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The Fear of the Dark, by John Cowan

Imagination is a wonderful thing – except when you are three years old in a dark room and you can hear something scraping against the window. 118 more words

Child Advocacy

The Most Beautiful State of Mind You Can Harness

The most powerful state of mind you can develop. The most beautiful state of mind that can nourish you to a free heart, is the one that accepts the truth of pain. 78 more words


What is Emotional Self-Awareness?

Emotional Intelligence expert Daniel Goleman explains the connection between your emotions and your ability to lead. First in a series.

Emotional Self-Awareness is the ability to understand your own emotions and their effects on your performance.

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Self-Reflection and Personal Growth

There can be no growth without reflection and this should be the mantra for learners of all ages…

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

The Healing Starts

Your circumstances never asked your permission to involve you in pain. So don’t ask your circumstances permission to heal the scars it/they tried to leave you with. 40 more words

Mental Well Being

"Be the best version of yourself." (And other stories.)

I have a confession to make: I don’t like the phrase “Be the best version of yourself.”

The phrase has become one of my pet peeves. 418 more words

Mental Health

SCARF | Coram Life Education

Coram Life Education, the largest provider of well-being and drug education in schools, has developed a range of education support tools to help schools meet Ofsted requirements for safety, personal development, behaviour and welfare. 153 more words