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It was like my first pack of ciggerate, and I realized that I am an addict to you.-Alvin Gunawan

It has always been an addiction that kills a human being.

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Burning Out In College

If you are a college student. . . you’ve probably been burnt out at one point or know of someone who has been. From personal experience. 859 more words

Heading in the wrong direction: NRL missing out on mental health

‘Yoga classes and meditation’: has a Sydney psychologist cracked the code to preventing mental health issues in Rugby League?


My Laundry was stolen yesterday and I was very Stoic about it

1After I wrote the post about Minimalism the day before, I am really a minimalist clothing wise now.  I left my clothes at the Laundromat drying, when I came back they were all gone.   304 more words


Trainer Tips

Thinking of becoming a trainer? Here are some tips I have for future trainers.

Tips for future trainers

  1. Find your specialty. When you study to be a trainer, you are tested on your knowledge of anatomy, biology, training models, etc.
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Pity Party During An Ultramarathon

I’ve noticed in every 100 mile or longer race that I’ve done that there is a definite period of mental negativity during the race.  What  I mean is that there is a point where your brain tells you that you should stop because of X.  781 more words