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Mental Health - Part 1

Mental health is extremely important to talk about because there is still this stigma. People often don’t take it seriously and don’t understand what mental issues can do to you. 1,131 more words


Timeless Health Tips

There are many fads out there that keep coming and going; tips about every little thing that we can do and how it affects our health. 1,223 more words


​To the rebels in my mind,
I’m sorry I didn’t let you into bedrooms or halls, where the best versions of me partied. Fear had gotten the best of me and I wept everyday for normalcy. 257 more words


Stories Of Happiness: Ex-banker Helps People To Find The First Step To Happiness

Video interview with Anand Garg, Founder and Managing Director of Earth Yoga Village, a community located in Palolem Beach, Southern Goa, India. Anand tells his story, how he changed his life after 11 years of banking career and where he now finds his happiness. 124 more words


Anxiety and me

Anxiety is feeling of unease that can be mild or severe, ranging from worry to fear. Everyone has a feeling of anxiety at some point in their life and it’s completely normal. 683 more words

Self indication 

Do you feel that stomach twisting, anxiety building, doubtless confusion? Confusion; the state of being unclear in ones mind.Do you feel lost when that void fills that void? 116 more words


My Babadook

(This post contains spoilers about a recent movie.)

I took some extra time off from work during the holidays to recharge. 2016 was a very tough year all around. 680 more words

Coping After Cancer