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One Father’s Act of Anonymous Kindness Left a Lasting Impression

My dad took my brother, sister and I out for lunch at a local diner/ice cream shop.

About three tables away was a very bedraggled mother with twin infants in carriers and two other small children, and it looked like today was the day for all of them to act up. 128 more words


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A great little story illustrating how we, as parents, can support one another during tough times and how it takes all of us as a community/ global village to raise our children :) 27c0f64c00000578-3046115-image-a-24_1429475744094

Is It Time To Get On The Mindfulness Bus?


When various funding bodies in the UK decide to spend £6.4m on research into whether mindfulness might have a positive impact on school children, it is time to see what effect it can have on me. 605 more words


Life Behind a Screen?

Snap shots on a screen. Smiles frozen forever. You won’t ever forget these moments in your life. Likes and favorites validating you are living your life the right way. 325 more words

Just When You Thought No One Cares About You

If you’re reading this late at night, something is clearly bothering you.

It does not have to be a major issue; it could be an argument that you’ve just had with your loved one out of the blue. 251 more words

The new Disney/Pixar film: "Inside Out"

It’s something all of us experience- emotion! 

After all, we’re human beings and we’re all one big ball of em! Especially our children. In fact, on the parenting journey, we will experience a lot of emotion, ourselves, but also from our children. 65 more words

Child Advocacy

A darker side to meditation?

I don’t need to spend much time setting up the present day picture concerning mindfulness and the enhancing of mental, emotional and physical well-being. Not a day goes by it would seem without an announcement of research findings advocating the use of this ancient practice. 1,462 more words

Mindfulness Meditation

To Build (or Break) a Child's Spirit - by Rachel Macy Stafford

If you needed to lose weight, what would be most motivating?

You’ve put on some pounds. I’m not buying you any more clothes until you lose weight. 1,318 more words


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A well-thought out article by Rachel Macy Stafford, the author of "Hands Free Mama", with great ideas to be mindful of when "teaching" our kids... I for one am going to try to remember these! :)