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Body Fix (a poem)

As beautiful as a flickering star

Dripping in gold chains—

A noose choker tight around your pretty little neck.

Body in perfect form:

Boobs, butt, bronze skin. 53 more words

Daily Journal


Since moving to the rehab ward I’ve been doing alot of baking. Here is a few of my cakes…


Update on my life

Hey! I’m back again.

I’m still an inpatient on a psychiatric ward but I have news…

I’m moving to supported living in a few weeks. 85 more words


Vary Your Speed And Height

I can’t find the clip but I remember watching a match between Ramy Ashour and Gregory Gaultier. In one moment, Mr. Ashour was in the forehand back corner and played a crosscourt, but he hit it with a little deception and slower than he had been. 291 more words


Thanks, But No Thanks: Charter Schools

Maybe I’m completely off base, but the only person that is out of control is the teacher. The person yelling and throwing the paper is telling a kid to go to the “calm down chair.” Really? 115 more words


On a scale of. ....

Being a 10 is a wonderful feeling. I get to do all the things I have on my list. Being able to breathe is the easiest thing when you are a 10 I don’t get tired I do my exercises I write I practice my daily routine and do my coping skills very easily it is just a wonderful feeling to be able to breathe again and feel like a 10. 48 more words