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Mindfulness for Health: Week Two

So, week two of this programme I’ve been following has involved repeating the meditation track from last week – the body scan – every morning. Each afternoon I’ve been listening to track two – the breathing anchor meditation – preceding that with an extra body scan to make the afternoon meditation session twenty minutes long. 289 more words

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Study finds mental well-being of children top priority for Canadian parents

WATCH ABOVE: A new study has found that Canadian parents are most concerned about the mental well-being of their children. The survey of about 1,000 families puts the mental health of kids ahead of emotional, physical and social wellbeing. 306 more words


I was on TV this Saturday to talk about Mental Health: No one talk is too many...

His book was one of the main items on the agenda. It was a 2 hour programme. I spilled it all, on air about my own challenges and attempted suicide in 2009. 181 more words

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Beating Yourself Up? It's Time to Answer These Questions

Earlier this week I made a choice that I later decided was the wrong thing to do. It was such a minor thing, but at the time I felt seriously trapped in the cycle of beating myself up – thinking about what I should have done. 572 more words


How To Combat 4 Strong Emotions In Foster Care: A Proven Path To Moving Forward When the Journey Gets Tough, by Mike Berry

It’s something you might expect will happen when you begin the foster care journey, but still find yourself unprepared for: Emotion. Strong emotion, in fact. How do you combat the ups and downs, twists and turns, and unending roller coaster ride of foster parenting? 395 more words

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On single parenting and how two is not always better than one, by Lalita Iyer

So, why haven’t you written about single parenting yet, asked a reader. I didn’t really have an answer to that, except the fact that I write mostly about what I know, and I don’t think I know entirely what single parenting is all about. 378 more words

Child Advocacy