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Good days.

Be grateful for good days!

(Be grateful for bad days, be grateful for all days).

Cherish the times you experience great joy, elongate those moments for as long as possible, and promise yourself you’ll do this again soon. 72 more words


The World Awakens

One of the unique things about hiking and walking is you get to see the world in many different lights. Depending on the time of day that you venture out, you can, and probably will, have a drastically different experience than you would if you had decided to wait to head out, either later or even earlier in the day. 510 more words

Anhedonia part2

Warning, dark. Proceed with caution. Faint hearts retreat.

If you have never experienced depression or anxiety, I will try and explain it, but there is no description to adequately portray the devil it is. 625 more words


The Habit of Gratitude

“Our mind is Velcro for negative experiences but Teflon for happy experiences.” I recently read this sentence and couldn’t help but chuckle.  How true! When you have a special-needs child or when you are in any stressful situation, it is so much easier to complain, to fear, to worry than to feel grateful, to remember all the good things in your life, to remember the wonderful moments with your child. 315 more words


Floating on green grass

Lost in thought as miles pass

Now always carefree


Talking Cure 

Am i seriously having this conversation alone?

Two days later,
talking, gaining volume,
a thought pops into my mind,
sometimes as soon as i leave the office. 35 more words


We All Kinda Have ADHD?

A Harvard University study by Matthew Killingsworth and Daniel Gilbert in 2010 revealed that the average person spends 47% of the day mind wandering by thinking about something other than his or her current activity.*  Doesn’t this mean that we all kinda have ADHD?:) With the over stimulation of the modern world, including the endless texts, twitters, emails,  and news flashes, it is hard even for the parents to focus on our tasks or enjoy our moments. 469 more words