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Personal Safety Tips: Children & Teenagers

  • Always keep your eyes on your children. If you are too busy, have another family member, close friend or responsible person supervise your children.
  • Advise your children that if they become lost to report quickly and safely to the nearest Police Department or largely populated area such as a department store and look for Security or a store manager.
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Why You Should #FightBack

South Africa is in crisis. We know this. We’ve known it for a while. The statistics are not only shocking, they’re terrifying. Every day there are violent crimes committed, people lose their belongings, their loved ones or their lives to the scourge. 616 more words

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9 Ways to Spot an Attack Before it Happens

You’re walking home from school, or coming from the store with arms full of bags. You’re leaving the office late and your car’s across the street; or you’re coming home late from an evening out and you have to stop to open the gate. 932 more words

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Thinking About Fighting

We’ve discussed before that true self-defense is about more than just hitting and kicking. Self-defense develops knowledge, skill and the ability to resolve threats to your personal safety. 678 more words

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Slow and Steady wins the race

I finally got some words on paper in regards to my outline for Achelon City. I don’t know what specifically has been holding me back but it’s annoying! 134 more words


Brain mush...

Busy week over here–work wise, anyways, hence the radio silence but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been ruminating on Achelon City or working on some small pieces of artwork. 183 more words


Right Mindset

The distance between my first job and my second is about a 50-minute walk. It’s getting sunnier but at times the wind is what hurts the most. 314 more words