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An Introduction To Personality Disorders

There are 10 types of personality disorders. These disorders are further divided into 3 groups/clusters according to their overall similarities in characteristics. The name of the three clusters are as follows: 204 more words



I heard your footsteps coming up the stairs and the door opening, and for one second, I thought that you could repair my loneliness. That everything would go back to normal. 111 more words


Mental Breakdown 

Thinking thoughts

In the mind

Mental cassette tapes

Playing the same songs on repeat

The words so familiar

A continuous loop

The music stopped a long time ago… 175 more words


Daily Prayer from Jeremiah 32:39-40

Father, make ________ of one mind and heart with you, always honoring you, so that she (he) can live a good and whole life, she (he) and her (his) children after her (him). 50 more words

Parenting Adults

Top tips to calm yourself when stressed

As a law student, there are times when I’m continuously plagued by stress, so it’s definitely important for me to follow a mental health regimen in order to handle my stressors and their triggers so that they don’t develop into long-term problems. 970 more words



Of all the things I’ve taught myself

In my lifetime of observation and integration

I claimed mastery of the practice

Of concealing emotional and physical pain… 141 more words


Mental Resilience Needed

We as a society are so obsessed with our bodies. Half of the businesses on earth revolve around losing weight, eating right, keeping yourself fit, or keeping your body healthy.  243 more words