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Perhaps Today is Your Day

Welcome Back,

Recently, I came across this genius list, I don’t know who wrote it but, I would love to give them the credit they deserve. 715 more words

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A New Beginning

“Shame resilience is key to embracing our vulnerability. We can’t let ourselves be seen if we’re terrified by what people might think. Often ‘not being good at vulnerability’ means that we’re damn good at shame.

1,148 more words
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Week Four - Wednesday

How are you finding the good, and rejoicing in every day?

My day today started off a bit rough, I wasn’t feeling the best, and honestly had a pretty horrible attitude to match. 273 more words

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Week Four - Tuesday 

Love life.

Today was a busy but rewarding day! Between classes, and homework I really had to make time to go to the gym! Did I give in and not go, definitely not! 105 more words

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Week Four - Monday

Week four is underway, wow!  I never ever thought that I would say that doing my 17th workout in roughly 21 days! Honestly, I am so proud of myself! 27 more words

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Week Three - Thursday

Who are you aside from what is consuming your life right now?

Okay, there has been something on my heart for a long time. Feedback from others can make or break you if you let it. 641 more words

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Week Three - Wednesday 

Choose to spend time with people who motivate you.

In my life I have chosen to surround myself with a specific type of person. These special people are called balcony people. 426 more words

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