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Light the Lamp Within You

Karthigai Deepam in Tamil and Karthika Deepam in Telugu, this festival of lights signifies lighting the lamp within. This post details the story behind this festival and the also the inner meaning conveyed… 25 more words

Practical Aspects From Scriptures

Pill 91 | "A Permanent Solution to your Temporary Problem"

Warning: Video contains blood and gore.

No, not suicide. Not today. Today it’s about people. They come, they go. But I think I finally understand the logic behind friendships, relationships and I’v accepted what it is. 427 more words


The Devils web

my writing used to write itself, sprawled on ripped and bloody pages, yeah my desperate cries for help, but now it seems I can’t put the words together I have to reach and delve, into the deepest darkest parts of every inch of myself, to string the words together like the fairy lights attached to my book shelf, sometimes there’s nothing to say, and if there is I’ve said it in tons of different ways, but it feels like my minds going astray again, and lately, I’m speaking in tongues with a language spoken that I can’t convey but hey, and they’re definitely not considered saintly, these devilish quotes and verses are flowing through my cranium on the daily, so I’m scrawling the verses in marker pen on the wall to remind myself I’m not crazy, I’m speaking backwards and pacing forward staring into the atmosphere and strangely, I feel a greater bond with nature, with the devil and the sun, with the moon and stars, locked in this dark chamber called earth, we all unite as one, but I know I’m different I know that I have a gift, but this life is sending me delusional with the way that we all live, we are asking all the questions but not getting answers, I wonder if it’s an ancient curse but I guess it doesn’t matter..because we all end up in that wooden hearse

The Gift of Blood

As poisonous adders lurk beneath the cover of the most delightful shrubberies, so falsity and deceit are concealed under alluring language. Darkness is more eligible than light to those whose deeds are evil. 906 more words

Mental: Ailia: Digital Painting

Hey guys! So I went ahead and created the final piece based on the response you guys gave me to my last post. Thanks for all the feedback! 32 more words


Pill 90 | Anxiety

Your heart beats faster, your hands start to tremble, you do not notice it but your mind wanders off and you start to notice that your body is starting to fall into a state of anxiety. 125 more words