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Starting From Zero

Sometimes advantages can trip you up.

When I was a kid, intellectual stuff came easy. I absorbed everything almost without effort. I did homework because I was a good kid (mostly) and tried hard to do what I was supposed to do. 313 more words


Hands of God

My relationship with God has always been a tricky one. I used to pray obsessively. Asking for forgiveness for whatever I’ve done to deserve this pain. 405 more words



Spiritual Me is a free app I came across while browsing through the Apple Store. Spiritual Me is an app that focuses on mindfulness and spirituality while helping you relax and learn basic relaxation techniques. 39 more words

Mental Health


Something’s wrong. Nothing’s wrong. Either way, the solution is to worry.

Anxiety and Panic for the win, once again, instilling this ideology in my mind for as long as I can remember. 1,508 more words


I Don't Belong Here

a/n: recent thoughts are needed to be written down. i’m worried about myself.

I don’t belong here. I am not like my peers. I am not as excellent in playing with numbers, I am not as great as predicting properties of elements and I am not as good at dissecting the human body.

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No Pain No Gain

So many times in life you hear that saying, no pain no gain. Is it annoying as hell? Yes. Is it true? Well yeah. But let’s talk about why for a moment. 565 more words

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