on the trail and help me explain to others why I want drop everything and hike for 6 months (or however long it actually takes me). 335 more words

Appalachian Trail

Same old, same old

Every cricket team leaves our shores with much hope, promise and high expectancy to win an ICC tournament, only to return with regret, failure, disappointment and shock. 569 more words

Life Philosophy