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Pure Shooter

The sun has cracked, it’s a new day. The Basketball Jones bug is working its way over every fence on every court with each ray of sunlight to start the day. 414 more words


RIEN de plus attrayant qu'une personne loyale ! 

Il n’y a rien de plus attrayant qu’une personne loyale !

Le manque de loyauté n’étonne plus. Mais, les gens loyaux existent encore. Et rien n’est plus beau… … 166 more words

Lilie Te Coach !

Building My Mind Palace

So what exactly is a mind palace? If you are a fan of Sherlock, chances are you already know what a mind palace is. For those who don’t, I’ll try to explain what a mind palace is without going thorough. 604 more words


Sunday Morning Musings 

Hello again, world.

I’ve neglected you a bit, haven’t I. Truth be told, I’ve been absent from a lot of things. I could tell you that I’ve just been unwell, but that would be lying to you and to myself. 589 more words


A sociedade que nos pede sinceridade é a mesma que nos exige de mentir...

Reflexões…. O desejo enquanto fruto da nossa mente è ilusão. A tesão no entanto è a nossa maior verdade enquanto reflexo da nossa carne.

Então porque motivo idolatramos o desejo e condenamos a nossa carne por desejar quem não deve?! 55 more words

Brainy Quotes

“Happiness doesn’t depend on any external conditions, it is governed by our mental attitude.”


Making A Plan

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January of this year I had an extremely serious episode. It was so crazy since I was disassociated for nearly a week and couldn’t figure out what was happening. 618 more words

12 Step