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Rounding First Base


Bear with me.  I’m not a baseball enthusiast, but it just occurred to me that there are three bases to round before hitting home base in baseball, which in my mind, correlate to the trimesters of gestation.   380 more words




I remember, when I was pregnant with my son Clark, I was overwhelmed by the amount of information I felt like I needed (or wanted) to consume, the research I needed to do about all sorts of baby-having-and-raising subjects, and the sheer number of products and technologies I was led to believe (or already believed) I simply “couldn’t live without.” 574 more words


mother's day yellowknife multisport club 5K race

Let me just say, I now have a first race under my belt. So that’s good. There will be fewer surprises next time.  I ran/walked the race and overall feel like I could have done better; like I am physically capable of more but sadly, mentally not so much.   808 more words


transitioning to outside (or week 7, day 2)

I did my week 7, day 2 run around my neighbourhood on Saturday as opposed to on the treadmill and it was definitely more difficult than treadmill running.   636 more words


let me catch you up quick...

Sadly, I chickened out on the run in Vegas last weekend. My sister did it, and she said it was tough.  I think I am sad I chickened out, but at the same time, it may have been too lofty a goal to have set for myself so early in my training.   338 more words


It's the final countdown...

As Europe, those well known cock-rockers say: It’s the final countdown, do do doo do do do doo…”

I can’t believe that London Marathon is in a week’s time!   554 more words


can i actually do this?

The next run that my C25K program has scheduled for me is a 3.2km (2 mile) or 20 minute run.  At the speed I go, these are two very different runs. 417 more words