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Getting Pumped up for Class

It sounds dumb right?

This is what I usually hear from students before a class:

“I hope we get out early.” “Are we doing anything important today?” “I need to study for this test.” 919 more words


Has anyone ever felt a stab in their soul while reading?

I don’t know how to properly start or what I’ll even write. I’ll just shoot straight to my question hoping some insights in the comments help me feel less alone. 239 more words

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Think it to Become it

Your Attention Will Manifest Your Reality

Back in my ultra-running days, I used to write post-race reports before race day. I’d stop at my favorite café, sit by a sunny window, and script the play-by-play narrative of how the race shook out. 788 more words

Customer Service

Back to School Checklist

The 2012 Mayan apocalypse never happened. Consider yourselves lucky ducks. So point is, since it wasn’t the end of time and civilization and all, we still had to keep buying calendars. 949 more words

Prime. And how. Especially if u r a lazyass like me.

Priming is very important. It’s like the alcohol swab before the doc gives u a shot. If u prime or prepare someone to receive whatever it is they’re gonna get, they receive it better coz they r prepared to receive it! 298 more words

Monkey See Monkey Do

Visualization and Mental Rehearsal: The Movie Theater in Your Mind

By Thomas J. West

Any good music teacher and most accomplished music students will tell you that repetition is a key ingredient in mastering any musical instrument. 1,184 more words

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Envision Yourself to Success

Over half way into my marathon training now and things are getting serious! After unwillingly taking a break from running for a week and just sticking to strengthening workouts, my knees have felt a lot more comfortable and I do not find long runs as daunting. 1,079 more words

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