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Hormones and Clary Sage: A Women's Best Friend

Clary sage essential oil is a must-have oil for all women. Put this in your essential rewards cart right now if you don’t already have this oil on your shelf! 279 more words

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My youngest daughter loves fashion and i am quite ambiguous towards it. Ok? i can be just about anything you want me to be and i do love to get dressed up, but rarely. 470 more words


Destressing in a Stressed Out World, Part 3: Let That Shiz Go!

If you feel you are in a bad spot in life, I guarantee, there is probably nothing unique about your situation. Maybe you’re angry that you’ve been replaced at work. 972 more words

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Destressing in a Stressed Out World, Part 2: Social Media

I was actually pretty shocked that social media wasn’t on most lists of what people stress about. Infidelity, politics, family and friend drama…. It can all be found just by checking out your news feed. 640 more words

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Lets T'oil Together!

A Toil of Love is an avenue for me to share the uncountable advantages of essential oils. My passion for oils has grown exponentially and I feel it is truly a blessing being able to introduce more and more people to the powerful mental, physical and emotional benefits. 37 more words

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Destressing in a Stressed Out World, Part 1: Money Matters

There are only two guarantees life:

  • Being born
  • Meeting your end

I would use the old adage “Death and Taxes”, but I’ve noticed some have managed to circumnavigate the latter, so Birth and Death it is. 764 more words

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living on the edge

not quite anorexic

not quite dead

years followed like yellow-fin tuna

migrating with dolphin

caught in the same trap

i looked for the silver-lining… 38 more words