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Smile, even if it's fake 

It might seem really silly, but sometimes instead of checking myself out in the mirror or on camera pulling a pouty serious face, I just smile… And smile… And smile… I don’t know why but it gives me a sense of joy to see myself looking happy… Even if it is my “fake” smile (as my husband likes to point out) it may be one minute out of my life, but in that minute, I feel free. Try it


A Spider Visited Me Today

Recently my dad had received a bunch of raspberry plants from a coworker. I had dug the small plot where they were to be grown – a 2′ by 12′ scrape of loamy soil, compost mixed with cow droppings, some peat moss, and a little bit of store-bought gardening soil for good measure. 411 more words

Mental Health Issues

Religion Isn't A Mental Illness

One of the things I’ve noticed is that sometimes people compare those who have religious beliefs to being mentally ill. Even on my blog, I’ve used the word “crazy” and “deluded” from time to time to describe specific beliefs or illogical adherence to those beliefs. 615 more words


Spring Fling Hair and Accessories! 

Our Kimberly Mikesh brings a bit of life and fun to your hair with this article! Or you can look at the pics here instead. 36 more words

Happier, Inc.

Collecting goodwill likes and comments for my dear Pammy

I have had a mixed week, with some pleasant news like passing my Project Management Certification (although I admitted to being a lousy student), and some so so feelings going on in that ‘shaggy’ arena. 464 more words

Marie's Garden

Parents of Children with Special Needs: A Truly Wonderful Breed

I was observing a couple recently at the mall struggling with a child with autism who was in an over stimulated, I want to go home now, meltdown mode. 545 more words

Disability Awareness