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Why You Need to Cry Out Sometimes

Crying isn’t necessarily a sign of weakness. Just like tears of joy, there are tears of pain. Holding back the tears when they should flow out could only suffocate you internally. 249 more words

25 Of The Best Family Movies For Teaching Honesty, Grit, Courage & More, by Tiffanie Ceynar.

It’s so hard as a parent to draw our kids in to meaningful conversations, isn’t it?

Especially if the conversation is about something extremely important, but rather abstract in the minds of our kids, as the topic of… 385 more words

Child Advocacy

Joyful Journeys through June: On Welcoming Winter Wellness

Winter. Love it or loathe it? Do you flourish in winter or do you find yourself floundering? Do you thrive during the colder months or just survive? 1,756 more words

Emotional Health

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Some winter survival tips for parents and kids, by Sarah Wilson.   :)

Mini Holiday Success

So, I’m home from the mini holiday and glad to report that it was, for the most part, a success and a much needed change of scene. 474 more words

Chronic Pain

The effect of exercise on mental well-being

The public health burden of physical inactivity is great. The promotion of activity provides a simple and cost effective strategy for multiple health improvements. The physical benefits of exercise have long been acknowledged and promoted to the general public. 515 more words


Getting back to exercise after a cold or flu: 5 top tips!

I’ve recently had one of those persistent chesty colds that hang around for 2 weeks…

One of the worst parts of having a cold or flu for me is the disruption to my exercise regime. 380 more words


Not Fast Enough

The other day I had a conversation with a family member. This person asked me if it was possible to increase the frequency of my visits so I could get better faster. 512 more words

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