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How cholesterol lowering food

Why the world would end without healthy eating tips. The oddest place you will find cholesterol levels. 18 great articles about relapse prevention worksheets. 9 secrets about relapse prevention worksheets the government is hiding. 107 more words

Mental Wellness

Winter-like weather got you down? Here's why the delay in spring may be affecting your mental health

With Edmonton breaking a historic cold stretch and Ontario seeing more and more rainy and snowy days, this year’s wonky weather has many Canadians wondering when spring will make its much anticipated debut. 735 more words


Take care of yourself!

I’ve been thinking a lot about what my first topic should be, but I’ve decided to talk about self-care. This is something I’ve been trying to introduce into my life, and it kind of sums up the whole objective of The Happy Talks. 1,066 more words

Mental Health


If i could trace
the shape
an image etched
in mind -square jaw
rugged garden of brown grass

you speak to me -a desire
of buried bulbs… 10 more words


small deaths looming

clipped wings
found the feathers

who wastes their life?
bundled in piles
faded ink scribbles

unable to decipher his path forward
white lady
entangles with her promises. 7 more words



exposed -feeling
the train, rumbling




n… the tracks. No
looking back, once you ignite the passion.


S.O.S - Can you hear it?

Elon Musk deleting the Facebook pages of Tesla and SpaceX, volatile Cryptocurrency, the never-ending debate on how the government ought to function, the latest movie, fashion trends, happenings of the day or good old family gossip – a lot is said over a family meal. 1,153 more words