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Untitled today is about not being able to put my finger on what I wish to share but knowing I need to at least try.  I think I have lost the the WHY for this site and so I am in the process of deciding. 146 more words

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How to become a Peaceful Warrior

There are a variety of different movies that teach us about awareness, consciousness, life and truth. These movies are found to have the power to change perception, beliefs and the level of awareness towards seeking truth.   1,392 more words


How to Approach your Mental Illness

So, after a series of visits to your doctor and other health professionals, weeks have gone by and you have come to the conclusion that you’ve just been diagnosed with a mental illness. 1,910 more words

Mental Health

The internal voice: self-esteem

Hi there and welcome

Disclaimer: This article is just a few things that I have learnt and read about, nothing that I have implemented personally into practice. 1,143 more words

The Drop and Rise - Depression or Just Life?

I’ve started writing this over a dozen times only to delete the opening paragraph and begin again. For a writer that’s pretty fucking funny. Only I’m not laughing. 2,023 more words

Dave Farmer

Dangers of a Good Diet Pt. II: Recognising Orthorexia Nervosa

Healthy body is impossible without healthy mind. Healthy eating doesn’t mean healthy relationship with food. Without healthy relationship with food you cannot have healthy mind and healthy body. 921 more words


# I Am For Mental Health

Mental health is more than mental illness. It is a state of peace, balance, and positivity. No, this does not mean the lack of all negative emotions and thoughts, or the removal of all negative experiences. 96 more words

Mental Health Awareness