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Living With Mental Health

So the time has finally came that i feel like i need to express myself in a blog. I think in one way im hoping that the things i write about will help me to better understand how my head works. 252 more words

Mental Health

Another thing I don’t need to bother posting about before I die (fingers crossed!)
(the psychiatric drugs*/violence link I know to be true from personal experience… 7 more words

Wish Granted!

Your Wish is Granted; my command
You subconsciously know where you stand
Away from me is where you, truly, want to be

I can not be caged… 183 more words

Why is everything so hard?

Sometimes life is almost impossible. It is just so hard to do anything and simply getting through the day is like swimming through custard. 321 more words

Mental Health

The HALT Principle: Think Before You Act

Recently, I participated in a course to learn how to properly lead smoking cessation classes. Though I learned many things throughout that I can’t wait to utilize, one really stuck out to me – the HALT principle. 251 more words


A Mental Cabaret 

Pulling the plug

On your chambered eyes

As you melt away

In a casualty

Of misfortune

Dreams in formaldehyde

A haunted identity

Echoes of the… 27 more words


Small Changes, Big Impact

Hey guys! So this is my second post. My goal is to try to post about three times a week about something that has happened during the week that I feel like is worth sharing. 578 more words