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How traveling helps battle my anxiety

There is no other way to start this post other than to say this: I am a very anxious person. Anyone who knows me and reads this will immediately think, “That’s an understatement.” I am the girl that holds on to the subway pole with her sleeve, I wash my phone down at the end of each day with anti-bacterial wipes and obsessively scrub my hands two or three times before declaring them clean. 864 more words


Everyday, give yourself a good mental shampoo.


Yoga Day 4

I am really liking this schedule I have going on. I wake up and feed the dogs, and after a hot cup of coffee I throw my yoga gear on and pick what yoga I want to do today and then write a blog post about it. 254 more words


Day 350.
Dragged my dead horse to campus and beat it.
Got nothing.
Dipped out of hammerhead hall halfway past to blast back to the flats and nap harder than Rip Van on Nyquil.

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Humanities Graduate Journal

The sad truth.

I can’t take my pills for shit. There seems to be a wall between me and these round piece of science. I fight them for no good reason. 192 more words

Your 4 Roomed House

There is a space in my home that is not often used.

The door is always open, but I rarely acknowledge the room.

Sometimes I glance in as I walk by and my heart clenches; it almost senses the loneliness, the loss, the sadness emanating from a once lived in and often used space. 219 more words


Bipolar Mama

Being bipolar and a functioning adult is definitely not an easy task! It has taken me 20+ years to get to where I am today. Raising a family and holding a job and hanging on to my sanity. 272 more words