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Reaction or Situation: Which is Worse?

I’ve begun to realize that when something unpleasant happens, there may be a strong reaction or there may be a very even keeled reaction. I observed that the situation was the constant. 145 more words


Meditation for Job Stress

This video may help you get through the day at work when you don’t like your coworkers. Again, this type of dialog can be applied to any life issue, not just work. 53 more words


Dialog With Emotions: Emotional Paralysis

When dialog with emotions was first introduced to me, I thought it was really stupid. It sounded phony and like I was being asked to do something ridiculous. 277 more words


Managing Any Problem

Here is a sample journal entry I did. I’ve taken out what some of the “problem” is. It doesn’t matter what the problem is. These skills work on just about anything. 843 more words


Fear and what to do with it

The past few weeks have mostly been spent preparing for the AT. Which, for a procrastinator and spontaneous adventurer like myself, is odd. But I have been doing research on how best to use the hike as a fundraiser, and starting to prepare content for social media for that component of our hike, and making to do lists and gear lists and attempting to start about a dozen blog posts that I don’t know how to finish… It’s basically taken over my life. 701 more words


What a Return to Golf

After about 1 month off, I finally was able to hit the links. On Thursday past, I was able to get out after a charity tournament and had the course to myself. 654 more words


Opposite Action Exercise

Sometimes we can’t get ourselves to act. Opposite action exercises done for the sake of clinical exercise, can be very effective. If we think of it as forcing ourselves to do it vs. 55 more words

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