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It is always okay to let your feelings, emotions, thoughts out. Let it pour like a waterfall, let it rage like the oceans, let it flow like the streams. 182 more words


Some Realness

So I was planning on posting an epic text I sent to a friend last week about the beauty of black women. A subject that I’ve come to be very passionate about. 1,178 more words

Girl Talk

Failing is Fine! Do it More!

Failing is completely Fine. No, Seriously.

My entire life has been a series of taking the  seemingly harder road in hopes that the extra effort, heartache and perseverance will pay off in the form of some beautiful enlightenment. 1,163 more words

Social Justice


Daily Prompt – Urgent

Last week, during an away day for work, our manager asked the whole staff team to share the biggest thing they had learnt this year. 461 more words


The College Years

IT’s about that time for me to sign up for my very last semester here at Chico State and oh so many emotions arise! The past couple of weeks I having been thinking about the last few years being in college and I can’t tell you how many tears and smiles that have come from me. 595 more words


It's another person's Child, be a Busybody! By A.LLY, written for Fei Yue Community Services, Singapore, as part of the #ProtectAChildToday campaign.

As parents, how often do we think of raising children other than our own? And in the context of Singapore, there is an innate fear of being labelled as “Kay Poh” (busybody) even though the intention is out of pure sincerity. 308 more words

Child Advocacy

10th and Piedmont

So I’m gay.

If you haven’t guessed it by now I wouldn’t blame you. I’ve always been out, but I’ve never felt compelled to “go tell it on the mountain.” I prefer to be more subtle (passive aggressive) about it. 2,071 more words

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