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Resilience, Reflection and, Eventually, Relief

I’m not exactly the kinda person whose curiosity itches from the ‘memories’ notification on their Facebook, in fact I’ve barely ever shown any interest in it, but this one particular ‘memory’ which popped up just caught my attention and got me ruminating on the past year. 648 more words

Chapter 16 of The 3 Little Piggies

Chapter Sixteen

 It all seemed too much for me.  I wondered if I would ever escape from this.  Would I ever feel free from this waking nightmare? 

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Kait King Author

The Way of Zen: Medicine

Zen is a medicine for the ill effects of the mental paralysis and anxiety which come from excessive self-consciousness.  It must be seen against the background of societies regulated by heavy stress and punctilious ritual. 

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Have Any Sufferers Been Misdiagnosed With Another Mental Illness?

I hope this is the right section to put this in. After watching the Changing Minds program last night, about a mental ward in Campbelltown and the patients treated there, I may be triggered by what happened with my sister, but I was also tweeting with another childhood abuse sufferer at the same time and he was thinking exactly the same thing. 42 more words

5 weeks left till the marathon (the mental)

I am mentally drained and emotionally exhausted, I feel like everything that has happened to me thus far has been boiling up past its tolerance and I need to let it out. 508 more words


LETS GO!!!! 

Don’t wait for somebody else to motivate you. Even though this blog posts is contradicting the very first sentence. Motivate yourself! You have all of the tools you need to get where you want to be in life. 19 more words

Who do you want in your corner?  

Why is having a team essential in fighting mental illness?

Fighting mental illness is nearly impossible to do alone. I’ve yet to see someone successfully do it. 310 more words