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Digital Friends

The very words suggests an anti-social undertone, but the issue needs to be raised. The issue of  how anti-social we are all getting, at the current time that we live in terms of technology we need to be mindful of the threat technology has.  737 more words


Time Away

It is often good to get away and spend some quality time reflecting on what is really going on in your life. The usual manic life of most people, or even that of enlightened ones, can often mean we get trapped in routine and commitments to others, losing our true self somewhere along the way. 397 more words

Mental Well-being

Where is Your Mind?

t”Mind, body and soul are like a musical ensemble. Each must be finely tuned, well-nourished, diligently practiced and lovingly maintained in order to reach full potential.” ~Facebook.com/walkingcircle  1,329 more words

Angelynn Krys

Where have all the bloggers I follow gone to?

Where have all the blogs I follow gone to? I assumed  that on word reader every time  a new post is written by a blog website I follow, it  pops up on word reader/feeder. 206 more words


I Have Mental Health (and so do you)

Today is Time to Talk Day from the folks over at Time to Change. Across the UK they’re asking everyone to take just 5 minutes… 763 more words


Talk out the taboo: Time to talk Day 2016

It is two days before Time to Talk Day and there is still time to join.

On February 4, charity Time for Change are organising the day for all to take part in talking about mental health. 95 more words


Procrastination, Motivation & Mindfulness

Procrastination is the reason I haven’t taken over the world already.

If I wasn’t so good at it I would have surely finished writing my novel, started my social enterprise, 1,307 more words