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After 3 months of studying and preparing, I finally took the GRE (Graduate Record Examination) a few weeks ago. I am so relieved it’s finally over. 467 more words


Your smartphone knows a lot about you, but what about your mental health?

The habitual nature of people means this data could be used to give insight into our mental wellbeing

Smartphones come with an assortment of sensors that can track behaviours such as our internet search and browse history, where we go, what music we listen to, who we speak to, just to name a few. 179 more words


How our work has helped to bring about well being

It is now being acknowledged that gardening is therapeutic for those engaging in it, this is something that we have been aware for quite some time, both on a personal level and in our interactions with community members who take the trowel and grow some of their own food. 552 more words

Practical Permaculture

3 Yoga Rules For Living Life

I’ve been taking Yoga classes for two years now and the outcome has been wonderful. The different postures I take on in class help provide me with a great stretch that proves beneficial when I run. 426 more words


Careers, naivete and growing up

I cannot pinpoint what brought up a past memory this morning but it is there all the same. When a memory is wedged between all the other thoughts, my only recourse is to write about it and so the story goes: 426 more words


Why self-control matters. 8 simple ways to help preschoolers develop self-control: (Strategies developed in response to "The Dunedin Study" findings), by Nicola Nation

Preschoolers with good self-control have a better chance of growing up to become healthy, wealthy and crime-free. Here are 8 simple ways teachers can improve children’s self-control – and make classrooms more harmonious. 277 more words

Child Advocacy

Every New Day

Each day

Another chance

To start again, forget

About yesterday, the promise

Of tomorrow is closer if

You open the door of

Your mind, to breathe,