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Speaking with Authority

When humans feel threatened for any reason, a series of automatic physical reactions by your body make performing fine-motor skills much more difficult.  One of these fine motor skills is speaking.   462 more words

Mental Tricks

Self Motivation - Walking the Nijmegen marches and how to motivate yourself through a mentally tough challenge

Imagine your self, lying down in a military rest area. Your feet in the air a top your backpack that weighs about 12kg. Socks pulled off in order to air your feet. 1,080 more words


Mine (& Jerry Seinfeld's) mind-psych trick.

My brain is always going a hundred thousand million miles a minute (still an understatement).  We all suffer from our own mental woes and mine are not few, but my biggest battle is stress and depression.  70 more words


48 Hour Repack Thoughts and Reflections

A lot can happen in 2 days. In that short time frame, I redesigned how bandages are packaged, learned that designing a movie can be just as fun as designing a product, and got married. 244 more words

Productive Procrastination

To-do lists can grow in size fairly quickly in design school. Projects for studio, homework for other classes (apparently they do still exist), part-time work, and household chores are just some of the things on a design student’s plate every week. 280 more words