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We march
Into society
Imposing us
To stay in line
Whilst biding time

FMP - Artist Research: Shawn Coss

Looking for artists that have done work for Mental Health awareness I have come across artist Shawn Coss. Quite famous for a cartoon piece called Cyanide And Happiness, I have found that he has created some personal pieces for last year #inktober. 167 more words


Let's Not Settle For Crap, Shall We?

Yesterday was an insane day for me. I have mentioned before how I’ve waded back into the dating game, and how it’s been an experience. I’ve met some very nice guys who I just didn’t seem to click with for one reason or another, and then I’ve met some real losers. 849 more words


Sometimes Being Selfish is Allowed...

Being selfish is typically not an admirable trait. In fact, most of us are raised to believe that being selfish is a bad thing and are berated when РGod forbid Рwe put our needs ahead of other people’s needs. 405 more words