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Visualizing The Entire Jump

Before moving into the starting routine, a jumper begins getting ready to start by imagining and visualizing the entire jump in his or her mind a few feet before the start of the straightaway. 374 more words

High Jump

Elements of the Approach

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The high jump approach is between 90-95% of the jump. Almost all of what a jumper needs to do to clear the bar happens in the approach. 208 more words

High Jump

Change Your Mind

Let’s talk about mindsets.

We’ve all seen the quotes. “A negative mindset will never give you a positive life”. “Your mind is the limit…” “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” And so on and so forth. 668 more words

Self Defense

Commitment Issues

One of the first things that are taught in our classes are what’s called “trip-wire defensive skills”, and there’s a good reason for that.

Imagine a trip-wire, literally. 712 more words

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Mental Preparation

(Forewarning: this is a very long post, and it doesn’t have much to do with Europe.)

This is the longest I’ve ever been without visiting my childhood home. 3,437 more words

Study Abroad 2018

Personal Safety Tips: Children & Teenagers

  • Always keep your eyes on your children. If you are too busy, have another family member, close friend or responsible person supervise your children.
  • Advise your children that if they become lost to report quickly and safely to the nearest Police Department or largely populated area such as a department store and look for Security or a store manager.
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Why You Should #FightBack

South Africa is in crisis. We know this. We’ve known it for a while. The statistics are not only shocking, they’re terrifying. Every day there are violent crimes committed, people lose their belongings, their loved ones or their lives to the scourge. 616 more words

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